July 19, 2010

workshop two

Workshop two is over and workshop three starts tonight and before I know it - poof - it will all be over.

What will I do with myself then?

I broke out my camera for this one and got a few shots I really like. I'm playing around a bit with my processing and I'm really curious what style I'll eventually end up making my own.

I like too much. There are just so many fun, different ways to go....vintage, color pop, soft and dreamy, clear and crisp and on and on. So, for now it's a little of this and a little of that and we'll just have to see where I end up.

Once again the workshop was fabulous. It's been great meeting new friends from all around the country and getting to see so many amazing photographers at work.

My little niece, who is modeling for all three workshops, is getting a bit of a paparazzi complex. I'm not sure what she'll do when she no longer has the click of fifteen cameras chasing her two year old little self around on a regular basis. It's going to be a let down for all of us when this is over!

Okay....I'll be back soon with more pictures.

Have a happy Monday!


  1. Great photo subjects! Love your work as always.


  2. Attending one of these workshops would for sure be a dream come true for me...what fun it must have been! Your photos are gorgeous, as usual! I'm sure you could teach workshops of your own!

  3. Teresa, you are the best host ever!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful farm with all of us. Your photos are lovely.

  4. Teresa, your pictures are lovely. The subjects adorable. And Meadowbrook is obviously an idea location for a photo shoot!!! I can't wait to see what direction your photography takes you in.
    (Did I ever tell you that I finally did a post about the sweet little bluebird towel? It was a couple of weeks back.)

  5. Your photos were already awesome, but these are just dreamy! Oh, how I'd love to take a workshop. Enjoy!

  6. Love that lil' fishing dude! You rule the school, Benben.

  7. I love all the bumps and bruises on the knees!! I love looking through your photos, and I can't wait to see more of your new mad skills!
    God Bless,

  8. Gosh, you ARE
    having fun! See,
    all of that worrying,
    and it seems to
    have been for naught ~
    What lovely pictures
    and times you've
    been having : )
    I love all of those
    styles, so I'm no
    help at all!
    Keep having fun!
    xx Suzanne

  9. Oh, Teresa...I LOVE them ALL! The boy fishing is probably my favorite. I have been wondering where you have been...lost in photography land, I see! What a great place to be! ;o)

    Did you see I am having a giveaway...pop over and get your name in!


  10. I bet you could even make me look good! I hope that you don't have an adrenaline crash like I did after the Garden Walk. It's gonna be nice having you back, now that I'm back - we can get back to our normal shenanigans. : < >

  11. Can you please share some tips? I have a fantastic camera, but apparently no idea how to use it because my photos NEVER come out this good. I just don't know how to get that beautiful, ethereal quality I'm after. PLEASE share some tips!!! :)

  12. When you say that you are playing around with your processing to find a style of your own, what do you really mean? I absolutely love the soft and subtle look you achieve. What do you do in your processing to help achieve this look?

    I would be so thankful if you'd let me know!!!