January 9, 2012

top of the morning

Howdy all.

I'm road tripping this week, but I just wanted to pop in and say hello.

I also wanted to tell you that I finally got my exercise act together last week and logged some significant walking miles. However, for each mile I walked, I treated myself to a frozen chocolate chip cookie dough ball leftover from the great cookie bake-off, so I'm not sure if it counts. I think it's probably a wash, but now that I'm out of cookie balls, maybe I'll make some headway on the healthy living front.

Or maybe I'll just move on to the tub of dark chocolate cherry almond clusters that somehow made their way into my Costco cart last week.

Only time will tell.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I always love reading your posts - they're so real. That photo at the top is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful photo....Me too, back to walking, and soon riding my bike and enjoying the outside!

  3. Yay for exercise...Love the picture!

  4. At least you're holding your own, enjoying the best of both worlds. Congrats. Have fun and be safe on your road trip this week.

  5. Have a great trip. You always have such pretty photos

  6. wow! what a view! Enjoy the trip! And if you can from the road, stop by for a giveaway before tomorrow!

  7. Wow, a beautiful view!
    I personally think the cookie dough was a just reward for all that hard work :)


  8. Teresa
    I lose more & more will power with each passing year! And I don't even have a Costco with all those yummy goodies here.

  9. ...Hello, I'm new here.*waving* Anyway, I happily found you thru "Tidy Mom" and I have been on here all morning off and on. Yes, I have things to do but I just couldn't get on with it until I stopped to say hello and to say just how much I've enjoyed myself here. Whatta place! :o)

    ...I'm No. 828 of your Followers over there. See the thumbnail with the egg? That's me. ;o)

    ...Glad I found you and looking forward to more tales about you & your life on the farm! Gorgeous photos too btw!

    ...Peace & Blessings :o)

  10. Beautiful picture, as usual. Better leave those chocolate cherry things home....Road trip + goodies = trouble! Love your blog!

  11. Dear Teresa, I think Costco has little helpers that sneak things into carts. Sam's Club does too!
    Be safe...have fun!
    and blessings dear friend,

  12. Have a great trip! You make me laugh. :)

  13. Gorgeous picture! Wow!
    Have fun on your road trip! I love a good road trip! My girlfriends and I are already planning our return trip to the Farm Chicks show in June & I can hardly wait!
    Have you tried the dark chocolate covered blueberries from Costco? They were sampling them before Christmas and I about died when I tasted them. They were so good!

  14. OH my - just pinned your beautiful photo. Love it. Also, love it when I see you come up in my Google Reader. I may or may not squeal a little. Just sayin. I always know I'm getting the real deal of life kind of stuff, and great pics to boot! HUGS! ~Sally Wally

  15. awesome picture!!!! Have a great time, hope you are doing something fun!


  16. "dark cherry almond clusters"....drool!

    I'm trying to exercise too...not easy when I'd rather be chomping on the above!

    Beautiful photo!!!

  17. I seem to be doing okay in the walking department but in the eating . . . . ten minutes of, "Good Job" and the rest of the day, hit and miss. So . . .
    All My Best to you . . .

    Fabulous photo . . . Enjoy your road trip!

  18. I really like your blog!! I'm following you now. I found your blog through Sewn With Grace. You have such nice pictures and a very nice design!! I like how you wrote you treated yourself to doughballs for every mile you walked...hahaha....thats a nice treat!! Very nice post!!

  19. Oh.. is the tub of dark chocolate cherry almond clusters -- cookie dough?
    Ai yi yi.. me wantie. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. Ha! At least you're walking. I haven't taken that step yet. Get it? I am making homemade yogurt and eating it everyday. That's my plan. Have a great time on your road trip. Stop in for a visit because we're having a giveaway!

  21. Lol. Totally understand. "Now that the butter balls (Grandmom's cookies) are gone, I can get back on track."

  22. I am checking out favorite blogs, like yours...love the photos and words of fun, wit and insights... in my exercise clothes! If I could eat cookies I would this morning. Drat diabetes! I will make it to the gym. I will make it to the gym....have great walk today!

  23. Haha! Hope you are enjoying your travels. I am hitting the road myself this week and glad that the weather is mostly good across the country.

  24. I'm sure all of that walking stirred up some endorphins and made you feel great...cookie dough or not! Love your photo, it's so serene.

  25. Well, it was DARK chocolate,
    which is healthier, right??
    And in my book, best with a
    glass of red wine for antioxidants
    and ultimate healthy treat.

    Awesome pic, btw!

    xx Suzanne

  26. I just stumbled upon your Blog. Being a nature lover and doing a blog here on the shore of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, I must say I found your photo on the January 9th. posting really really nice. I guess anything with water makes my day since here at the lake it is seen almost in every posting and such a part of my life. Thanks for that photo. Jack