April 12, 2012

i set fire to the rain

Howdy friends!

It's been a while!

Since we last chatted, my soldier came home.


He actually lives three hours away from us, but came home to sleep off his travel hangover, eat lots of home cooked meals, and leave his ginormous duffel bag full of dirty laundry in the hallway for me to trip over in the dark three times until I finally got smart and moved it.

(Yes, I could have moved it after the first time, but I'm a slow learner.)

Over the last year, Junior had developed a pretty major aversion to sand, so it only seemed right to whisk him away to Hawaii in an attempt to create some new, happy sand related memories.

* Hawaii is wonderful.

*Kona Coffee Milkshakes are wonderful.

*Warm air on your skin after a Montana winter is wonderful.

*Visiting a place called Slaughterhouse Beach four different times and leaving Slaughterhouse Beach four different times with all of your friends and family still alive and relatively unharmed is wonderful.

*POG - passion, orange, guava juice is wonderful. Why don't they sell it in Montana?

*Sailing trips on very windy days are wonderful.

And wet.

*Not taking your laptop to Hawaii is wonderful.

*Hearing Adele sing "Set Fire to the Rain" one time on the radio whilst driving along the Maui coast five days ago and subsequently having the song playing constantly in your head every moment since is not wonderful.

Time is flying, folks. My youngest leaves for Army boot camp in two months and I'm feeling the need to grab and hold on to every minute that I can between now and then.

My nest will be empty for the first time in twenty four years.

Oh boy.

If I'm a bit scarce around the blog, just know that I'm spending my time soaking in the last little bit of my life as a full time mama.

If I'm still scarce after the next two months pass, just know I'm probably crumpled in a heap in a corner, humming "Sunrise, Sunset".

Have a wonderful Thursday!