August 15, 2013

my studio

I've wanted to post pictures of my photography studio for over a year.

Funny enough, the reason I now have time to take and post pictures of my photography studio is because I put my photography business on hold for this year.

Actually, not totally on hold. I have one client and we are spreading her senior session out over the summer. One outfit per shoot. One shoot per month.

It's perfect for me to have a little something to creatively dream about, while not overwhelming or stressing me out. She is very sweet to work with my schedule, and we've already got some awesome shots.

Side note. It was easy to put my business on hold while I'm going through chemo. Any woman who has gone through chemo whilst still working, or any woman who has gone through chemo and has small or medium sized kids, or even large kids at home has my utmost respect and never ending admiration. Women who both work AND have little kids and go through chemo? (Yes, I'm talking to you, Michelle.) Truly amazing.

Side note officially over.

For several years, our front room was virtually unused. We have a family room where we watch tv, and my hubby has a man cave, so the front room was just sort of sitting there without a purpose in life.

Once I decided to make a real go of my senior photography business, I had a blast turning that room into my studio space.

While I have never been one to make any part of our house particularly manly (except the man cave), it's been so fun to go extra girly with my studio. (My business is senior girls only.)

We use the studio for our pre-shoot consultation, and again after the photo shoot for our ordering session.

It took quite a while for it all to come together. The aqua chaise was first (Target online), then the cupboard, and finally the pillars. My hubby built the shelf on top, and that's when I was able to start filling in pretty much every square inch of free space with vintage finds and girly frills.

The chandy is my most recent addition, and I love it to pieces.

It's has an alarming burning smell when we turn it on.

We should probably look into that.

I am constantly on the prowl for vintage prom dresses and beautiful old umbrellas. I will never have enough of either.

Vintage suitcases and fun jewelry are also high on my list. Are any of you familiar with Charming Charlie? My niece introduced me and I'm hooked. Fortunately for my wallet the closest location is in Washington.

I still have many vintage picture frames I need to find a place for. Sadly, I'm out of walls.

I also seem to have a dress form addiction. My son calls them my pretend friends.

I still have odds and ends to button up.....and part two of this post will be the other half of the room once said odds and ends are done.

So.....maybe part two will never happen? Pinterest has given me plenty of inspiration, but follow through seems to be the issue at the moment!

I'm already looking forward to next year and picking up where I left off with my business!

Until then, I will just hang with my pretend friends in the studio when I need some girl time.

p.s. Apologies for the watermarks. I hate them, but unfortunately, they are necessary.

Happy Thursday afternoon!

August 8, 2013

the blue boat

Fifty dollars.

Just sitting on the side of the road with a home made for-sale sign crookedly dangling off her bow.

Or stern.

I can never remember which is which.



Ahoy Matey?

I need to brush up on my nautical terms now that I'm a boat owner.

I love, love, love my blue boat.

I'm off to get my fourth round of chemo this morning, which if all goes according to plan is my half-way point.


Happy Thursday!

August 6, 2013

soooo....i'm bored

I've online shopped, I've Pinterested, I've watched every movie and tv show on my list.

Speaking of which.

Dear Breaking Bad,

Or, Dear Walt and Jesse,

Or, Dear Gus, Tuco, and scary bad give me nightmares Mexican Twins with the axe,

You all have messed me up in a very big way, but still, I can't quit watching you.

You are disturbing on many levels, but your fascination and intrigue always wins out.

I can't wait for August 11th!


Walt's currently bald female twin,


p.s. Mom? Do. Not. Watch. Breaking Bad. Stick to the Jane Austin classics on BBC. Trust me.

Moving on.

My boredom has inspired me to get my camera out, and I recently set out to somewhat emulate the gorgeous darker, richer style of food photography that seems to be what all the cool kids are doing these days.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can take a peek here. Darker exposures and wood props, etc. I love it. It's beautiful.

Local Montana cherries were recently on sale, so I stocked up and decided to give the style a try.

I grabbed an apple box and a gingham tablecloth and lowered my exposure just a tad from where I'd normally shoot.

I like the results. A lot! I've got nothing on the pros, but not too bad for my first time out.

But then I remembered the cherry pictures I took a few years ago, so I went searching through my portable hard drive till I found them.

While I love the new cherry pics, these are so much more me.



And one of my favorite color combos.

Feel free to chime in with your favorite and have a fabulous Tuesday!

August 2, 2013

my garden favorites

My favorite view of my house.....I take this shot over and over and over again.

Love the purple clem and the fluffy pink mallow. The pink mallow has totally taken over the picket fence garden this year. If I don't get it cut back before it goes to seed I'll be in big trouble next year. I'll have to rename our place Mallowbrook Farm.

My favorite flower ever....


What's not to love?

My favorite birdhouse....

My only birdhouse!

Wrapped in a Princess Diana clematis.

And my favorite flower runner up, the ever faithful hollyhock.

Nothing says cottage garden like a hollyhock.

Favorite color combination.....

The monarda is a bit tattered, but I love the orange/pink/yellow combo with the hayfield in the background.

Favorite birdbath in which no bird has ever bathed......

This year I have many, many weeds lurking in the garden, but for the moment the flowers are winning out and my morning watering routine is my favorite part of my day.

How about you?

What are your garden favorite this time of year?