September 30, 2009

september snapshot

I have high hopes for keeping my photography motivation going through the winter. It's easy to be uninspired when the scenery is a drab combination of gray and brown, but I'm determined to see things through new eyes. One of the ways I am going to challenge myself is through weekly photo postings and monthly collages. September provided many photos to choose from. The month marked the end of many summer chores and projects, and we began to get ready for the change of seasons.

1. The wheel line on one of it's last days before being shut down. 2. The best corn ever (Ambrosia) is harvested and frozen. 3. State Fair zinnia. 4. Gorgeous sunset.
5. Peaceful misty morning. (This photo is from last year, but it's one of my all time favorites.)
So long September, see you next year.

September 17, 2009


About me
Hi, my name is Teresa. Nine years ago, I was a happily settled, cul-de-sac residing, suburban mom. I had Starbucks, shopping malls, and every other convenience known to man at my fingertips. Now I am a country girl living on a small farm 500 miles from the old neighborhood. My husband and I, along with our three boys, decided to leave the rat race behind for a slower pace and a simpler life. It was a leap of faith. My husband is self employed, and we would be leaving a thriving business near a big city for a small town and a brand new start. It was scary and exciting, and God threw open every door in our path. It took me a while to get used to country life. For a year I had a part time retail job in the nearest city just to get my mall fix. That nearest city? It was 50 miles away. I can't believe I drove 100 miles round trip for a minimum wage job. It helped me transition to my new life though, and now my happiest days are the ones spent at home on the farm. I am definitely where I am supposed to be.

About Meadowbrook Farm
For some reason that I can't really remember, we decided we wanted to name our new place. Our property came with a very dilapidated 1902 farmhouse, so even though we had just moved to ranch country, we decided to call our new home a farm. We don't earn our full living on our farm, but we have cows to feed, hay to harvest, fences to fix, and irrigation pipes to move. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure, my husband is the only real farmer as I don't really participate in most or any of the farm related activities. I visit the new baby calves in the spring and that's about it.

I really wanted to name our new home Crabapple Farm. I grew up reading the Trixie Belden books and Trix's home was Crabapple Farm. Great childhood book memories. I even live the same distance from my small town that Trixie lived from hers. It was meant to be! Unfortunately, my husband didn't see it that way. He had never read Trixie and really had no desire to start reading about a thirteen year old girl detective at this point in his life. The fact that we had no crabapple trees on our farm was also an issue for him. Whatever. We did, however, have fields that would soon become meadows, and water in the form of a pond and a creek. Since Meadowpond Farm didn't sound quite right, we turned the creek into a brook and Meadowbrook Farm was born.

About this blog
I have spent a lot of time pondering what kind of blog I would like to have. The prevailing advice is to pick a niche and stick with it so people know what they can expect from you. As I am not an expert on anything but my own life, this blog will be just that. It will include, but not be limited to, faith, family, friends, decorating, cooking, gardening, photography, antiquing, and everyday life. Thanks for stopping in to take a peek.