April 2, 2010

another week in pictures

I'm thinking this whole farm tour idea could become a somewhat regular feature, since it's much easier than coming up with one fabulous subject for a photo post. Basically, it's just a collection of not as fabulous subjects all put together in the hopes that quantity will win out over quality. It's the same philosophy that comes into play when you're out of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and end up settling for a bunch of chocolate chips out of the freezer. Not quite as satisfying, but it gets the job done.

So, buckle your seat belts and let's start the tour.

The pond this morning, bright and blue.

We've had a powdered sugar dusting of snow the last few mornings.

The pond yesterday, dark and stormy.

Every spring, we cut down all the old cattails and trim the pond grasses down to the ground, so the new growth doesn't have to fight it's way through the old.

It looks kind of naked to me, but it won't be long before that changes.

My favorite tree.....

has a fuzzy green glow.

I love green.

Last weekend, The Farmer and I built rock beds in front of the greenhouse.

He placed the big rocks, and I placed the smaller rocks. When he was done with the big rocks, he helped me with the little rocks. Then I re-did most of the little rocks he placed.

He likes it when I do that.

We're going to leave the farm now for a quick detour.

Now that the Junk House is pretty much done, I think we might need to take on a new project.

What do you think? Should we go for it?

Actually, I'm totally kidding. I don't think I have another renovation in me. Plus, this place needs to be condemned. It's beyond help. It really is for sale though, and I'm dying to see the inside. I love all the cruddy old porch posts and railings, but it does look like a bit of a hazard. What I'd really like to do is use it for a photo backdrop, but the large quantity of no trespassing signs are making me hesitate a bit.

Just a bit.

Lastly, a bouquet of beautiful tulips courtesy of my dear husband.

He does not bring me flowers very often, but this week he was getting his hair cut, and his hair dresser/stylist (can someone please tell me what the current, appropriate term for the person who takes care of your hair styling needs is these days? ) had a bunch of tulips on her counter. Knowing I would like them, he made a special trip out of his way to bring me a bouquet of my very own, and it made my day.
While I don't get flowers on a regular basis, what I do get on a regular basis is an offer to stop at the grocery store while he's going through town. That right there is my love language, and I'm happy to have flowers only make a rare appearance if it means I'm regularly treated to a gallon of milk without having to leave my house.
Thanks hon!

Have a truly wonderful and blessed weekend, as we celebrate our Lord and Saviour's resurrection.

Happy Easter!


  1. your farm is part of my dream farm I've yet to own -- the photo of the pond so blue and and cheerful.. Want want your green house it just might pop up on my farm one of these days or one closely related -- wink

  2. Go for it! Being fairly new to your blog, I want to live vicariously through you resurrecting that house - and what better time to do it than Easter?!

  3. You are a beautiful photographer. I hope someday to aspire to just a teeny-weeny bit of your talent. When you post, it makes me happy and I sit and stare. I love the picture of the old house and seeing the before and afters of the "Junk House," I am sure it would be just beautiful too. I do look forward to your Friday posts too. I love the pictures of your pond. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Benny, I love your tours. You do need to buy that house and fix it up for. The yearly Cupcake Guild Gathering. Are you seriously thinking of buying it? The soup sounds delish by the way, and I'm missing soup weather already!

  5. Can I sit in front of your lake for awhile, pretty please? I'll be very quiet. I promise.

  6. I got tulips like that this week from friends and have been trying to make them last a bit longer!
    Love the old house...has such character and if anyone could make it come to life and be beautiful again, that would be you.
    I love the lake pictures...I could spend some serious time there on a blanket under that tree with a good book! Have a great weekend and come say hi sometime :D

  7. Love your photos - the pond is gorgeous. Happy Easter!


  8. The place you live is like a piece of heaven!!!! I just calm right down looking at your photos. That old house???? What a shame...but I bet there is some good salvage???? Maybedoors or hardware or ????? I sure would like to go thru something like that, Happy Easter to you as well! :)

  9. Tulips are so perfect for Easter - have a wonderful weekend. -amy

  10. Your photos are wonderful and your place too! Love you green house and what you did to the front. I know that was a lot of work.
    Happy Easter! Sharon

  11. Gorgeous photo tour of your farm. I love that greenhouse! And the ol' house would be a perfect backdrop for photos.. go for it! ;-) Thanks for the tour - simply beautiful. -Tammy

  12. Hi Teresa! I just found your blog and am astounded by your photos. Utterly beautiful. Your house is lovely and I am so inspired to freshen my old house out of drab ways. Happy Easter!

  13. I LOVE Marty's idea! C'mon! We need a NYC post! Junk House 2.0. Cupcake Guild Junk House.

    Also, last week Ruby said something about Calvin told me he needed to go get a haircut at the "Handsome Parlor". He was totally serious. Cracked us up.

  14. I cut hair and I prefer the term "stylist"....sounds more professional! Love the photos! It was warm and sunny in Pa today. Hopefully spring will come your way soon! Have a good weekend!

  15. Loved the farm tour! Your live in such a beautiful place! Your rock gardens look lovely! (I usually re-arrange the dishes my husband puts in the dishwasher, so I know what you mean.)
    That old house is so wonderful. I wish it could be saved.
    Happy Easter to you!

  16. thanks for sharing your lovely place...Happy Easter!

  17. First of all, I have horrible greenhouse envy... I know that my husband also loves when I "tidy up" his work - l.o.v.e.s. it. ;)
    If they condemn that house I do hope they will let someone in to take all of those fabulous railings and other useful architectural pieces. They are divine!
    Have a marvelous Easter weekend my friend,

  18. WOnderful pictures! Love the old house. Nobody is looking-go in:)
    Happy Easter!

  19. The pond picture is exquisite.

  20. Aw, it's sad that the old farmhouse is beyond renovation...it still has a charm in it's dilapidated state, 'tho.

  21. Too bad about that farmhouse. It would be a great project! Fabulous photos as always. Thanks for sharing!


  22. Love your blog...pictures are absolutely adorable!
    Makes me challenge myself around here. Keep up the great job!

  23. "It's the same philosophy that comes into play when you're out of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and end up settling for a bunch of chocolate chips out of the freezer. Not quite as satisfying, but it gets the job done."

    Oh man...that really made me smile. I do that all the time!

  24. Oh the stories that old farmhouse could tell. The photos would be haunting. You could think about buying a place for a long time and have to look it over a bunch... lol

  25. What gorgeous photos!!! Thanks for sharing & I am looking forward to reading more of your blog!!

  26. Love the photos! I want that ol farmhouse! Seriously someone has to save it.

  27. The old farmhouse looks to me like it has value in its salvaged parts and pieces. That's what we do. The old salvaged homes live on as new vintage-style homes.

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