April 4, 2011

the long road home

I'm not good with quiet. I have the tv on in the background - usually the news - almost all the time. When I work in the greenhouse, more often than not I take my laptop out with me and have a tv show playing to keep me company. (Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights are current faves.) For some strange reason though, I absolutely detest listening to people talk on the radio. Music only please. The dj saying that was 'such and such a song' from 'so and so' pushes the limits of just how much radio talk I can handle. The other day as I was driving home from a shopping trip, it just so happened that the Christian radio station I listen to was on a fundraising bender. Fundraising lends itself to an overly abundant amount of talking by anyone's standards, and for various and assorted reasons I didn't have anything in my cd player. You can see my dilemma. Silence vs. a radio station begging for money.

Silence won out.....for all of a minute.

I had a one hour drive ahead of me, and in a desperate attempt to entertain myself, I started calling members of my immediate family.

I called my hubby and told him I was bored and would he please entertain me. To his credit, he gave it a good try, but we'd already talked three previous times that day, so it was pretty slim pickings. Plus, he was actually engaged in some lame money making scheme....I think he called it working?

Work, schmork.

I'd already had a very pleasant conversation with my oldest while I was shopping earlier in the day, and my youngest was still in school where apparently they frown on phone calls during algebra class.

My future daughter in law was at work, so that wasn't an option, although I know in my heart that she would have kept me company all the way home. She's cool like that.

Time to move on to my middle child. He's getting ready to deploy, but I knew that on this particular day, he had some time on his hands.

However, it was our second phone call of the day, and all valid conversation topics had been thoroughly depleted in conversation number one. So in order to fill the awkward silence, I asked him if he knew any classified military secrets, and if he did would he tell me what they are?

He said no.

No? How can you tell your mother no? It is common knowledge that you should tell your mother absolutely anything and everything she wants to know.

So, I asked him what if I offered to pay him. Would he tell me then?

He said no again.

We then proceeded to argue over whether treason has to include a foreign government, or does selling classified government secrets to your overly bored mother qualify you for a lifelong visit to Leavenworth?

This went on for a while, I mentioned something about waterboarding, and then he laughed a lot and said he would love to see me try, and then he told me he was hanging up, which was a little on the rude side, but it was probably just as well, because by now our conversation had most likely attracted the attention of the CIA. Or the NSA. Or whoever it is who listens to all our phone conversations.

Come to think of it, this post has probably attracted the very same folks.

The upside to all this is that America can rest assured. Your national secrets are safe with my middle child. For that matter, they are also safe with my oldest child too, because we had an eerily similar conversation several years ago about Coast Guard secrets, which had the exact same end result.

I have obviously failed as a mother.

At this point, I had no choice but to call my husband again, but I won't bore you with those details except to say that the only topic we had not thoroughly exhausted was whether or not the garbage man had picked up our garbage that day. Sadly, my hubby showed absolutely no interest in popping out to the road to check, and at that exact moment, my youngest swooped in to save the day by innocently calling to ask what was for dinner.

Now, I can just hear you asking yourself why, why, why is she telling us this?
You're wondering what the moral of this rambling story is? Surely, there must be a life changing, earth shattering truth about to be revealed? Certainly, she wouldn't waste an awesome post title like "the long road home" on a story that is truly only about a long ride home?

Truth be told, I just had some sunshiny daffodil photos to share, and a raging case of writer's block. You get the benefit of the former, and the brunt of the latter.

But now that we're on the subject, I'd love to know if you enjoy a bit of silence, or are you like me and hate to be alone without some form of auditory company?

Love talk radio, or despise it with every fiber of your being?

Are you a phone talker, (like me), or a phone call avoider?

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. you always make me laugh. on the extremely rare occassion i'm in the car by myself i can only have no sound if i'm praying (it makes a great time to pray outloud, and now with the blue chip stuff, peole assume you're on the phone instead of crazy:D but otherwise i have to have music on!

  2. Ha! Your laptop in the greenhouse - don't you just love certain things about the modern world? :-) I need silence when I'm reading or writing, probably due in large part to the steady stream of televised sports on around here (that situation is far beyond my control). Some moments I feel like I live in Best Buy.

    And I like to cook to music for some reason. Takes my mind off the cooking. Which can be good and bad.

  3. Hilarious! I talk on the phone every minute that I drive on a trip. Otherwise, I don't like to talk on it!! It helps pass the time though!!!

  4. I usually listen to the radio at work and in the car. I love to sing along with the music and argue with whomever is talking. (I work alone!)

    But at home, whenever I have the opportunity (which is not that often) I LOVE silence.

  5. Love the post. There are times I love interaction with others and other times when all I want is relaxing music. It's during those times I am definitely a phone call avoider.

  6. I think with a little more wheedling you might have gotten just one semi-classified secret out of that boy!
    I revel in quiet. It gives me a chance to think-to dream and make plans. I usually drive with the radio off-and talk radio IS waterboarding as far as I'm concerned. I like all kinds of music though; but instrumental please, if I'm trying to think. However, I do come out of the clouds long enough for a lengthy phone conversation with an old friend or family member.

  7. With 4 kids between 9 years and 3 months, I long for silence. Sometimes I have to put on music just to drown out their noise. But, I do enjoy music, mostly in the kitchen. I can sing and dance and be totally goofy, but only in the kitchen. And I do enjoy listening to Focus on the Family and such in the car.

  8. The daffodils are a perfect backdrop for your rambling (tee hee), delightful post....I prefer quiet. No background noise at home. I'm also not much of a talker...so, don't really like to talk on the phone unless I have something to say.

    When I am in the car I like to listen to good (and there is some bad) Christian talk radio or good Christian teaching CD's.

    Thanks for letting me quietly share.

    Blessings to you and yours,


    P.S. LOVE your blog and have turned my daughter onto it, too ~ as she is a budding photographer, and she enjoys it too.

    P.S.S. I, too, find it curious that you love background (TV) talking and yet not radio. Hmmm....something from your childhood, perhaps?

  9. Teresa, I was getting worried about you. I was glad to see a new post. Well, since you asked, I hate talk radio and never listen to it. I really don't like someone forcing their opinions on me. My husband was a radio announcer most of his career. He always played good music and is incredibly witty and talented . That was before the large corporations took over the airways. He lost his job because he took a stand over a corporate decision to start playing Christmas music the beginning of October! So we both have a bad taste for radio now and never listen to it. We prefer to select our own music. He has so much music stored on his computer that he makes our CD's that we listen to. Hmmm-didn't mean to ramble on. Take care, Jane

  10. I am laughing out loud Teresa -- and thinking that we are birds of a feather! I HATE talk radio, and have trained my family to hate it too. =) We also listen to a Christian radio station - but when the music stops, so do we. Friends talk about some wonderful pastor that they heard on the radio or some nationally known speaker, and I say - "Oh yeah, that's when I turned it OFF" -- and they just look at me curiously. Cue the music, please. HOWEVER, that said, when it is too quiet around here, I ALSO turn on the TV to have a friendly voice close by. Hello! Did you REALLY say Gilmore Girls? Yes, birds of a feather, indeed. Have a sunny day Teresa! I am enjoying your daffodils, as mine are lying in wait for a warmer day. It is rainy here, and I find myself being thankful for "just rain." [hugs!] ~Sally

  11. Oh I can't stand silence either. I always change the channel on the radio when the djs are talking or commercials are on. Luckily I've got 3 Christian stations to choose from, 1 country station that's okay, and an oldies station. I also do most of my phone talking in the car. Don't know what I'll do if the state of Indiana makes talking on the phone while driving illegal. No more multitasking for me I guess!

  12. I'm absolutely loving these photos! Such happy colours and beautiful bokeh...


  13. I looove your photos. They always make me smile. Daffodils are my favorite. I am posting a link to your blog tomorrow! Thanks!

  14. oh, and btw, I'm a phone talker. Whenever I feel like things are too quiet I try and figure out who is available to call... ;)

  15. Loved this post and the pictures! And I had to laugh because as an EMT my son won't reveal anything to me...and he knows how I like to know these things! His standard reply is "Mom you know I can't tell you that!," followed by me looking hurt and dejected, which never works! ;-)

    I am a huge talker, surprise, surprise, but I don't mind the silence either. Though I normally pop in a cd for a long ride. I hate talk radio, and fund drives with a passion! And let's just say that if they hadn't invented those unlimited talk plans for phones, well we'd be broke!

    Kat :)

  16. I completely agree with you on the people talking on the radio. I hate it! We pay for XM radio and on a couple of the stations, they TALK! What? Don't we pay for NO TALKING? At home, I usually have the news or HGTV on in the background. Who knows what they're saying, but I need to have them on. :)

    Cute daffodil pics. I posted about mine that were just starting to bloom the other day, then it snowed on them yesterday. They are looking quite sad today. I hope they perk back up.

    Have a great day!

  17. The daffs are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Not a phone talker here. Not a radio listener. Love my quiet/alone time. Don't get enough of it now that I'm homeschooling DD, but that comes with benefits that far outweigh the loss of quiet time. :) BTW, my kids would wonder what was up if I called them "just to talk." LOL ~~Rhonda

  18. thank you... you are an excellent writer.
    there is a quote i love... "Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God." Ralph W. Emerson
    i do love that quote, but grew up in a home where background noise was the norm. silence is something i strive for, but can only take it so long. my favorite noise seems to be old radio shows... i'll take a good old johnny dollar or gunsomoke any old time :)
    love the daffodils - especially paired with that gorgeous shade of blue/aqua!

  19. Lol! Love your stories...you crack me up! Love the daffodils too!! I used to hate silence, but now these days (including this very moment) I sit in silence when the opportunity presents itself! If its not my 3 year old saying "mommy, mommy, mommy" or my 7 month old crying, I am listening to "Blues Clues" or the "Backyardigans" in the background...so silence is GOOD....yep...I will take silence anyday!! :)

  20. I am a quietist. I am refreshed in silence, I find beauty in the quiet, I have never ever been a phone talker, but I chat up a storm with my mama, hubby, and children. I have found now that my children are growin up and leaving me it has gotten too quiet at times and even lonely. But I still prefer quiet over noise. I even mute the commercial while watching a t.v show. This was a funny post and my first visit to your blog from Low Tide High Style.

  21. Love to listen to Christian music when Im driving..I always sing along! Love the silence at home for a while then I long to hear the laughter of my husband and kids:)

  22. Lovely to meet you Teresa. I've just popped over from visiting Kat at Low Tide High Style - she thoroughly recommended you (and I can see why!)
    Looking forward to having a good look around. Am a bit of a gardener myself - so can't wait to check yours out.
    As for driving - well to be honest it depends on the mood I'm in. Most days my 15km drive to work is in silence (thinking about what I have to do etc.) and then on the way home I like to pop a CD on (to unwind from the day). Love the daffodils - we have to wait till September to see them in bloom down here! ;)Sharyne

  23. giggle, giggle giggle, as for your silent/noise question, like everything else it depends on my mood and what I'm doing. In the car I want something in the background, music or audiobooks.

  24. HATE talking on the phone. Used to enjoy talk radio, but not so much anymore. But I don't like total silence either...what's a girl to do.

    LOVE the daffodils. Sunshine on a really wet rainy gray day.

  25. At home, I'm usually a "silence is golden" girl. I think that was from years of trying to listen to what my girls were up to. In the car, I'm also good with silence, if I'm not driving. If I'm driving by myself I need talk radio. It used to be Dr. Laura, but now days I try to time my long drive with Dave Ramsey. So, I guess, pretty specific talk radio.

  26. LOL cause I love your writing style! And thank goodness, YOUR son is in charge of the secrets! I did enjoy the daffodils too!A great day to you Teresa.

  27. Loathe talk radio. Don;t even get be started on AM either just the sound freaks me out. Silence is golden if I am reading.Otherwise for cleaning and most everything else- must have tunes. While I was pregnant I had to be on bedrest, I was "Gilmore Girls" obsessed too. Love the daffodils. Hoping some pics of inside the greenhouse are coming soon, pretty please. :)
    I just bought the tiniest one for the girls to grow zinna and dahlia seeds in (the size of an egg carton) its pink and has princess stickers all over it.

  28. Love your photos and love the green vase! I'm like you, need the tv on for company in the house at all times, and I just discovered cable tv on the iPad that works well in the greenhouse. Hate talk radio, hate the phone. Text or email me on the Blackberry. Great post, I'll bet you could write about nearly anything and make it funny and interesting. Thank you for visiting my photos and blog, too!

  29. too funny! I can't take talk radio, or a ballgame...the worst. I am usually listening to tv or music. Sometimes I just let the voices in my head entertain me. Call me I love to talk on the phone while watching tv.

  30. I am better with silence than ever-but still not great.

    I love NPR and audio books. Although too much news depresses me...so more audio books lately. I am finishing up "Water for Elephants"

    I only avoid phone calls from my mom.

    How nice of your guys to indulge you!!!

  31. Actually I just love ALL your photography and these are no exception.
    I'm with you on the music only on the radi...me too, so peaceful. Smooth jazz is my favorite. How about you?
    Talking with your kids is the best when traveling...you learn marvelous things you never knew. Great time to communticate, cures the boredome and helps you connect!!

  32. I like background
    noise at most times,
    although when I take
    walks outside, I prefer
    silence....just birds,
    wind rustling the trees,
    etc. I have to admit,
    talk radio is okay with
    me, as long as it is about
    news or politics and NOT
    silly stuff like who is
    currently in rehab, etc.
    I LOVED Friday Night Lights
    and was sad to see it end!
    Beautiful Daffs, R!! And
    your family sounds like they
    are crazy about you, despite
    the lack of top secrets
    coming your way : )
    xx Suzanne

  33. I am a huge phone talker. HUGE. And as such, I am honestly a little offended that you didn't dial me up.

    As for me? Well, I have to admit that I've gotten a bit away from Rushie. Don't tell him. I think it all started when I emailed him with an invitation to come to dinner and he never responded. It sort of took the wind out of my sails.

    ps - You tell a mean story, Benj. I like.

  34. The daffies are lovely! Sometimes I enjoy total silence. It can be very peaceful to me. I do listen to talk radio and music...just depends on what the talk is about or if I need to be uplifted by some good old rock n roll. I am so glad our US secrets are safe with your kids :>)

  35. I would KILL for silence most of the time, though I enjoy a natter. I can't listen to music and talk, or watch something and listen. so I guess I'm simple-minded!

  36. Oh I hate silence, especially if I am in the car by myself! On long trips I like to listen to books on CD, it's a great way to make the time go faster. And I confess, I'm a talk radio junkie. I listen to it all day at work. Have a great week, Nan

  37. You're halarious, Theresa. I love you're blog and the way you write. So homey and down to earth. ((sigh))

    Uhmm, I'm a bit like you in that I can't stand the silence for two long. But, I can sit and listen to call-in radio programs (Christian Radio programs) like "In the Market" with Janet Parschall, Dave Ramsey, or, and the New Life Clinic is always intrigueing.

    I grew up singing and to the radio playing all of the time. Can't help it but feel lost without it.

  38. Oh, and meant to add I hate talking on the phone. Love those daffodils...

  39. Hi Teresa!
    Hmm I'm a phone call avoider....after 9 years of answering phone calls for our flood and fire restoration company plus our carpet cleaning company...I had enough of talking on the phone. In fact when the phone rings you'll usually find me heading in the opposite direction. As far as the noise in the background goes...I prefer quiet although with a hearing impaired husband who cranks his radio out in his workshop up full blast...it's never really totally quiet here on the farm when he's up. Loved your story though and your pictures. I hope you're enjoying some beautiful spring weather. Have a great week....Maura :)

  40. I love when you post no matter what the topic! Let's see where to start....I don't mind talk radio depending on how long the trip is. If we are doing our 10 hour drive home a bit of talk radio breaks up the same songs being played over and over. Here in Canada talking on the phone is almost banned by law pretty much every where so while I'll sneak the occasional call I always feel like I'm going to get caught and fined. About a year ago I babysat my sisters kids for a week (3 kids under 4 yrs old and one that didn't even walk yet). Let's just say that I drove home in silence for 3 hours at the end of it. My ears were ringing for days from the sound of kids so that was the most awesome silence I've ever experienced.

    Your photos are amazing. I just started reading Scott Kelby's photography books and because of you I'm also opening my camera manual more often!

  41. LOL! When you and your son get sent to Leavenworth, you'll be close enough for me to come and visit. ;-)
    PS- I love daffodils.
    PPS- What did you have for dinner?

  42. So, SO enjoyed this! And I would NOT say you had writer's block. More like writer's inspiration!
    I have to differ with you on the silence thing. I'm very comfortable with silence. The thing is the rest of my family are not. They like the tv on, music blaring, ipods going and often walk out of the room (or the house!) leaving everything as is!
    Thanks for a very entertaining post! Wish I could write with just a smidgen of your humor!

  43. Thanks for the laugh!! I would say I agree with the dislike of talk radio...HATE IT!! But I like silence lately (mainly because I have 4 kids and silence is very rare) though the rest of my life, I was a radio flipper, if the commercials came on I would switch the radio station, same goes for tv! :)

  44. What an adorable bond you have there. As much as I hate it I'm a phone call avoider well it roots when all calls I've received are bad ones. Anyways the daffodils took made me smile as narrate your post. You are definitely blessed with your family.

  45. Those are some fantastic daffodil pictures...

    I'm not much of a phone talker because of my hearing impairment.. but I can do a mean text session :-)

    But not when driving...

  46. Pretty pics. As with getting older and hopefully a bit wiser, the mainly conservative talk shows keep me informed. Ignorance isn't always bliss. Consider our present leadership in DC. Enough said.

  47. You have a hilarious and rich personality.

    I'm not a phone talker, but you can call me ANYtime you run out of options. Just don't tell my kids, because I've already told them I'm not a chatter.

  48. you can share this gorgeous bit of sunshine with us anytime!

  49. I used to be in the Air Force and worked on some classified F-15 systems. I'll never forget, some years after I got out, I was watching the History Channel and there they were blabbing every live long detail about my "previously" classified system. Well.

    Okay so, I really like silence, (I homeschool and my kid talks A LOT.)
    I do like talk radio BUT only when my husband isn't listening. He drives me crazy with his running commentary.
    I avoid talking on the phone at all costs.

  50. You crack me up. ;o) Silence for me. Just depends on my mood. But I probably drive more in silence than not. And I also avoid the phone as much as possible. LOVE the daffodils...

  51. You just made me smile. I'd rather hear that story again over some story about daffodils you made up to go with the pictures. Much more from the heart and a glimpse into who you are. Your awesome.

  52. The daffodils are beautiful and it's silence for me, mostly, but not always :)I enjoy music as well. Not so much just the talking.

  53. Oh. my. I want to curl up in your blog with tea and put those zinnias in my hair. Every picture makes me want to squeal.

    I just found you, and I will continue to read, even with ramblings hidden by beautiful flower photography.

  54. too funny! well, I can't stand to have the radio or tv on unless it is Saturday am...then I'm all about a little classical music w/ my newspaper..or maybe a little of this old house (is that show still around?) It's been a long, long time since I watched Saturday am tv! I just like it quiet. I'm such a people person, that when I get home, I just love the stillness to rest my soul.

  55. Oh so funny!! I am definitely not one for silence--I like the tv on in the background--news mainly. I even like to have it on at night but farmer doesn’t agree--he wants it off and the earlier the better. UGH--how rude of him, right? I am a talker too--rarely can I bear a ride for an hour with a good chat or 3 :) LOL

  56. Oh my goodness, you crack me up! Quiet is nice, but I can't take it for long unless I'm reading or sleeping. I like to have the TV on or music. I am mostly uninterested in the talk on the radio as well. I talk on the phone with my BFF and my Mom at least every other day, but sometimes it is only because I feel it is my duty as BFF, and daughter to do so. I could do without phone talking some days. Maybe it's because I'm a hair stylist and I have to talk to people all day whether I want to or not. Most of the time I am happy to, but sometimes I just don't feel like it.
    Love the daffodil pics. I think the cold spring days we've had have stunted my blooms!

  57. Silence at home ,radio in the car and no phone while I am driving, I am easily distracted on the road, heehee. I admit to avoiding phone calls (thank you caller ID) But part of my job involves calling medical offices most of the day so I have an excuse not to talk on the phone otherwise. Love the photos and the story too!

  58. RADIO: music only please...my fave types of stations are the ones that say they have no DJ; only playing what they want. That way there are only commercials to listen to - if I even leave them on long enough. I don't understand talk radio, I mean, I hear people talk all day long as it is! I want an audio vacation whenever possible.

    PHONE: no thanks. I detest the feeling of having to fill dead air with inane conversation and questions I probably don't want to hear the answers to anyway. And trying to quickly, politely hang up? Don't get me started.

    I prefer 'in person' and that may be a tie with email. At least with email you can say everything you want without being interrupted.

    Love your pics and am in the process of painting a kitchen tray the color of your background...love it with the sun-shiny daffodils!

  59. I should send you my phone number (in case of emergencies, like a one hour drive:)). I pretty much ditto everything you said...I'm a phone talker, I can't stand the silence and always have the TV or the radio on, and definitely music/less talk on the radio. Sometimes when my kids aren't home, the TV is still on the kid's channels so I stay motivated, but don't get sucked into watching the anything.

  60. Hi Teresa! I definitely prefer music to talk radio. I have outdoor speakers and usually have music going. I also love the quiet. Gives me a chance to hear my thoughts! Didn't always though, maybe it's an age thing. I remember going to my parent's during my lunch hour when they were alive and it was sooo quiet there. They didn't have the tv or radio on. I couldn't understand how they could stand so much quiet! Now I get it! I'm telling you, it must be an age thing!! : )

    I must be a phone avoider because I love having caller id. I won't answer unless I know the caller and even then I may wait for a message to see what's up? Is that awful of me??? And only family and close friends have my cell phone #.

    Your thoughts make me laugh and your sunshine yellow daffodils make me smile. Are they from your garden???

  61. I enjoy talking while driving also. But,once I am home, I LOVE silence! My husband, on the other hand, turns on a TV or radio in every room he walks thru... and then leaves! It drives me crazy to have all that chaos clouding my thoughts. We somehow manage though! HA! Thanks for the funny post, and the 'purteee posies'!

  62. lovely photos your pix always are an attention grabber, when I visit Jen(cottage nest) I always pop in to see you as well. I crave silence when at home working on a project unless it is mindless like cleaning or preparing dinner then I might listen to a book on cd love them. I had 4 kids in 5 1/2 years probably the silence thing but now that they are grown I have to travel to see 3 of the four. Always go by the library and pick up a book on cd for when I will be driving over an hour. It is like being read to very comforting. Be careful though I have a friend that tends to run out of gas on trips when listening to books she lives in MT too and gas stations are just not a frequent out there.

  63. Hmmm. I pretty good with quiet...but mostly because I never even THINK to put tv or radio on as background "company". When the weather is nice I open the house up, and am currently listening to all the birds. Our neighborhood peacock is just plain annoying though. I'm loving Pandora, when I think to put it on. Thanks for the reminder. I'm not much of a phone talker (except to my daughter)...otherwise, just get to the point. I NEVER talk while driving.

  64. Well, I had to just pass up those cupcakes toot sweet! I'm a notorious phone avoider - BUT I'm getting better, cause I realize then I just have to call people back - and then it's on my mind until I do! AND - I like the silence. I listen to nothing when in the house alone - but my iPod is on out in the yard. Go figga. You are a nut.

  65. What a funny post :) I love music, but I also enjoy listening to a baseball game on the radio. And then, I've noticed from time to time that 20 minutes have gone by and I forgot to turn the radio on. Sometimes my mind has too much thinking going on.

  66. Found your blog tonight via a photo on pinterest of your beautiful barn reflected in your 'brook'. I just keep reading older and older posts and looking at your gorgeous photos.
    I have a half hour drive one way to the nearest town. I hate talk radio. I hate static more than I hate talk radio. I enjoy silence. A lot. I enjoy the scenery, I pray, I think. I think how is it that I am married to a man that loves talk radio and is not bothered by static and can even listen to GOLF on the radio. Golf on tv is just barely entertaining.

    WHERE or WHERE in MT is your gorgeous farm? Is Coeur d'Alene home to your Costco? It is home to mine!

  67. oh yeah. I do not like to talk on the phone. I 'might' answer it if I am driving along - depending on who is calling. I would rarely make a call on my phone out of boredom. I would make a call in an emergency. Maybe.