May 24, 2010

i wish i could think of a title

Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a big fan of the writing part of blogging? Many, and in fact, most of the posts I publish, start with me staring at a blank screen for what seems like hours. With no idea where to start.

Today is no exception, so I'm just going to dive in, go the random route, and see where we end up.

I'll start with flowers, because you really can't ever go wrong there.

My crabapples are finally blooming. I have come to the conclusion that, while they are still in extremely close competition, I like flower buds more than flower blossoms.

I reserve the right to change my mind on that, perhaps even as soon as tomorrow, but for today, buds are in the lead.

As I am typing this, I once again realize that I am afraid of my blogger dashboard. Twice now, over the last few months, I've just been typing along, minding my own business, and all of a sudden, the "your post has been successfully published" screen pops up.



One time, I'm pretty sure I hit the enter key while typing the title, and I think that's what did me in, although I'm afraid to try it again to see. Now, every time I hit enter, my heart rate elevates just a bit. It's quite stressful.

You've heard of "Artful Blogging"? I'm going to start a magazine called, "Stressful Blogging".

It will be a hit, I'm sure.

The other time, I have no clue what happened.

Dear Blogger,

Please make publishing a post a two click process. Please give us one more screen with something along the lines of, "are you absolutely sure you want to publish this particular post, because it looks to me like it still needs a bit of work".


Has that ever happened to you?

Okay, one more blog related item.

A while back, a friend encouraged me to add my email address to my blogger profile. That way, when I comment on a blog, my email address is attached to my comment and sent to their email inbox. It makes it easy as pie to respond to a question, or jot a quick note back.

Now, as luck would have it, this particular friend had no clue how to perform this little blogging miracle, so after some investigation and asking around a bit, I was able to solve the mystery. That in itself is a minor miracle, as "computer whiz" is not a name I hear associated with myself on a regular basis.

Or ever.

For anyone else in the same technology impaired boat, I will share the love.

It's very simple. Go to your user profile, and under the privacy settings check "show my email address".

Now scroll to the bottom and click "save profile".

That's it.

Not really rocket science, but elusive nonetheless.

Of course, there are a million reasons you might not want your email address out there. But for those of you who are game, that's how you do it.

Now, I have a question for you. Can anyone tell me how you go about following a blog that does not have a "Follow" button? I know there is a way, but I can't seem to figure it out and I would really like to know.

My old pal Google wasn't even much help to me on this one, so I'm coming to you.

Have I mentioned that my claim to fame will never be anything computer related?

Yes? Several times?

Just making sure.

As for the adorable fluffy baby geese pictured above? Aren't they cute? Yes, they are cute. However, as they grow, they....well, let's just say they're messy. Very, very messy. And their favorite place to hang out is also our very favorite place to hang out.

This place.

This little section of pond shoreline is maybe a tenth of the available pond shoreline real estate. All we want is that one tenth. They may have free reign of the other nine tenths.

But, no.

The view isn't quite the same if you have to wear muck boots to enjoy it.

Shall we pop into the greenhouse for a moment?

All of our tomatoes are planted. Last year, we planted two tomatoes upside down, just to see how they'd fare.

It actually worked pretty well, so this year we have decided to quit fighting gravity and plant them all that way. We have tried every tomato cage known to man, and it was always a losing battle.

I've heard various reports on how they produce while hanging upside down, so I'll keep you posted. I have high hopes though and can't wait for some home grown tomato goodness.

The strawberry pots are planted with impatiens.

I am an instant gratification kind of person, so it's hard for me to see them looking this pitiful. However, in a couple months, you won't even be able to see the pot for all the impatiens glory.

I will try not to be impatien until then.

I have much more to say about the greenhouse, but seriously people, this post is boring me to tears. I'm putting myself to sleep and it's ten o'clock in the morning.

Sincerest apologies.

Having trouble getting your toddler down for a nap? Just read them this post.

I will leave you with this last very, very random thought.

I love the Kindle commercials.


I warned you at the beginning that writing is not my thang.

Happy Monday!


  1. oh, that sunset pix made me almost cry. God is so good.

  2. wish I could help you out on your 'follower' question, but since I'm a newbie and fall into the rather helpless as far as computers are concerned category...nuf said

  3. Hi, beautiful pictures. Your farm and house look amazing!

    I may be able to help you out with your "following" problem.
    A. copy (ctrl-c) the blog address you'd like to follow
    B. Go to your Blogger dashboard. In the reading list section there is an add button, click it, paste (ctrl-v) the blog address. You can choose to follow publicly or anonymously.
    C. Click "follow".
    D. You're done!

    Have a good day!

  4. You don't have to write - your photos are gorgeous enough to make it completely on their own.
    Thank you for you, and for them.

  5. Your photos are just amazing! I'll title your post "A Beautiful Life".
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I have to admit that I am only mediocre in the photo dept. and less than that in the writing. I try to keep it fun and light... that way I don't feel bad if someone makes fun of my blog.. . LOL

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  7. your post made me laugh :) hope that made you feel better about your writing skills! as for the incredible pics..thanks for including some baby geese ones. the horrible, awful lake association at my in-laws' lake oiled all the baby eggs and none hatched :( so callous! so my three year old has seen very few baby geese. i can't wait to show her these pictures!

  8. i love what you write and those GORGEOUS pictures you take! i sigh when i see the beauty in your "view". :)
    i need to learn how to make a button...
    have a wonderful day!

  9. I love your photos...especially the mama duck and her ducklings. so sweet. I share your frustrations. i am a new blogger and it's frustrating trying to figure things out. I finally realized that I could make it easier for for my friends to comment on my blog by changing one could figure it out! i'll stop by again.

  10. Loved your photos, loved this post and I love the Kindle commercials too!

  11. I found that post ( writing and all ) to be a most delightful read.

    Also if you go into your dashboard, under your reader list you will find a little button that says " add " click on that and copy and paste any blog adress in there, click next and then you'll get another pop-up, just click follow and whha-laah, that's all there is too it!

  12. How did you get those impatiens planted in those pots like that? Love them!

  13. I agree. You don't even need to write (although we love to read your writing). Your photos are plenty. I wish I could take pictures like yours. Maybe if I had your yard... I'll just move in.

  14. I just tried to add my email to my comments. Hope it works. Thanks for the info. I'm not too techy either.


  15. I just "followed" you thanks to the advise on the comments... now to add email to my comments!
    I love this blog, very "farmlike" I just told my husband last night that looking at our egg basket full of potatoes reminds me of the simpler life, and I quite like it! So did this post, Thank you!

  16. As another who relies on piX vs. prose to eXpress myself, I completely understand the blogging stress of which you speak. However, I find your writing to be light and witty ~ this clever line, in particular, made me laugh: "I will try not to be impatien until then..." Very Punny!

    Your photography is amazing. Miles ahead of my novice skills. I am inspired.

  17. Oh I want to visit you and that beautiful view! I haven't figured out how to follow those without the button, but I added them to my blogroll by just typing in their website - then voila I can see them :)

  18. Great! Your posts could never be boring, I love seeing pictures of your 'place'. I second that 'stressful blogging' comment, sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself:)

  19. Your pictures are just beautiful!!! I started off "following" through blogger, but have since switched to Google Reader---it is sooooo easy to use. I just typed in the sites that I want to follow and I can read them all right there in that spot as new posts are added (or if I click on the blog, it takes me right to the blog---and the "next" button takes me to the next one. Good luck!
    P. S. I follow you!

  20. Such beautiful photos. That view where you get to sit with the geese is just amazing!!

  21. Teresa,

    My friend, your photographs are worth more than a thousand words a piece. They truly are an inspiration and no words are necessary. I could scroll through your blog (and have) for over an hour at a time getting lost in the stunning photography.

    You also have a great sense of humor!

    If you ever figure out how to follow someone who doesn't have followers (such as myself) please pass it on.

    - Deborah

  22. OMG, what beautiful pictures... is this where you LIVE???

    I can't help you with the following the non-follow button people.

  23. Holy Cannoli. I'm in big trouble now. I can follow blogs that don't show a "Follow Me" thingamajig? Uh-oh.

    And who exactly is this lame friend of yours who bosses you around but doesn't even know what she's talking about??

    ps- You need to get rid of word verification. I'm tired of getting it wrong. And I have a life to live here. I mean, every second counts. Of course I may or may not actually know how to get rid of it, but do it anyway. You're Googley self will surely figure it out.

  24. Never would have guessed that you don't really like writing your posts--your writing style is so much fun to read! Makes me feel like I'm conversing with you in person. :)

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!!


  25. I can maybe help with a few of your blogging issues.

    If you're scare your going to publish before you mean to....when you open a new blog post, right away go change the date or time for it to publish - that way if you accidentally hit publish wont publish will be scheduled to post and you can just open it and edit what you didn't finish......just remember to change the date/time when you're ready to publish (if you want/need to) - do you know how to do that? the bottom left of a new post - click "post options"....change the date and or time to when you want it to post....then hit publish now and it will be scheduled to post when that date/time if you're writing a post today and you are scared you will accidentally publish - change the date to tomorrow morning - when you're finished you can change the date and time back to the current and it will publish immediately - or hit publish now and it will post tomorrow morning!!

    Now, for following a blog with out a follow button - how are you wanting to follow? do you use and RSS reader? if so you can copy the url and "add" to your reader subscriptions. If you have Firefox, there is an Rss subscribe button up in the address bar you can use also.----if you're using google friends connect, I'm not sure how to do that, I don't use it.

    Hope I helped some!!.........gorgeous pictures!!

  26. Your pictures are beautiful & I love your blog!

  27. Your farm is gorgeous! Sorry I can't help with the blogging question.....I'm non tech, too. Totally agree about the geese, yuk! Love the buds and the blooms on the crabapples. And as your your is very conversational and makes me smile, :>)

  28. I just can't believe how beautiful it is on your farm!!!! I swear this is what I think heaven will be....and your photography is amazing!!!!! Don't worry so much about what to write....sometime the photos do the writing for you! Thank you again for a beautiful visit to your farm! :)

  29. You know your writing is just fact it's pretty entertaining!

    But can I just say ~ your photos don't require any words. They tell stories all by themselves.


  30. You are too funny!....and not at all boring! I love your pictures! You live in paradise! I have had some issues with blogger dashboard. Once or twice it has published before I was ready....and then I quick try and go to edit before anyone reads (not likely since I have way less readers than you)...BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a that!

  31. Your photos are amazing! I'm off to add my email to my profile. Thank you!

  32. Thanks for the tips and I TOO have bounce around with issues and trying to resolve them! I can relate. Jennifer

  33. You are so wrong about writing not being your thing sweet one! We did upside tomatoes one year and it was a bomb. We're a little gun shy now but my nerd of a hubby is fascinated with the concept.

  34. It's a great post! Awesome pictures, too.

  35. I would just call your post "Country Lust" if I were just naming it by the pictures anyway. I want to sit in that Adirondak chair with a nice cold drink and wait for the fireflies.

  36. ZZZZZZZ haha Just kidding! I love your blog! I'll take the view too, goose poo and all!

  37. I'm home I'm home! Girl - I was laughing all the way through your post. You write real good. : < > I don't have a follow button on my blog, but you can follow it by going alllll the way to the tipity top on the left hand side and click a little rectangular button on the tool bar. Well, I just looked at your blog, and it's not there - LOL - but it's on me, so now I expect you to follow me. Thank you.

    PS The pictures - there aren't words to describe. They are too fabulous.

    PPS Isn't it nice when comments come in and you can reply via email. If everything in life were so easy.

  38. OK, I must be really stupid... BUT I do not understand why people want to leave blog comments on someones e-mail. That takes the comments out of context doesn't it? Why wouldn't people just leave the comments under the blog comments? How can it possibly be easier to leave an e-mail message rather than just click on "leave a comment" right there on the blog when you finish reading a post? Seriously, I do not get it. So many people talk about it, I must be missing something in translation. IF somebody wants to try to explain this to me, I'd love to hear.

  39. I actually think you're a great writer, it sounds just like you're talking to a friend!So keep up the great job, randomness keeps it interesting. And you're blog is in my top favorite 5......:)

  40. It is! It is rocket science!

    After some back-and-forthing, I planted my tomatoes upright so I'll be curious to hear how yours do upside down. I've heard some rants and some raves about the hanging tomatoes.

    And now I need to go buy some strawberry pots. And impatiens.

  41. You've got me laughing! I must say, your random route was very enjoyabe!

    I have the same problem starting posts most days. Seems as most of the posts beging with "I" - - I'm so lame (look, did it again!) Coming up with a title! Forget about it, I'm the worst.

    So very glad to hear I'm not the only one that has "blogging issues" and computer issues. Since begining blogging I think my computer skills have improved to about a thrid grade level. (so sad that I have to ask my kids to help me out sometimes. Even more sad that hubby really is a computer whiz - you'd think that would rub off on me just a little bit)

    Your photos are beautiful. I have to confess I'm been dreaming of owning a few crabapple trees and yours has me green (or pink and white as the case may be) with envy!

    Talk to you soon. Robin

    p.s. When you write your letter to Blogger, could you throw in a suggestion of adding spell check to post comments. That would really help out my stressful blogging issues! Thanks =)

  42. IS THAT A FISH??????? I think I strained an eyeball!
    Beautiful pics and ditto on the farm.

  43. Oh my stars! The picture of the pond with the chairs and sunset was just breathtaking! I have wanted to own a farm since I was a little girl. While other little girls were playing with baby dolls, I was playing with my farm sets. So please excuse my drooling as I live vicariously through YOUR amazing farm! :)

  44. Oh I forgot to mention, last year I grew two tomatoes in those topsy turvy bags, it was a total flop! I think the roots got too hot in our Charleston heat. I was going to throw the bags away this year but decided to try something different so I poked holes all around them and stuck little flowering plants in them, so far so good! I hope your tomatoes flourish!

  45. Oh, this post made me smile in the biggest way. Thank you for sharing your wit...along with your beautiful photos.