February 9, 2012

love baskets

Gonna have to face it I'm addicted to love.......baskets.

I first made these at Christmastime for my photography clients, and they were so much fun I decided to make them again for Valentine's day.

I gathered all my Valentine appropriate craft supplies.....


Glitter......no project is complete without the glitter.

Chipboard letters covered in the aforementioned glitter.......

Pretty, bauble-y trim......

Teeny tiny paper heart garland.....

Teeny tiny hearts glued back to back on embroidery thread.....

Teeny tiny hearts that would rather stick to you than stick to each other.

(Fair warning....making teeny tiny heart garland might make you a teeny tiny bit crazy.)

Old fashioned valentines.......

Paper bunting.

In addition to being addicted to making paper baskets, I am addicted to every and all forms of bunting.

I heart bunting.

Making mini bunting might make you a bit crazy too, but it's worth it because it's bunting.

After trying and failing to make my own cone template, I got smart and went to the party store and bought a clearance package of party hats. I traced the party hat outline onto heavy scrapbook paper and cut it out.

Cardstock weight paper is a must if you're going to fill it with anything heavier than marshmallows.

I reinforced the seams inside the cone with some tape since they'd be under a little more stress as a basket than they would be as a party hat.

Once they were embellished, I punched a very small hole on both sides for the handle.

Try as I might, my holes were never perfectly spaced so my cones either tilted a little to the front or a little to the back.

I'm pretending it adds charm, but deep down, I'm rather irritated by the tiltyness of my baskets.

I filled mine with candy kisses, as my plans for the great Valentine cookie bake-a-thon of 2012 never became a reality.

These little baskets are so stinking fun to make!

I have a feeling the Easter Bunny just may be delivering something similar this year.

And maybe Uncle Sam, too. Just picture a red, white and blue basket filled with firecrackers.

Hmmmm, Arbor Day?

April Fool's Day?

Administrative Professionals Day?

The possibilities are endless.

Make yourself an upside down party hat basket today!


  1. These are soo cute! And YES Uncle Sam style would be so cute!

    How in the world can you make a pile of ribbon look so darn yummy!? The colors are fantastic!


  2. Your upside down hats are soooo cute. I love the teeny tiny hearts..something so easy and I've never thought of that...Hum mmm I made my daughter an "odd" (cuz I couldn't get the right shape either...lol) shaped cone for her birthday...decorated it all cowboyish with some bling... put some money in it and was she ever happy. The cones aka upside down hats are good for just about any occasion. Thanks for sharing... love them Swooning over the colors.


  3. Those are so cheerful! I love the colors you used. I'd want them for every holiday too!

  4. You crack me up Teresa! I love your adorable little baskets, in all their tiltyness glory.

  5. Stinking CUTE! I love them. I know what I'll be doing today. Such pretty pictures, too. Patty

  6. Why is it things that are already cute to begin with get exponentially cuter when they're tiny? That bitty bunting, those little pom-poms ... gah! These remind me of May baskets I used to make as kid -- filled with flowers and left anonymously on a neighbor's doorknob.

    I'll be storing my glitter in vintage salt shakers from now on. Great idea. :-)

  7. ...These are so stinkin' cute! And you are so stinkin' funny! I laughed out loud at this: "...making teeny tiny heart garland might make you a teeny tiny bit crazy." *giggle*snort* ;o)

    ...You're right, there are endless possibilities with these. Arbor Day? Yes.

    ...Thank you for the inspiration! Ah-dorable!

    ...Blessings :o)

  8. I wish I had that much creativity for just 5 seconds in my life! Everything is beautiful, just love it all!

  9. Too stink'in ADORABLE! All the colors and your oh so wonderful photos are making me want to make a few too! Your so talented.

  10. Fun! Throw Chinese New Year and Mardi Gras in there this month!

  11. Love the colors, and the pom pom garland. My creative wheels are spinning.

  12. As always....love everything you do!!

  13. Mother's Day would be great too! Love them! Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Oh the lucky guys & gals who receive those on Valentine's Day...you are too clever! And oh the bunting...I love it too, but making mini would make me a tad bit cranky. Okay, probably a lot cranky, but you're right...after all, it IS bunting! Terrific ideas, thanks for sharing. -Mary

  15. Oh my goodness, these are adorable! They would be so cute for teacher gifts!


  16. Adorable! Next year..
    and bunting - I too, love bunting, it never occurred to me to make for any other holiday than the patriotic ones.

  17. I can't NOT comment and tell you how very brave you are for having glitter in your home. I know your kids are grown, but GOSH. When I think about allowing glitter into my house, I just DIE inside. ;)

  18. oh I am in heaven!! I am desperate to craft but just haven't found the time or energy...Love this!

  19. Since I have no patience for crafts these days I will live vicariously through you and your beautiful wares!!!

    Kat :)

  20. Well this is certainly getting me to think about making one. I have the pattern, a party hat, I have the paper and the trims but I am sewing right now and not in the mood. This Valentine's Day has really left me out in the cold for making things compared to other years due to the fashions I've been sewing up. I love your colors and photography!!

  21. Love the colors and the teeny tiny bunting. My patriotic daughter would love something like this for the 4th of July. Her second baby is due around then, too. Maybe a Yankee Doodle Dandy one.

  22. They are gorgeous and delightful, and I can see why you're addicted. And filled with Kisses? yep, as good as it gets! Hugs ~ Mary

  23. Cute!! When is administrative professionals day?? I want one :) xoxo Debbie

  24. You're a downright promotional gal of decorative cones! Yours are gorrrrrgeous! I went to a spinning (yarn not gym kind) workshop yesterday and made some alpaca and silk yarn! Thanks for the advice on the Big Girl Camera. I took a photo of Multnomah Falls today.. I was disappointed in how unclear the water was. I hope I get it figured out! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  25. I've done that same thing with a paper hat! I love your cones. They are just right and the colors call to me. I know the big day is very close and I have yet to start on the girls Valentines. I needed this Vday boost today!

  26. I just have to say, these colors always make me smile! Cute idea for me and my love gals! They still like Valentines. :) Well, do we ever get over those pretty pieces of paper that let us know someone out there likes (loves) me!! ?

  27. oooohh how darling...even just your photos of ribbon spools are colorfully yummy! you do such a great job! xo


  28. Soooo cute! Thanks for a great project idea. My daughter is coming for a visit this weekend so we can make them I already have the paper so we just need to make time.

  29. Ohhh these are so cute! I love them and I think The Easter Bunny will be making a few of these for my little's this year! ;)

    Thanks for the idea...
    And Happy Valentine's Day,

  30. These are adorable. Beautiful photos too. I just awarded your blog with the Versatile Blogger award! Stop on by to accept :) http://www.tillysnest.com/2012/02/winner-celebrating-chick-days-award.html

  31. Very pretty! Love all the color choices!

  32. i just think I'll be hopping down the bunny trail to make me some bunny cones. Too darn cute not to. Thanks so much for showing us how to do that.

  33. I just found your blog and joined as a follower. I think you might like my new blog, all about farm life, decorating, cooking, animals, and much more.

  34. Well, I have to say, these baskets are just adorable!