May 3, 2011

bullet points

* I dropped my camera.

* I said a bad word.

* My favorite lens is going to the hospital.

* It didn't appreciate being dropped so hard that the lens cap got wedged into the lens itself.

* I think my camera is okay.

* Time will tell.

* We finally had a sunny, warm day.

* I need about 10 more days just like this one to get my yard ship-shape.

* But that was yesterday.

* It snowed at my house this morning.

* I found some leftover zinnia seeds from last year and you know what that means.

* I'm planting them, oh yes I am.

* I cleaned out my drug cupboard.

* I found cough syrup from 1995, several Costco sized bottles of Dimetapp from 1997, and some really good prescription pain killers from 2004.

* I need to clean out my drug cupboard more often.

* I finally finished watching The Kennedys.

* I can't stop eating Oreos.


  1. Hope your camera feels better soon. Bad ouchy. Your blog hit the spot this morning. Thanks.
    - Joy

  2. Yikes. I've dropped my 50mm lens on a vinyl floor. It got caught up in my camera strap after I changed lenses. It's been fine. Hope your is OK.


  3. *yours or yourn. Whichever works best for you.

  4. My camera was knocked out of my hand once and landed lens down, but I had a UV filter on (that shattered) and it saved my lens!!! Praise Jesus!!! No snow here on the East coast. 80 degrees today. I think it is safe to say we are through with snow at least until December.

  5. I am sorry for all that. I understand the drug cabinet. Same goes for salad dressing in the fridge sometimes. And I totally get that Oreo thing. Hang in there.
    p.s. Zinnias are a fave around here, too.

  6. Stop eating those Oreos!
    Everything else is okay.

  7. I saw The Kennedys on my DVR this morning. I really need to take the time to watch it. Was is juicy?? Or am I wasting precious hours of my life I will never again get back?

    Love the photos, as always. I am in awe. ;o)

    Happy Day!


  8. I hope your camera/lens makes it... what a bummer!

    Snow this morning, really? I guess I should stop complaining about our weather... at least there isn't any snow in the forecast.

    I'm still working on my zinnias, obviously, I need to catch up. I'd plant seeds from last year too if I found them.


    PS... please put that last photo "up for sale"! It would look FABULOUS-O in my kitchen!

  9. I dropped my camera when we were in Disney World....not just dropped it....dropped it, tried to catch it, smacked it with my hand, which sent it somersaulting through the air till it landed and flipped a few times on the pavement! Thank God it still worked ok! It was banged up, but it was turned off and the lens was closed. Got to love Cannon! It survived until my husband dropped it last year with it turned on and the lens extended!

  10. I stumbled across your blog recently and have found myself coming back every day for a little dose of happiness (and beautiful pictures!). I think I want to live in your house when I grow up...... ;) Good luck with the camera!

  11. Which bad word? I can't stop eating oreos either. I can eat a whole row as soon as I open up the package (shame). I'm sorry about your lens. :(

  12. I feel your pain about your lens. I dropped my camera while I was on vacation last week, and I jammed the lens. The camera is okay, but the lens appears to be toast. I will go shopping tomorrow, as a reward for accomplishing so much today, and I will buy myself a new lens.

    I hope your lens can be repaired, and it comes home to you real soon.

  13. Oh, no. Glad your camera doesn't appear to be too hurt. I would say that you can never have too many zinnia, but since you have well over 1,000 of them already...

  14. *Oreos.
    *Really bad for you.
    *Had a friend in the FDA who said that eating one kept you from digesting ANY nutrients for 3 days because it coats your intestines.
    *I love em' too.
    *Good luck w the camera!

  15. At least your inside flower pics are pretty. Did you want to say another bad word when you awoke to snow? I think I would have wanted to if I'd been waiting for spring as long as you have. It will come. I believe!

  16. Food therapy...I'm very familiar with it. I'm starting to think I need to find a less fattening vice.

  17. No snow here today...thank goodness. We had some flurries the other day here in MN. Today=sunshine. Weatherman says tomorrow=clouds and rain. I will say bad words tomorrow if it does rain.

    I took my camera out to the field tonight to practice with my new zoom lens. I made sure to hold onto it real tight. I would say REALLY bad words if I dropped mine.

  18. Well, my day is officially complete, having read this list. And you KNOW what kind of a day I've had, so thank you for that. :)

    And since I'm a giver and not just a taker, I will leave you with this tidbit that is sure to soothe your weary, cussing soul: I made chicken taquitos tonight. The tortillas all blew up and they looked a fright, but they had CREAM CHEESE in them, yo.

  19. Snow? I'd be so miserable where you live. Sorry, but I know myself and the little amount of snow we get in the south is enough for me. It would be terrible for all of us if your camera was damaged because we all come to your blog for a dose of beautiful photographs.

  20. It's snowing? Really? Ooo... nice white fluffy snow? I like that kind.

  21. You are too funny! Sounds like a frustrating day, but Oreos can usually take care of anything. We're not having snow, but it has been raining here almost nonstop for 3 weeks now with no end in sight. I think I need to buy myself a package of Double Stuff Oreos.

  22. Ouch. I'm sorry. Me too. I need to do that. 1997? Snow? You had a warm day? I'm jealous. Love the flowers. They have a paint-spattered look about them. The middle ones are just plain crazy, what are they? How's the jar of modge podge holding out? {My responses in no particular order! -- HA!} Have a great day Teresa! =) ~Sally

  23. Wait, wait, wait -- what KIND of oreos? I saw chocolate creme ones last night at a meeting, but was afraid to eat them. You know how they make your teeth look... You DO KNOW, don't you. hahah! (hugs!) ~Sally (again)

  24. Ouch on the camera hope it works out. I have a penchant for dropping my Kindle. Good thing I bought a sturdy cover for it as it constantly flies right out of my hands.

  25. Oops, you said another bad word...Snow. I could not imagine Snow in May.

    I could so go for some Oreos. But it just isn't going to happen here. I lost 5 pounds last month and in two weeks, found 3 of them. (I am scared to go to Weight Watchers this week.)I am so mad at myself! I blame it on Easter candy, of course!!

    I hope that your camera is an easy fix.

  26. Hope your camera recovers quickly and the snow melts equally quickly. They're calling for frost tonight in indiana. Blegh. Don't they know it's May?

    I love those speckled red flowers. Are they a type of geranium? They'd look gorgeous on my front porch in my washtub.

  27. bullet point bullseyes! Hope your camera recovers because I'm in love with your photography.
    xo Cathy
    ps...Oreos have healing qualities about them so keep them in the drug cupboard

  28. *Your blog is beautiful.
    *You make me laugh.
    *I wish you lived next to me, I think we are bosom friends.
    *I also am the only girl in my family.
    *I love zinnias.
    *I have to go, Swedish fish are calling my name.

  29. Snow Teresa???
    You need to come over for some sunshine!
    And bring your flowers with you : )

  30. I feel your pain in the S-word department. I hope that I don't see any until late November (fat chance in MN).
    The Kennedy's....LOVED it! Katie Holmes is a dead ringer for Jackie! It really enjoyed husband is a Kennedy nerd, he enjoyed it also....
    Oreo cookies are from the devil. Stop eating them at once!

  31. *Sorry. Camera.
    *Yum. Oreos.
    *Hooray. Sunshine.
    *Bummer. Snow.
    *Beautiful. Flowers!

  32. So sorry to hear about your camera!! Hope it comes back from the hospital in tip top shape!!

  33. Oh! And hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!

  34. I probably said the same bad word when I dropped my camera. I would probably say it again if it dared to snow here in May. So far this enitre year we've had 2 days with temps between 65-70 degrees. And not in a row. What is the deal?!

  35. Not your camera! That would be like me dropping my newborn. I bet you were beside yourself. No wonder you have had to numb the pain with oreos. Who could blame you?

  36. Loved listening to
    your list. Give me
    a glass of wine right
    about now and I could
    probably listen for hours.
    Happy Mother's Day to my
    fellow zinnia-aholic!
    xx Suzanne

  37. Cracking up! Not about the lens though. Shedding a tear with you over that one. Hope it's OK. Took mine to the beach. It may need to bunk with yours at the hospital. Love the colors in these photos. Cool retro feel.

  38. Sorry about your lens. Drug cabinent...almost nothing makes me feel better quicker than cleaning out a bunch of old stuff I kept around for "no good reason"! Have a great spring Saturday.

  39. hi teresa!

    don't think i've ever commented on your lovely blog until now...i had a photography business for 20 years--black & white, film -not digital_handtinting, darkroom in my home, etc. i worked in medium format, using a bronical etrs with a couple of backs and a couple of lenses.

    anyway, i cannot tell you the horrible things i did to that horribly expensive camera. dropped in the gulf--more than once, check; dropped in numerous pools check; dropped on concrete, stone, pavement, asphalt, in mud, check; drooled on, licked by dogs, goats and horses, check. my guy at our local camera store would just give me a loaner and send that old work horse off to be repaired. and it was always ok. it would cost, but it would be ok.

    good luck!

  40. Oh, bummer about the camera lens AND the snow!! Hoping you have a most blessed Mother's Day, with warm sunshine and family time. :)
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  41. so funny ... thank you for the smile :>

  42. I know what you mean about the oreos. I switched to the double stuffed vanilla ones when I need to self medicate...I think they're healthier. I'm dying to see your zinnias in bloom in your beautiful garden so it better warm up soon and your lense needs to make a full recovery! Wow, that was sure a selfish moment. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  43. I vote for eating the Oreos, using the S(now) word, or any other S word that comes to mind when you drop your camera. Your pictures are as always gorgeous and I agree, put the last one up for auction and Chris-of-Red-Gate-Farm and I can slug it out with the $$$. :)

    Mary @ Redo 101

  44. Ahhhhh! (That is me sighing over your beautiful photo's.) I just stumbled across your blog and am so glad I did, what a wonderful place to stumble upon.

    MMMMMM, oreo's!

  45. LOVE this made me smile :) and love oreos, try to not even keep them in the house but we do currently have some double stuffed ;)

  46. My husband just bought the new berry ones, awesome! I told him he needs to stop buying cookies so I will stop eating them. I don't have a self control when cookies are around. Your pictures are gorgeous. Spring weather is cr-aa-zy. Hope your lens comes back soon.

  47. ~~~ love this post...LOVE * LOVE * LOVE * your blog....and am LOVING that i am following....

    kary and teddy

  48. Oh Dear. I have a feeling you know what I feel like now - you with no camera - me with no arm for gardening. My arm needs the hospital -
    Girl - please stop eating Oreos. Even when I ate what I wanted - law - those are no good. They don't taste like anything...honey cookies are so much better. Please aright this wrong.

  49. Just wanted to say I'm missing your blog.
    I made your carrot cake yesterday - delish again!
    I hope your camera is fixed soon!

  50. These flower photos are beautiful! One day I'll be a gardener...until then, I'll just vicariously garden through blogs!
    Great job...sorry to hear about your camera.


  51. I hope your camera is all better... I found that geranium at the store & had to buy it immediately- looove it! (and yes, needed to photograph it too!)

  52. cough syrup from 1995 wow that's old.