June 29, 2012

summer bucket list

In the last seven weeks, I've....

.....blatantly ignored all feelings of blogging obligation.

Until today, that is.

The month is almost over, and as this has been an especially gorgeous June, I don't want to let it pass without giving the garden a pictorial shout out.

Also? In the last seven weeks I've turned into a total flake and have neglected to respond to emails and comments from some of y'all wondering if I'm still alive and well.

I am indeed alive and well and have been thoroughly enjoying a blogging vacay.

It's been fabulous.

Also, also? Until I noticed how the peonies were accosting my beloved aqua motel chair, my camera hasn't seen a whole lot of action lately.

Thankfully, I finally got my photography act together the very day before a freak windstorm turned my pretty peony flowers into pretty peony confetti.

This year, I made a summer bucket list and the more checks I can make on that list, the better.

My list includes.....

* Read the entire Harry Potter series whilst comfortably settled in my porch swing.

I'm a big Harry fan and I'm looking forward to summer afternoons with Neville, Luna and Snape.

* Go on a weekly hike with my hubby.

* Make a quilt for the guest room.

(Note to self... Don't let the fact that you've started several other quilts and massive quantities of other sewing projects that have never made it to completion stop you from spending lots and lots AND LOTS of money on fabric and totally deluding yourself into thinking that this time might actually be different and you might actually make the aforementioned guest room quilt.)

After all, summer is for dreaming, right?

* Go to as many outdoor vintage/antique shows as humanly possible.

I've got four on the schedule so far.

* Master a new photography skill. Backlighting is number one on my list.

* Visit Glacier National Park. I've lived in Montana for twelve years and it's about time I see what all the fuss is about.

* Face Pinterest addiction head on. Check into local support groups.

* Sit on the dock barefoot for five minutes each day in an attempt to mellow out my flip flop tan lines.

* Literally and figuratively stop and smell the roses.

So, that's my plan for the next couple months.

What's on your bucket list this summer?