July 21, 2011

the week in words

Within the last week....

My hubby flew to New York, hung out with the groom and bride-to-be, had a ton of fun without me, ate dinner in Times Square, went for a ride in a Coast Guard boat, enjoyed authentic New York pizza pie, saw an amazing fireworks show, went water skiing, blah, blah, blah.

Did I mention he did all this without me?

Doesn't that seem so very, very wrong?

But, there was a catch.

After all that fun, my hubby and the groom hopped in a truck and pulled a big, heavy trailer from New York to western Montana in two in a half days.

As in, they left New York on Sunday morning, and were at my house on Tuesday afternoon.

If you are at all familiar with the geography of The United States of America, you know that this is no small feat.

It's plum craziness.

Did I mention that I am so very, very happy that they did that part without me?

The very same time they were blazing a trail across the country, my middle son was making his way across the world, and I got to pick up my very tired and very hungry soldier at the airport on Monday night. We went straight to the closest restaurant where he ordered more food than either you or I could even think about eating and made it disappear in record time. I'm always impressed by just how much food my boys can put away.

Impressed and sometimes a little appalled.

As Junior was plowing his way through plate number three, the manager of the restaurant came over to say that an anonymous diner had already paid for our dinner and dessert if we wanted it.

(We all of a sudden wanted dessert.)

While there is certainly a downside to wearing the same Army uniform for three days as you take five different flights to get home from the desert for your two weeks of leave, the upside is that there are wonderful people who buy your dinner, and other wonderful people who come up to you and thank you for your service while your mama stands beside you obnoxiously beaming with pride.

(The obnoxiously beaming mother probably belongs in the downside part of that scenario.)

The diner was already gone, so we couldn't even say thank you. My son really wanted to say thank-you.

He also wants to thank all of you for your support and your prayers. It really means a lot to him.

And me.

Okay, enough of that mushy stuff.

The last few days have been filled with Pinochle games, ultimate frisbee, (two frisbees already went into the pond), and the construction of a zip line.

Yes, you heard me.

A zip line.

A zip line across the pond.

Because no reunion of the Meadowbrook Farmboys is complete without a trip to the emergency room.

Speaking of the Farmboys....

Yes, Junior Number Three cut off his curls. I'm still so mad about it I could spit, but he somehow seems to think he should have some form of say over his hair. And his clothes. And his life.

Kids these days.

The Bride flies in on Saturday and we all can't wait to see her.

Dear Bride-To-Be,
Please hurry!
I am over run by testosterone once again.
I need you!
Meadowbrook Mama