July 21, 2011

the week in words

Within the last week....

My hubby flew to New York, hung out with the groom and bride-to-be, had a ton of fun without me, ate dinner in Times Square, went for a ride in a Coast Guard boat, enjoyed authentic New York pizza pie, saw an amazing fireworks show, went water skiing, blah, blah, blah.

Did I mention he did all this without me?

Doesn't that seem so very, very wrong?

But, there was a catch.

After all that fun, my hubby and the groom hopped in a truck and pulled a big, heavy trailer from New York to western Montana in two in a half days.

As in, they left New York on Sunday morning, and were at my house on Tuesday afternoon.

If you are at all familiar with the geography of The United States of America, you know that this is no small feat.

It's plum craziness.

Did I mention that I am so very, very happy that they did that part without me?

The very same time they were blazing a trail across the country, my middle son was making his way across the world, and I got to pick up my very tired and very hungry soldier at the airport on Monday night. We went straight to the closest restaurant where he ordered more food than either you or I could even think about eating and made it disappear in record time. I'm always impressed by just how much food my boys can put away.

Impressed and sometimes a little appalled.

As Junior was plowing his way through plate number three, the manager of the restaurant came over to say that an anonymous diner had already paid for our dinner and dessert if we wanted it.

(We all of a sudden wanted dessert.)

While there is certainly a downside to wearing the same Army uniform for three days as you take five different flights to get home from the desert for your two weeks of leave, the upside is that there are wonderful people who buy your dinner, and other wonderful people who come up to you and thank you for your service while your mama stands beside you obnoxiously beaming with pride.

(The obnoxiously beaming mother probably belongs in the downside part of that scenario.)

The diner was already gone, so we couldn't even say thank you. My son really wanted to say thank-you.

He also wants to thank all of you for your support and your prayers. It really means a lot to him.

And me.

Okay, enough of that mushy stuff.

The last few days have been filled with Pinochle games, ultimate frisbee, (two frisbees already went into the pond), and the construction of a zip line.

Yes, you heard me.

A zip line.

A zip line across the pond.

Because no reunion of the Meadowbrook Farmboys is complete without a trip to the emergency room.

Speaking of the Farmboys....

Yes, Junior Number Three cut off his curls. I'm still so mad about it I could spit, but he somehow seems to think he should have some form of say over his hair. And his clothes. And his life.

Kids these days.

The Bride flies in on Saturday and we all can't wait to see her.

Dear Bride-To-Be,
Please hurry!
I am over run by testosterone once again.
I need you!
Meadowbrook Mama


  1. Sounds like everything is under control-ish. You must be thrilled to have all your guys in one place ... now let's have a wedding because the internet wants to see the photos :-)

    Have a wonderful time!

  2. you write so wonderfully! :) I always enjoy reading about your family and brilliant sons!!! Hope you all have a great time together!

  3. What three handsome young men you have Teresa. How wonderful that someone said "thank you" to your son in such a nice way. I can not wait to see pics of the wedding, I know it will be fabulous! Have a wonderful time with your loved ones, xxoo Nan
    PS, that zip line over the pond sounds like a blast, I would so be hanging from that if I were there! :)

  4. What handsome sons - and what a lovely moment that was for you and for the person who was able to show his/her appreciation in a tangible way.
    Looking forward to wedding shots....!

  5. Congratulations on having him home Teresa! And thank you to him for his service! What a good looking family you have!
    How exciting a time for all of you. I'll be thinking of you.


  6. You know this makes me all teary! I love, love, love reading about your boys! I'm so glad you have your boys home, all together under one roof! I know what that must do for a mama's heart.
    And we just buzzed the curls off my #3 for the summer. It made me cry. I'm still not used to it. But he's only 3 1/2 so I still get to decide that the curls will be back in the fall!

  7. Thank you for the fun, light-hearted comments about real life. You should be very proud of your sons. Good luck with your upcoming wedding and the rest of summer.

  8. Dear Meadowbrook Mama: I am so glad to hear from you. I see the Dept of Defense kindly listened and sent home Son #1 in late July, thank them for all of us. I am amazed the man and son drove cross country in 2 days. I think you have 3 hunks for sons. I am on the edge of my seat, waiting for the bride's arrival ... and the glorious, breath stopping, fireworks exploding pics which are sure to follow. Stay in touch ... the waiting is hard on us.


  9. Whew! Is it ever busy at your place! I, too, have 3 boys so I know all about that testoterine thing. But the Lord did bless me with one daughter too.
    You got some handsome musketeers there and have good reason to be proud. Please tell your son who is in the military a big "thank you" for me. My husband also likes to pay for the occasional soldiers dinner that we see and offer a big "thanks". I'm so glad to hear other do too.

  10. I hope everything goes smooth this week!
    The comment about reunion of the farmboys and the emergency room reminded me of my wedding last September. The morning of the wedding my now husband got to his mom's house after running around to find one of his brother's holding his hand after slicing his finger open while "twirling" his gift he got as a groomsman. Thankfully it was a quick trip at the emergency room and only needed a few stitches. We don't recommend knives as groomsmen gifts.

  11. How wonderful that Army son made it home for the wedding!!! I was sweating this out on your behalf. There's nothing like having the whole clan together to celebrate a wedding ... even if a trip to the emergency room is part of the family-reunion tradition. (At least you know what to expect. LOL)

    Take a minute to step back once in a while and enjoy what's happening.

    Congratulations on having your family together for a few more days. Once the bride arrives, things will change. Here's to adding a daughter-n-law to your nest.

  12. First can I just say you have very hunky sons.

    Enjoy your time with them and with your future daughter in law.

  13. Nice to have all 3 of your boys home now bring on the wedding!

  14. you're so funny. and have the most handsome family of sons on the planet. Can't wait for the wedding!!

  15. Yeah. Love checking on your life. In pictures and words, you do a wonderful job that really illustrates the american spirit. I am a news junky but it often brings me down. Your blog reminds me there is good news everyday that does not get the worlds attention. Nice job.

  16. Happy tears. This is such a sweet post. Sweet boys. Bless them. What a good time you are having.

  17. Give your soldier boy a hug from a mom who knows about boys and soldiers and locks of curls.
    Tell him I said Thank You.

  18. Love this post! Love it! Can't wait to see wedding pics! Beautiful Boys!!!

  19. Hi Teresa,

    Your sons are so handsome, and I can tell you adore them beyond all reason (as you should!).

    Happy wedding time! Enjoy every second with your sweet family! And takes lots of pictures :)

  20. Sniffling tears and smiling at the same time. Love how you can do that Teresa. Three sons here so can Totally relate food-wise! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this family time!
    xo Cathy

  21. 1. cute men
    2. can you believe they are men?
    3. the wedding will be wonderful
    4 i gave up dessert...please describe yours so I may live vicariously thru you.
    5. i love a man in uniform
    6. please post pics of them in uniforms

  22. CANNOT wait to see pictures. :)

  23. What an exciting, hectic, fun time for all of you. Wishing you and your whole family a most wonderful time together Teresa. Enjoy!!!

  24. Sweet, precious post T. Your boys are so handsome. And big. No wonder they eat so much. You have much to be proud of. I think the bride should make her entrance on the zip line on the big day. I'm thinking of you. I hope you aren't too stressed with to do lists. Wish I could come help!

  25. Another blogger friend just noted that her daughter was given a free lavender bouquet because her hubby is deployed in Afghanistan. I'm so happy there are still grateful people in this country! I dunno...I think I may have endured that ride to Montana in exchange for a fun trip to NYC!

  26. Hey sweet Friend! Hurray! I was praying. Yes - really, I was. God is so good. Glad all of your guys are home safe and sound! In a little over a week, you will have another female in the family! =) And you'll be a mother-in-law. I'm sure you'll be FAB at that. =) Thinking of you. Big hugs. ~Sally

  27. Oh, what fun! Love the picture of your handsome boys and the beautifully crafted words. Blessings on your day and the upcoming festivities!

  28. excited for you on so many levels. We have a saying in our family "Its not vacation, until someone draws blood". Between my 2 sons, and their male cousins, it pretty much always happens. By the way, my middle child, a son, has been in Emergency rooms in 4 states.....and 3 different ones in our county alone. Boys. My son in law is in the US Army so I appreciate what families go through when they are on deployment. God bless your son, and your entire family.

  29. Why did I think that you lived in Texas?
    Now Montana...I was there once on vacation. We were nearby & just had to cross over. You know...just so we could say "we'd been there!" All I remember was BIG blue sky, wide open spaces & a moviesque biker bar in the middle of nowhere!

    Happy Wedding~

    PS~ A BIG Thank You to you & yours for the sacrifices made in serving the USA! The country NEEDS a few more GOOD men!

  30. Look at those men!!! You have raised MEN! Pat yourself on the back young lady...and then go pat their tooshies because you're their momma and you will always get to do that!!!! So sweet, the time together. May your memory bank be filled to the brim with over flowing memories of your days together, all under the same roof. Blessings to your family.

  31. Wow, I agree with all of the above!
    I love reading your site & gazing at the beautiful photos. So happy your son has made it home in time for the wedding. Gracious thanks to your very special serviceman & to all of those serving our country. Can't wait for beautiful wedding photos & updates... ♥♥ Weddings are so much fun!!

  32. Your blog is a wonderful read full of emotions and life... I love it. I could not help but cry as your pride and love for you boys shows.

    GOD, thank you for our strong fearless soldiers and keep them safe in your care. WE are so blessed to have them and as they deploy, they take our hearts with them. Please know you have so many continued prayers going up for you.

  33. I love the fact that someone wanted to thank your son by paying for the meals. My husband always goes out of his way to thank a soldier for putting our country first.

    Yes..handsome sons! My son is 25 and now when I look at him I see his father all over again-just as handsome!

  34. How wonderful for your sons to be together and have so much fun playing.

  35. Aw that's awesome someone stepped up and thanked your son. I love random acts of kindness.
    Can't wait for the wedding pictures...
    Your sons are all so handsome!!

  36. i live in england and love your post am a mum to four fantastic sons now all men with babes of their own, have a lovely joyous wedding, enjoy every minute with your boys xxx

  37. Your posts about your growing boys always make me smile....and cry! You are going to be an amazing Mom~N~Law! I can't wait to see pics! Have fun!!!!

  38. Your boys are sooo handsome. I am sure it is great fun having everyone home for the wedding!

    I loved the honor shown your son from a stranger at lunch.

    As I read the comments I am one of many looking forward to wedding photos.

    No pressure or anything . . .

  39. Hi havent been here in many months but glad alls well on your home front! I love this blog and just bookmarked it so back I am! Your three sons are so incredibly handsome!! You must be one proud mama. The wedding sounds like its right around the corner...so exciting. I look forward to seeing/hearing more....be well!

  40. ...what a beautiful family ....and a wonderful post....can't wait for more!
    Bless your time these next few weeks!

  41. What handsome Montana boys! The wedding prep makes me think of the movie "Proposal". What a funny movie. So glad soldier is home. Just love the sound of your family. Photos are beautiful. Debi

  42. You have a farmful of love going on there Meadowbrook Mama! How awesome to have all your loved ones together. Chances are you are bursting at the seams with happiness. I love it for you! Enjoy every moment!
    Love & blessings,

  43. 1. Give your No 3 boy a big whopping kiss from us Aussies...we are so proud of our men who will stand and fight for what they believe in.
    2. There is NOTHING as exciting as a wedding, especially one that brings all the family HOME!
    Hooray for a bit of estrogen to balance up the hormones!! (I'm on the other side, with 6 daughters and just last year welcomed my first son who married my eldest daughter. I can't find words to describe my husband's excitement at having some testosterone in the house = man movies and football games are now gracing our screens!)

    Have a wonderful day,
    Blessings from down under

  44. Sweet story, tears in my eyes!
    I asked my dad what he says when people thank him for serving our country. He said, "If they're older than me, I say 'You're welcome.' If they're younger than me, I look them in the eye and tell them, 'Don't waste it.'" Wow, that's sobering. Glad your soldier made it home for the wedding :)