May 19, 2011


I am currently in love with the list format for blog posts. It's much easier (for me) than trying to form coherent sentences that somehow then magically turn into paragraphs, which then transition into a cohesive and succinct post that ultimately leaves the reader both informed and at least somewhat entertained.

See? I'm already exhausted.

So, since we did bullet points last time, let's go with a numbered list this time.

Sound good?

1. I went on a road trip last week.

2. My brake line broke in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

3. My brake line broke while I was sitting at a stop light.

4. Mere minutes before my brake line broke, I was hurtling off the freeway at seventy miles per hour.

5. Okay, probably about seventy eight miles per hour, if we're being honest.

6. It would have been very, very, very bad if my brake line broke while I was exiting the freeway.

7. Very bad.

8. Thank. You. Lord.

10. My road trip was more than 500 miles each way.

11. I used to be able to do this trip without batting an eye, but these days, Ye Olde Bod starts screaming in protest somewhere around mile 350.

12. It takes several hours to de-pretzel myself after I arrive at my destination.

13. I'm getting old and it makes me sad.

14. My camera lens is back.

15. The diagnosis was that the auto focus assembly had suffered traumatic shock damage due to impact. The remedy was replacement of the auto focus cam barrel assembly.

Say what?

16. I also sent my 24-70 in for calibration because the focus has really never been that great.

17. I have taken approximately fifty photos of my son's eyelashes to test the focus. Eyelashes are a great way to test your focus.

18. My son does not enjoy having me take numerous photos of his eyelashes.

19. Cry me a river, bud.

20. He loves it when I say "cry me a river". It makes him happy.

21. Speaking of my son, he found my Oreo stash, so that takes care of that little problem.

22. I've moved on to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

23. And Snickers.


  1. Your photos are beautiful. I too am loving number blogging, oh and reeses peanut butter cups.

  2. LOL! Reeses are so much better than oreos anyway!! Can't beat that chocolate & peanut butter combo!! Loving all of your pics, but that last one is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Your photos are stunning! Cry me a river - I have to remember that for my son!!

  4. 1. Love
    2. Really
    3. Love
    4. Your
    5. Photos. So georgeous.

  5. We can always see God's protection on us after something like this happens, and I think He would probably really like us to to acknowledge that, I am so glad you have. So thankful you were okay, sorry about the OREO stash...

  6. OK two things. One seventy eight miles an hour on an exit. Jeese. And secondly your son found his stash. Oh my. Fantastic images. I've just added you to my blogroll. Why you ask? Because your images are beautiful. Your blog is upbeat and makes me smile and I love your post. They make me laugh. I'm still laughing. This one was priceless. Please post more often. Carol

  7. I am soooo copying idea from you next week. I think I would post much more often if I introduced bullet points into my life. So don't hate me, but I really am going to copy you. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, as they say. ;o)



  8. Theresa,

    1. I love your posts, whether paragraphs, bullets, or numbers. Can't wait to see what we get next time.

    2. I love your pictures, I love your farm and the view you have, lucky, lucky lady.

    3. I am sorry for these horrible happenings: broken camera, broken brake line, and stolen Oreos. From my perspective, the Oreos was the most tragic, I'm just sayin'. I'd make him pay 'em back, and cry you a river if he must, but get back the Oreos.

    Just kidding. He can have the Oreos. M&Ms are just as good, if not better. I'll send you a bag at:

    Meadowbrook Farm
    Montana or is it Wyoming

    Let me know when they arrive :)

  9. Theresa,

    Your photos slay me! That first one with the mountains reflected in the pond is so stunning. And you are funny, so keep posting! Also, can you come live with me and make my garden look almost as good as yours? Thanks!

  10. Seriously..

    1. good post
    2. made me laugh
    3. cry me a river? GREAT line
    4. must use above line

  11. Crisp scenery. Point posts are good. Enjoyed.
    - Joy

  12. I will echo the above comment which said 'pictures are stunning'!
    And somebody upstairs musta been lookin out
    for you, with the brakeline issue. I'm
    glad your safe.
    Now I'm gonna go 'cry me a river' cause the
    wind is blowing 50 mph again today!

  13. Teresa,
    I love your whole numbered post, my friend. But truly, these photos are just what my weary soul needed today. LOVE them! Have a blessed day -- and keep it under 65mph - mkay? ~Sally

  14. I love that we both have RPC's on the brain.

    And snickers. In fact, I think I"ll go pop one right now.

  15. MMMMMM I miss Reese's - don't want to think about how many points they are ... I dream of peanut butter and chocolatey goodness.

    Glad you're safe.

  16. You are too cute!!
    Love this post, and your photos.
    Ive always seen this bullet list thing but had no idea! lol


  17. Oh all the Spring look to everything there. It's still not fully green here and won't be until into June. Always enjoy your photos and those Reeses peanut butter cups are so darn good you can't eat just one.

  18. Your photos are GORGEOUS!!! I have used the "cry me a river" line on my kids many a time when they were younger. They didn't appreciate it but I bet they will use it on their future kids.

    Secret cookie and candy stashes are a must. I really hate it when my husband finds mine. But then I remember how little I actually cook for him these days (no kids home anymore) and think at least he is getting some nutrition (?).

  19. I sympathize. My break lines cut out in my last car on the high-way, in morning commute traffic, in the 3rd lane! I was lucky enough to be able to coast, and signal to get over three lanes of traffic, coast in the breakdown lane and then pull on the emergency break to finally stop. When I did come to a complete stop, I broke down in tears. It took every once of me to stay calm and maneuver that. I'm so glad you made it out of that safe.

    Your photos are beautiful!

  20. Gorgeous photos!! I don't stash things very often anymore. There are 3 sons prowling to find the goodies. Haha, good luck with the Reeses and Snickers!

  21. As we get old, I think chocolate becomes our best friend. That and a good mattress.

  22. Teresa, thank God you are safe! I love how you can make anything funny! I am in awe of your pictures. Montana is a beautiful state! Are those the views you have from your meadowbrook farm???? I'm glad to hear your camera is well again. I'm looking forward to your post on eyelashes! I need to figure out the list format. I was afraid to try it now for fear of losing all these thoughts. Yep, I'm getting old too! : ) Julie

  23. I love your train of thought posts. :) Gorgeous photos and two thumbs up on the Reeses!
    Happy Almost Friday!!
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  24. Oh I just love all of your photos, I don't think it matters whether you use numbers, bullets, paragraphs or whatever. You have a great way of keeping our interest.

  25. Holy Cow! Those pictures, that view, those mountains, that clear, crisp water about made me cry it is so beautiful. I hope you know how blessed you are to see that every day! And the yard is beautiful! Can't wait to see all your flowers planted...

    I'm stealing your "cry me a river" line to use with my whiny students. It sure beats the old standby of "would you like some cheese with that whine" which most 4th graders don't get!

    Even if you don't have anything to put in bullets or numbers, keep giving us those gorgeous pictures as the spring evolves in Montana...

  26. I was just wondering about you as I sent up a prayer for the soldier boy this morning. 78 miles per hour ARE old I drive waaay faster. Nah not really. I have never had a break in a brake line but I did have a flat tire last week. My car was still in the garage. Oh, and a deer nearly bit the bullet with my windshield last night. I might be a bit competitive. Just saying.

  27. I also LOVE your pictures! So beautiful. I'm also going to steal your bullet list, the idea, I mean. Blogging has been a chore lately because too much is going on around here. Your brake issues make me thankful that I only had a rock go through my air conditioner compressor on the freeway. So, I just had to deal with windows down, going 75+ on a 98 degree day. Much better than no brakes! Thanks for making me giggle.


  28. Oh, that first photo...swoooon. I hate it when people say, swoooon, but really that's all I could think of. :)
    I'm so glad you're okay. Holy scary brake line thing!

  29. 1. I miss you. Kind of terribly.
    b. That picture takes my breath away.
    - I'm ever so grateful that you survived the brake line scare.
    . You are not getting old. You are getting awesomer.

  30. my husband is a photographer, he takes an obscene amount of pictures of my eyelashes as well, I can relate. Love the bullet points, and reeses.

  31. Seeing these photos was lie a mini vacatioN! Thanks! Glad to hear you are safe...

  32. These photos are beautiful! Glad to hear that your camera is ok, oh and Reese's peanut butter cups - LOVE!


  33. What are you going to do when he finds the Reeses and Snickers? No worries, there are so many other tempting chocoates out there. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Come back for the quacamole!

  34. Whenever I see your beautiful scenery, it makes me miss our Montana-dwelling daughter. When you went to Coeur D'Alene, you weren't too far from her. I miss her, and your photos help me connect.

    You are way, WAY lucky that your brake line broke when it did. (I'm typing 'brake' but my brain is processing 'break' ... maybe it's a sign. I'm into homophones lately. I can't help it.)

    Don't fret the loss of your oreos. Reese's are LOTS better. Peanut butter has protein.

    I took a photo of a rose the other morning and the focus was so good that I photographed a spider web that I didn't even know was there! Thank heaven for auto focus, because my near vision isn't nearly good enough to do that on its own anymore.

  35. Ooo even I know that Reese's peanut butter cups are delicious and I am really really far away from there! YUM. Can you have a competition where the winner (me) gets sent some?

    We don't get them here... what a sorry land I live in.

    Brakes hey... important things I believe, and perhaps you were saved in order to have that peanut butter cup competition?

    So glad you were not squished,


  36. Getting ready to jump
    in the car and drive five hours
    to the Na-da Farm sale....
    Know what you mean about
    it getting harder to do!
    Loving the list format
    and may steal it one of
    these days: )
    xx Suzanne

  37. 1.bad break on the brakes, but good break on the brake timing
    2. can relate to the long drives - just finished an 11-hour each way. My hands are still curved in the steering wheel grasp
    3. snickers - good choice! They taste great frozen and the guys don't look in the freezer as often.
    4. your photos are absolutely stunning
    5. love visiting you here!
    xo Cathy

  38. Glad you are okay..Praise God!
    I am hoping for some more green house pix~!

  39. I love your photographs, and your take on life. So glad you're OK after that scary adventure. As you said - if it were minutes before ... yikes!

  40. Hi.
    I just met your blog.
    Sally introduced me.
    And I love it. :)

  41. I must teach you my hell run ways. I can do a 600 mile drive one way, stopping once and do an Irish Jig as soon as I arrive. I love your lists. It does make like easier. T-bone - your page scrolls so smoothly - and mine - it's all hurky jerky...why be this?

  42. oh my! i'm so glad you are okay!
    i love the numbers way...
    and of course your gorgeous photos :>

  43. Love, love, love your writing style....and we only thought I only love, love, loved your photos! You made me laugh and I got a LOT out of few words....such mental images! Depretzel? My sentiments exactly! Cry me a river, Bud? I said that tok my grandson all morning! Ha!

  44. Those photos are soooo gorgeous! Re:the brakes...I think miracles happen all the time; like brake lines breaking at stop lights... enjoy your Reeses...I breaking out my Hershey's with almonds tonight!

  45. so happy you are okay...and so happy you posted, been looking for ya ;) your pics are always SO beautiful and your words always put a smile on my face! happy weekend :)

  46. informed & entertanied- check.
    SCARY- so glad you're ok!! And I'm with you on not enjoying the 500 mile jaunt like I used to. I don't think we're getting old. I think the cars aren't built right anymore.
    so are both your lenses just right now?
    I can leave the oreos alone- but I'd be in BIG, BIG trouble with a stash or peanut butter cups...
    (gorgous pics!)

  47. you are:

    1. greatly blessed I assume there are some very
    busy angels buzzing round you

    2. very interesting and talented love your photography

    3. insanely funny...still laughing bout oreos
    and peanut butter cups save a empty frozen
    vegetable bag and store your goodies in the
    freezer they will NEVER find your stash!

  48. hehe...i have a Reese's Easter stash. Luckily my girls haven't discovered it yet.If they do, I think the Easter Bunny will become extinct at our house.

    Glad you're safe! I recently had a MAJOR hwy scare so I totally understand. Mine involved pouring down rain so that you couldn't see AT ALL. Plus hail so loud I was sure it was going to crash through a window. Oh, and a carpool full of ballerinas that I was trying to figure out how to explain to their moms that I killed.

  49. So glad you are safe. And those snow covered mountains stealing focus from the green meadows in the foreground are dreamy.

  50. Post any way you like, prose, poetry, bullets, numbers, secret code....but just keep posting, and sharing your incredible photography.