October 18, 2011

fall has fallen

Has fall arrived at your house? It is definitely fall around here, that's for sure. Pretty colors, crisp temperatures and cozy fires burning. The furnace came out of hibernation just this very morning.

Speaking of burning, I've already burned through my very favorite Yankee candle (Harvest - it's the best!), and have had to dip into my emergency, back-up Harvest candle. I always stock up because I don't think I could live if they ever discontinue it. Now I'm running without a spare, and that makes me a bit nervous.

While we're on the subject of discontinued items, my Costco no longer carries Dave's Killer Good Seed bread. They carried it for a short time - long enough to get me hooked - and then Poof! Gone.

Other Costcos in the more civilized parts of the world still carry it though, and anyone who comes to stay at my house has to bring at least four loaves as their entry fee.

I need my Dave's Killer. Every day.

It makes the best toast. It makes the best grilled cheese. If you are a seedy, nutty, substantial slice of bread lover, give Dave a try.

The loaves come in a two pack at Costco, so feel free to keep one for yourself and send the other to me.

In other news, Blogger is eating my comments. Every time I hit preview, my comment disappears. If I skip preview (and we all know the typographical dangers that lurk when you skip preview) and go straight to publish, my comments still disappear.

Anyone else out there not feeling the Blogger love? I guess I'll find out if there are no comments on this post. At least I'll hope that's the reason if there are no comments on this post.

At this point, can I just continue changing subjects, but discontinue the "on a totally different subject" and "speaking of" nonsense?

I can? Good.

My favorite show of the new TV season is "Revenge". I started watching because it's set in The Hamptons, and I thought maybe I could get a few tips on how to fit in during my visit there last month. I was disappointed to see that no one on the show was wearing black Converse Chucks or a blue Gap hoodie, my official daily uniform. Regardless of my Hamptons dress code issues, I immediately got hooked on Revenge. It's not my normal kind of show, but now Wednesday is my very favorite television night. I can't wait to see who Emily wreaks her havoc on next.

I'm a little bit ashamed.

My middle son has asked me to send him some "non-American" looking civilian clothes as there is a possibility that he may or may not be going on a field trip of some sort, sometime in the near or not so near future and he and his companions need to be as inconspicuous as possible if they do indeed end up going wherever it is they may or may not be going.

Now that's my kind of planning.

Dear Junior Number Two,
I've got news for you. You are a pale white boy with a military buzz cut. I have a feeling that you're probably not going to blend in, no matter what you are wearing.
However, as requested, I have sent you two shirts. One is pale blue, in the hopes that in comparison to the pale blue, your skin will look a bit less white.
I have also sent you a brown shirt, thinking that perhaps the brown will help you to blend into your sandy surroundings and disappear from view altogether.
Have fun on your field trip.

Okay, last but not least, I need your input.

Apparently, Macy's has recalled my Martha Stewart enameled cast iron Le Creuset wanna be soup pots.

This is the wording on the recall.

"The enamel coating on the cast iron casseroles can crack or break during use. This can cause the enamel to crack and fly off as a projectile, posing a risk of laceration or burn hazard to the user or bystanders."

Now, I'm not so concerned for myself, but I'd truly hate for any of my bystanders to be lacerated by hot, flying porcelain projectiles. That's just the kind of girl I am. Always looking out for my bystander's best interest.

And now that I've made fun on the internet, I'm sure to get a porcelain projectile to the eye the very next time I use my pot.

So....I went the Martha route instead of the Le Creuset route simply because of the cost difference. Le Creuset is very expensive. Martha via Macy's was not. Back then, I had no clue just how madly in love I would fall with my enameled cast iron soup pot, and I don't think I can survive a winter without one.

So here's my question. Is Le Creuset worth the price? Has your Le Creuset ever chipped? My Martha chipped on it's first use, which was very disappointing. Even if I trade in all three of my Martha pots, I'll still have to fork over some dollars to get the 7.25 qt Le Creuset.

Do I take my flying projectile chances and ignore the government's mandate to "immediately stop using the casserole"? Or do I pony up the bucks in order to instantly become as cool as Giada and Ina and The Pioneer Woman?

Please tell me what to do.

If Blogger lets you leave a comment, that is.


  1. I am going to have to try that bread. I love the show Revenge, too. Great shots and cooler fall weather is on its way here Thursday.

  2. You know I always love your posts and photography. So onto the good stuff - hope your son is safe on his "field trip". and yes, the Le Creuset is totally worth it. I got most of mine at the outlet, but never had a moment's problem with any of them.

  3. I don't know why such a serious recall warning would crack me up...but it did. I was having the same problem with leaving comments on blogger. You have to enable third party cookies...whatever that means. p.s. Thanks for making rainy fall look pretty.

  4. That bread sounds so good. I will look for it at my Costco. I have never watched the show. I could never afford LeCreuset. I always wanted one in kiwi green :) xo

  5. Le Creuset is worth the price. I love every piece of mine. And for what it's worth, I also love Dave's Killer Bread.

  6. I got an enamel pot at Costco around last Christmas. It's "Kirkland" and it's worked great for the past 11 months. I think mine's a 6 qt. and I'm not sure if they had/have your bigger size, but it was SUBSTANTIALLY less expensive than Le Creuset. Maybe they have it on-line? I keep wondering what a pot would have to do for me to be worth as much as the Le C, and I haven't been able to figure it out yet :)

  7. Fun post and beautiful photography! Won't be long before the snow flies again. I've never used anything Le Creuset, so I'm not a good one to give my input. But a "porcelain projectile to the eye" sounds pretty dramatic (and painful). I think the government wants us consumers to err on the side of caution on this one. I wonder, what would Martha say? :)

  8. That bread sounds delish... but I've never heard of it here in Indiana. May have to do some investigating.

    I have a Racheal Ray Cast Iron Enamel Soup Pot. It has yet to become a dangerous missile. You might check ebay if you have your heart set on Le Creuset though. I found some last year before Santa caved and bought me my orange beauty. Also Walmart carries a Paula Dean one.... not sure though about the missile situation with it. Good luck on your search!

  9. First, our youth pastor loves Dave's Killer Bread. He was using it as an illustration one Wednesday, talking about how it's full of all sorts of good things and then he said, "As good as it is, Jesus is better than Dave's Killer Bread." It was so weird and oddly timed that I cracked up (and caused a bit of a distraction) but now I think of that every time someone mentions the bread. :)

    Second, I'm pretty sure our Costco still carries your bread...do you want me to send you some? It would be a short trip so the bread would still be good when it got to you.

  10. Le Creuset for sure! I have a few I got at an outlet and love them. Eventually I want a few int he new pretty colors.

  11. Girl...you are funny! Love the pictures as always. :)At least you have a Costco to shop. I'd guess my closest would be almost three hours. Sams is an hour and a half but we do have one of the best Walmarts twenty minutes away. ;)You sound like me, I couldn't justify spending the money on a LeCreuset casserole for me but bought a 5 qt. oval for my daughter last Christmas. And guess what she bought me? A 5 qt. round one in the same color! She knows me so well. :) I use mine a ton and it's purty! :)Good luck with your decision. ;)

  12. Buy the Le Creuset! My daughter is currently using one that was her boyfriend's grandmothers... his mother says it is decades old so that must be a good thing, right? I only have Le Creuset bakeware and I must admit, it's the best thing since (your Dave's Killer) sliced bread. NOTHING sticks to it... even over done (not that I over do anything) meatloaf.


    PS... you should let Martha know how disappointed you are with her... first she bails on Kmart and now her Macy's stuff isn't up to par.... what's next? Bad glitter from Michael's?

  13. Pony up the bucks for the good stuff. I hate to think of you with a laceration
    causing us to miss out on you beautiful photography, such as an eye or your trigger finger.

  14. Hi!
    I had been eyeing the Le Creuset pots for a few years!!!
    Every time I went to the USA I would go to the "seconds" store and drool!
    I finally bought one this summer....only it's a "FIRST"!!!
    Happy Birthday to me!
    I "impulsively" had the "now or never" moment when a kitchen shop at the mall was relocating and had them on sale for 50% off!!!
    They only had one large pot in the spring green color that I wanted!
    I LOVE IT!!!!
    I had chili simmering in it last night!
    You can roast chicken in it etc. in the oven!
    It's pretty!
    It's from FRANCE!
    It will last for more years than me!!!!
    My Mom had a whole set (orange) that she left
    to my sister when she passed away!
    My Mom used those pots every day!
    Now my sister does!
    They are so expensive but so well made!
    I smile constantly at this big beautiful pot - gotta go now and look at it again!!!

  15. thanks for the package Mom! I like the dew on the spiderweb, and on the blue flower. I have no idea what a Le Creuset is, but I hope your pot doesnt go ballistic in the meantime. It looks super nice back home! I look forward to seeing you guys.

  16. I am in love with the cooler temps (I like cool...just not cold). I haven't burned my new Yankee Candles yet but maybe I need to crack them open...what's wrong with me? I LOVE Revenge! My husband got me hooked and I'm always intrigued to see who she's going to get next. I actually rooted for her to take they psychiatrist down...is that bad? I can't help with your pot situation...it's still on my wish list.

  17. Have you tried TJMaxx or Sam's Club? I got an off-brand Le Crueset at Sam's and I love it and haven't had a single problem with it.

    Now I am on the hunt for Dave's Killer bread. Sadly, we don't have a Costco in my area.

    Lovely photos!

  18. I love, love your photos. And your writing is hilarious! However, I am not on the Le Creuset bandwagon. Giada actually has her own brand of enameled cast iron at Target, and Lodge has enameled cast iron at Fred Meyer. Why would you pay so much more for the same thing? Just my two cents.
    I hate it when Costco stops carrying something I need in my life! ; )

  19. Absolutely get the Le Crueuset pot! I have had mine 20+ years and it has never chipped or given me any trouble what so ever. Great on the stovetop and in the oven! Get it and love it!
    Love your blog, you make me laugh every time!

  20. I feel your Martha pain...I had the big red pot and the smaller oh so cute pot and did return them in September. At the time I was wanting more fiesta ware plates in a rainbow of colors so I used my Macy's credit for that. However, I do miss them. I was walking through William Sonoma the other day and admiring their Le Creuset pots and really missing mine. If you can pony up the money I'd go for it...my Mom had one for years and years...never heard anyone complain about them!

  21. Hilarious! So sorry to hear about your bread. If you have a Whole Foods nearby, they have a bread called "Seeduction" that sounds like a rival to the Daves. Oh and all of my problems posting comments on Blogger went away when I switched over to Safari. My AT&T guy swears that all of the problems are coming from IE9. I do make sure I'm signed in to Blogger first, though.
    Happy fall! It's finally cool here in Dallas too, thank heavens.

  22. What a hilarious post! I also thought the warning wording was funny...for some strange reason.
    Definately go with the Le Creuset. I can skimp on a lot of things but not good cookware and they are the best I've ever had. I don't even have to scrub the burnt on gunk...it rinses right off. and I love the lime green color. :)
    and Revenge...it's my favorite show. I was also feeling wierd about admitting I like it so much, but I can hardly wait the 7 days to see what she does next!
    Your photos are beautiful....happy fall!

  23. You crack me up!!!
    Can you believe I've never had any kind of killer bread? Now I'm glad because I hate falling for something and then have it been ripped out from under me.
    Revenge is getting to be an addiction at this house too. (I hope you know I mean the show here)
    and yes...Le Creuset is worth every dollar! But I can only say that because my sister gave it to me for my birthday ;-)
    Your photos age gorgeous!!!!


  24. I bought my Le Creuset at Home Sense which I think is the same as Home Goods in the USA. Never had a problem although I prefer using the Pampered Chef Covered caserole....it is the same as their stone ware but has a glazed outer. It make oven roasted vegetables the best you will ever taste...promise.

  25. I'd say fork over the big bucks, and get rid of the projectile possibility.

    Also.. now I gotta google that bread and see what you are oggling over.

    The comments issue is SUCH A NUISANCE... but I thought Blogger corrected it? I had that problem for weeks, and then suddenly, gone. Go figure.

    There is a tutorial on it somewhere...

  26. Fall is making it's presence known around here also. So much so that I started winterizing things today.

    I must say that I have been so disappointed with Martha's stuff here lately that I don't even go near it. I was eyeballing her new yarn line she has out but it's not worth the price on the price tag. So I just stay away. One day I will splurge and get a piece or two of Le Creuset. One day.

  27. Le Creuset is so worth it! Buy it! I LOVE my Le Creuset! I also have dibs on Mum's pieces of Le Creuset as part of my inheritance - along with all her crafty stuff! I don't want money, I want to use the things she uses and adores!

  28. I don't think your Dave's Killer bread can compare to my husband Tim's Kick -ss bread. My oldest son says he makes it with bird seeds. Now that's gotta tell you how good it is!
    My MIL just bought a red cast iron enamel cooker for me and I love it. So far I've cooked a venison and apples for applesauce in it. And so far so good.
    I'd love to hear how your sons 'blending in' works out for him!

  29. My Hubby had to wear civvys while deployed too on "outings" mostly they just don't want jeans and a t-shirt, so he wore slacks and a polo shirt. I guess they want you to look "could be, might be, Canadian, English, civilian contractor?" rather then red, white, and blue, military so they are not as "visible" in the community as invaders of a country, vs facilitators of government reorganization.

  30. Le Creuset is the way to go! My Dad bought one in the 80's and just last year it started cracking on the side. He took it to a place that sold Le Creuset and they gave him a new one!! They are guaranteed forever!!!
    The other pieces my folks have from the 80's are still in great shape.

  31. Its definitely fall around here! As a matter of fact the sun is completely MIA today, its cold, & rainy! I had to turn the heat on for the first time this season! I haven't watched the show Revenge, but I when I saw the advertisements for it, I was definitely intrigued. Maybe I'll start watching! Beautiful shots...the 7th one is my favorite! :) Enjoy your fire & your Harvest candle! Sounds delightful!

  32. Oh how I miss thee T! First, I'm in that shameful little Revenge club with you. Jim is even more hooked on it than me. I'm sure he doesn't brag to his friends about that so keep it to yourself. I bought a new pot at JC Penney on sale last year and have used the heck out of it without any chipping. That being said, I'd buy the good stuff in a heart beat if I could justify it. And I could if forced. I'm feeling bad for you about the bread. I'll feel even worse if I find some and get to eat when you don't have any. We call that thing that Costco does "getting Costco'd". It ain't pretty when it happens. I'm still missing my breaded cod and apple bread. Hate those guys. I just realized my comment is almost as long as your post so I should maybe stop here.

  33. Le Creuset is well worth it. It will last you a lifetime. I have two. A 7 quart blue one and a 5 quart red one. I bought the blue one at WS and it is still beautiful. I bought the red one at TJMaxx and it isn't so nice. I think it must of been a second. Everything burns on the bottom. I can see the cast iron under the enamel. I would like to have it replaced.
    I have a red Martha Stweart pot and I hate it. It is so heavy and yes, mine chips easily. I didn't know they were recalled. I bought my daughter a Lodge enameled cast iron pot and it is really nice. Much better than Martha's.

    When it comes to buying pots and pans. Buy the best that you can afford. The same with knives. If you can buy good quality, it should last you a lifetime. If you buy cheap, then you will be having to replace them several times.

  34. Oo Oo Oo YES! Le Creuset is worth it. My set is one handed down to me from great friends of mine, who received it as a wedding gift before I was even born. When they received a new set for their 40th anniversary I inherited the old one. So the set would have had around 50 years of use by now - and not one chip or crack. Handles as strong as ever. Fabulous for intruder whacking.

    And food tastes better when I cook with my fabulous bright orange set. Oh I love you Mr Creuset.

  35. Go for the Le Creuset, "you can never do enough for yourself!" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I was just thinking about your blog site this afternoon thinking I must have missed one or maybe you would be posting soon. What a nice surprise in my Google Reader today to see today post.
    Sorry to hear about your Martha pot. My daughter wanted a La Crueset pot, but the cost was a bit more than I wanted to spend. So we researched the Martha pots and there were a lot of complaints about the enamel cracking and flaking. So we stayed clear of that one.
    Seems like she would have replacement models by now.
    Looks like most people are saying go for it. Maybe there will be a posting shortly of a new La Crueset addition to the family :)
    Good luck with your decision and thanks for sharing. Love your blog

  37. First, love your photos as always.

    Second, I hope your son stays safe on his field trip.

    Third, now I want some killer bread, and since any bread is 20 minutes (or more) from my house, I'm thinking I will have to drive hours to find Dave's killer bread...thanks for that! ;-)

    Fourth, I LOVE my Le Creuset, and Martha should have known better!

    Kat :)

  38. I love your posts. I truly love them. You make me laugh outloud. This time it was the "lacerated by hot, flying porcelain projectiles" line that got me. Thanks for letting me laugh outloud!

    Yes, my furnace is on. Brrrr! Darn you cold Illinois weather. And I was at TJMaxx today and they had LeCrueset! I couldn't believe it! Red, Yellow, Blue and Orange. If any of those colors appeal to you, shoot me an email. I will be happy to see if they have what you are looking for. You have to twist my arm to get me to a TjMaxx, you know. {wink...} I thought they prices I saw were pretty fantastic!


  39. Love Costco and will try the bread...as for flying projectiles...I'd take the pot back to where you purchased it and put the toward a Le Crueset. No one likes flying things in the kitchen....
    As for your phenomenol photos...they ARE phenomenol, as usual!!
    PS...have had aweful problems commenting for the last 6 months. Have almost given it up!!

  40. I say go for the LeCrueset...I love mine and it is purple. Love. I want to get a few more pieces. I have seen that Lodge (the cast iron people) has an enamel cast iron pot that got pretty good reviews.

    Oh, and speaking of not being able to comment, this is the message I get when I try to leave a comment with my google account: Your current account (my email address@gmail.com) does not have access to view this page. Can't figure that out!

  41. I don't know anything about Le Creuset and it may be because I'm a newly wed and don't know all the wifey kitchen terms. I did a google search to see what you are talking about and they look similar to my Paula Deen collection I registered for. I receieved most pieces and I've had great luck with it so far. It may not be "the best" but for the price, it's cute and very reliable. Granted.. I've only been cooking 5 weeks with it all.

    Also, this may have nothing to do with your Le Creuset you're after.. but I did receive a few pieces of enamel ware from www.crowcanyon.com as weddings gifts. ADORABLE and so much fun.

    Sorry my inexperience isn't much help :)

  42. p.s. Just did a quick ebay search! May be some deals?!

  43. I have a Lodge brand cast iron enameled dutch oven as well as some of their good cast iron frying pans.....Love them!

  44. Here's what you do- grab a good friend and the car keys. Fill up the tank and drive to a big city(ish) Costco. They tend to sell their brand of them before the holidays. While you're there, pick up some Dave's bread. I hear it's good.

  45. Pony up... you'll never be at rest until you do...

  46. I cannot post comments when using Internet Explorer, I have to go into Blogger using Firefox then I can comment like now. Very strange but it started occurring after the last Internet Explorer update. Hope that helps you overcome your commenting issues. Everyone I know that has tried that Dave's Bread love it. We do not have it at the closest Costco to us.

  47. Do you have a T.J. Maxx by you? They carry Le Creuset at a much lower price. I did drop by lid on the floor and it cracked (the lid, not the floor). I still use it though. One thing about these pots, the color changes on the inside. Is that suppose to happen? I know you didn't ask that but I was wondering. I have a Martha too. I'm keeping both. :)

  48. 1. I am hooked on Revenge.
    2. I got the pot Jen has b/c she psoted it right after she got it and I wanna be her.
    3. They have Le Creuset pots at TJMaxx and Home Goods all the time. I got the teapot there. Never pay full price if ya don't have to.
    4. Switch to Google Chrome...no problems then.
    5. I am seriously talking Jaymes into bringing the Squirrel and me to see you one of these days. I told her I'd put a hitch on my vehicle and drive.
    6. Stock up on the bread just in case. I like toast in the a.m. :)

  49. I can't leave comments with Explorer either. I use Firefox.
    I have quite a bit Le Crueset cookware. Its a serious addiction. I started with one piece, loved it, and never looked back. It's taken me years to get all my pieces. I use them a lot. -- like all the time.

  50. We have a Le Crueset outlet near us. I have the 5.5 qt. dutch oven and a covered risotto pan. I love them! They have seconds quality pieces at the outlets, TJMaxx and Marshalls. I waited for first quality ones to have a coupon sale at the outlet and bought mine that way.
    Praying God's protection over your son!

  51. You are hilarious and I love your blog. Ironically enough, my Costco (I live in Northern VA) is now carrying these pots in red only-Kirkland Signature brand. I love mine. It says on the inside of the lid made in France, so perhaps it is on par with the Le Crueset?

  52. Dear Meadowbrook Farm Lady,
    First time at your blog-DIVINE!
    Saw Dave hanging out in Safeways.
    If they dont have...its all over the place here in North Idaho and Boyfriend lives in MT so there is a lot of interstate traveling and hauling goodies back and forth. Just saying...
    Picture this...two middle aged ladies...middle of nowhere MT rest area...doin' a deal...with bread!

  53. I too have to exchange my MS dutch oven at Macy's. I love it & hate to see it go but I don't want to chance it. I saw the recall on the news & then again on Consumer Reports (here's the CR posting http://tinyurl.com/443ye3m). My mom returned hers as well and they mistakenly gave her less than the full amount - she had to call customer service then go back. Make sure they give you a FULL refund. I plan to bring the CS report with me.

    I LOVE the 1 Le Creuset I have & I plan on buying more. I buy mine from an outlet. A really good line which is slightly cheaper is Staub from WmSonoma. Let us know how everything what you end up doing!

  54. Dave's Killer Bread (did you read the package - he used to be in prison) is also available at Safeway, at least it is in my tiny town. And our tiny town's tiny natural foods store. If you drive over for bread, I hope you'll stop in and say hello.

    Your comments problem? I had the same thing a while back and discovered that when I was signing in to the blogger, the 'stay signed in' box was already checked so I had to uncheck it and that seemed to fix the problem.

    This comment is almost as long as the post.

  55. Teresa,

    I just received an email this morning that for 3 days only, Sur La Table has their house brand enameled cast iron pot on sale for $79.99 for the 8 quart size! I know that is huge, but its a great price.

  56. Hi Teresa!
    I love your blog and your photography is scrumptious. Just wanted to pipe in on the le creuset debate. The outlet carries firsts and seconds, and I believe they all have a lifetime guarantee, even the seconds (and truly, you wouldn't even know there was anything wrong with the seconds.) Also, they frequently send out coupons, and I believe you can get free shipping. I will look into the policies at my local outlet (I live near Chicago), and can get some prices for you. If you're interested, I would be happy to search for one for a good price for you...just tell me what color and size you want. They truly are fabulous pots, and you can even get a turquoise one that can sit on your range and make you happy! Peace, Maribeth :)

  57. Dear Teresa, your photos are so dang sharp. I love the way you captured the droplets of water on the flowers and on the spiderwebs!
    I've had trouble posting comments too, so now I copy my comments before I post them so I can paste them and try again. I tend to be wordy and hate to have to think all over again. It pays to be lazy : )

  58. I have the Paula Deen soup pot from Kohls. I've had it
    2 years and it's cracked to pieces! Big chunks come off
    the outside and the inside lid is all rusted. I will check
    for the bread at Costco. You could be a pirate for
    Halloween....That way you'd have your eye covered!
    One at least!

  59. First of all...gray Chucks and a brown hoodie, my mommy uniform.

    Second...did you know that Dave ships his bread frozen? You can order it online at his website. Have you had his Peace Bomb? How about his raisin bread? I know he SAYS there's no drugs in his bread...but why oh why is it so addictingly good (yes I just made up a word right there). We sell his bread at our family grocery store...can't keep it on the shelf.

    Last but not least...have you considered self tanning lotion and a wig for your sweet boys care package for potential field trip? That and maybe a bow tie...you know...just to throw folks off a bit.

    Fall is looking just as lovely as the day is long around your neck of the woods. Happy candle burning!

  60. Le Creuset is the best and well worth the cost! I use it everyday
    . I found them (after I bought mine) at TJ Maxx for $149.

  61. So you're a Yankee Candle Harvest hoarder too! I look forward to them every fall. I won't let myself burn one until September at least, and then I use them through Thanksgiving. They are fall to me. I've also wanted a Le Creuset for so long but didn't think I could afford one. It looks like they are worth the investment. Of course I want mine to be red!

  62. I see the Le Creuset pots at TJ Maxx quite often. Also, at my Costco (I'm in Spokane) they carry a bread that is heavy and seedy (not like a dark street corner bar) and it's called Bed & Breakfast something or other...it's a long loaf and is divine for toast!! I always have a loaf in my freezer just like you always have a Harvest candle on deck. :)

  63. I've never tried LeCreuset pots, but now I want to!! It is cold here in Missouri, too ~ I'm in my sweats and sweatshirt...very June Cleaver, for sure.
    I just received my Yankee Candle order, and started burning my Harvest candle (1 of 4 I ordered) today. They were on sale!!! I also had to get several other fall scents. If I'm going to be inside away from the cold, I want it to smell yummy :)

  64. Girl....RUN, don't walk and go buy yourself a Le Creuset! I have 6 of them and love them more than anything. I don't have kids so I have no idea who I'll pass these on to as believe me you will pass them on to the next generation. They will last several life times. One of my green one lives on my stove and the others are on shelving custom built on the island. I am not kidding when I say we did a kitchen reno so I'd have a place to display them.

    I also have the light blue Martha one and since I live in Canada I have no option of returning it. I wouldn't anyway. I designate it to be used outside on the BBQ side burner if ever necessary. The quality difference is huge though. The LC's are quite perfect. No roughness, very smooth inside. You'll totally notice the diff. I've never chipped a single one. I'm careful with them though. Also when you wash them don't put the lid on right away. Let them dry to avoid any rust around the cast iron edge. I'm not sure it would do that but again I'm just super careful.

    I use my LC's for everything. From boiling pasta to making soup or apple sauce. I cook big batches of salsa or tomatoes in them for canning. I cook almost everything in it.....except scrambled eggs. Ask me how I know that's just not a good idea. What colour will you buy??!!

  65. And can I just say I'm so jealous of everyone who has LC outlets near them or can buy them at stores like TJ Maxx? We have none of the above in Canada and that bites!

  66. After my Martha chipped on the first use I returned it and, at the hub's urging, got the Le Creuset and haven't looked back. It's worth every penny and will last forever. I use mine all the time without fear of chipping.

  67. I was fortunate enough to get a set of Le Creuset by using my hubby's AmEx points converted to gift cards for Williams-Sonoma. I didn't really consider them before because of the cost. After having them for 2 years now, I have to say I would now pay - even full price - for them because they are so worth it. (But getting discounts and seconds sounds like the way to go.)

  68. Thanks for the post about the Macy's/Martha recall. I received the red medium sized one as a gift and was just about to pull it out for a soup this weekend. Instead, I returned it to Macy's today - where they tried to give me only $44 dollars for it. I put up a stink, asked to speak to a manager and told them that their website says they will issue a full refund. They also tried to give me a Macy's gift card, but I told them I wanted cash back since I was going to have to put that money towards a Le Creuset - and they ended up giving me $110 back right on my bank card. It's worth putting up a fuss!!

  69. I love that show, Revenge. I usually watch it on line a couple times a week while working on my crafts. I noticed something quirky last night...when they have flashback scenes, no one looks younger except Emily. Have you noticed how Victoria has the same hairstyle, make up and age? Just thought that was interesting....

  70. Yes, Le Creuset is worth the money! I hope your son is going somewhere fun and safe. My husband always stands out as the "American" oversees. I think women can blend in a little better. I always wear a lot of black, a chic scarf and if someone asks if I'm American (with his/her hand out), I simply say "No" in a clipped, slightly nasel way (like the French). Works every time.

  71. Love love my Le Creuset! My kids started buying me a different piece every year for Christmas and we use them constantly.

  72. Things are certaily heating up on "Revenge" aren't they?!

  73. My LC is amazing! To show you how time tested they are, my grandmother still has one from when she got married and it is still going strong. That dang pot is waaay older than me and my parents :) Plus, they they have a lifetime warantee. You can read about it on the Le Creuset website. Hope this helps!

  74. I have to share my LC story...I was shopping at Goodwill and saw one from across the store...the big giant dutch oven. I couldn't believe my eyes...$7.00 is all I paid for that baby. It is big and heavy but really does make food, especially a pot roast, taste amazing. I could never afford a regularly priced one but as much as I like Martha I have always had bad experiences with any of her products that I have purchased.

  75. Oh my GOODNESS!! 7 dollars for a LC. I have got to get to Goodwill more often! I never find anything good there. You are so fortunate, Anonymous!!

  76. I loved the photos on this post (or, really, all of them).. and Revenge is my new guilty pleasure.

  77. I love my le creuset. I have a martha pot, and it chipped too! My le creuset-no chips!

  78. Bag the enamel pots... and go with a cast iron dutch oven. I wouldn't use anything else. THE best by far!

  79. I went to Costco in Boise today and found Dave's Bread. I don't know how close you live to Deer Lodge, MT, but when I come back in a few weeks I'd load my car with it for you. I know what it is like to love something and not be able to get it anymore, like everything I love at Trader Joes and Aldies. So sad I don't have them anymore.

  80. Well, friend, you had 80 comments so hopefully blogger is cooperating and you can see them. :) Always enjoy visiting-- you are a ray of sunshine!
    Now, adding Dave's to my Costco list because I'm not hooked on carbs enough as it is!

    PS~ just made the move to WP; check it out if you get a chance!

  81. I've never heard of that bread, but I'm a seedy, nutty bread toast girl too and I love me some Milton's multi-grain bread. They sell it at my BJ's (same idea as Costco) and at Trader Joe's too. Maybe it will be a close substitute for you?

  82. Pony up and get the real deal! There is even a turquoise one that would look fabulous in your kitchen. I have one of the pseudo le creusets, and everything burns on the bottom. I have some old Wagner pots that were made in the 1950s that are my favorite cooking pots. When I see some, I snatch them up because they are my "magic pots."

  83. Never hearda Daves. Wait - is Dave Amish? Then no, never hearda him.

    And let it be said that this post makes me pine for some random. Can I please, please, please stop writing about Letting Go and get back to the business of nonsense?

    Not that this here post of yours is nonsense.

  84. love love love my le creuset!!!
    oh, and love saves as well - thank goodness for costco carrying it!

  85. Sorry I wouldn't shell out the bucks! Check out the lodge ware they have been around for a long time!! I love mine! Nancy

  86. First the Bread being TAKEN from you.Have you filled out a request in the BIG book of bitching that should be around customer service. If not, DO IT. I have been going in and writing about a dish they took away and have yet to bring back for quite some time.I try to leave colorful language, not 4-letter words, just colorful language in hopes that some one will either get tired of it or be amused and call me and I can fuss at them for taking away the Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas. And ask them what the heck their problem is?
    LOVE my Le Cruset, but love my Grandmothers cast iron dutch oven MORE. Try Cast iron, not coated, see what you think. Not as expensive as Le Creuset. AND check TJ Maxx, sometimes they have LeCruset, still kind of high, and not always the color one would want to cook food in,but the cost us usually less. Love the blog.

  87. I lovvve my LeCreuset. I have the HUGE caribbean blue one. It cooks great and is b.e.autifulll. But weighs more than my 4-year-old. (I had to get the huge one as I have three boys whose sole purpose in life is to consume as much food as possible as quickly as possible.) I can't compare because its the only enamel cast iron I've ever had, but even though I got it at cost b/c I worked at a cooking school/kitchen store when I got it, I still would have gotten one. And did I mention its a BEAUTIFUL aqua blue. MMM-mmmm!

  88. Just catching up on blog reading. Guess you have already bought a new pot. Le Creuset is the only pot for me! Love them!! I replaced mine last year after 30 years of as many moves and meals. I got bright blue to replace the orange one; this time in gorgeous make your eyes sparkle blue.

  89. I have the large, enamel coated dutch oven from lodge. I've had it for a year and I LOVE mine. You can't beat Lodge. I would love to own a LeCreuset, but right now it is to costly for me. My Lodge piece looks beautiful on my stove when I'm not using it, and works great when I do use it. It cleans up easily. Hope this helps.

  90. Love your blog!! Just saw Dave's bread at Super 1 in Stevi, should be in Hamilton :) we need to talk!!
    Tyler's great auntie, Jess's auntie, Delia's sil


  91. Pssstt....Teresa! I'll tell you a secret if you don't tell anybody, okay? TJ MAXX always has various LeCrueset items on their shelves! Just so you know in case you need other little items to match your new soup pot.

  92. I always think worth making the plunge to splurge on the "real thing" instead of cheaper knock-offs. It's a rare time that I am pleased with the quality. That being said, Mr Man and I found an amazing enameled cast iron stew-pot on clearance for only $30!! It's a President's Choice (store-brand only found in Canada), but I swear they are the only company that knows how to do decent knock-offs.

    On a completely different note, I sadly haven't been by here in a while, so I am catching up on all your latest posts, and girl, I gotta say: you are hil.ar.ious. :)

  93. le creuset is worth the price. respect it and never bang a spoon on it and it will pay you back over time by staying beautiful. i have one that i have worn the inside out of and need to have it replaced. but i have used it over 30 years. :)

  94. I wouldn't worry about Costco not handling your bread. You can get way healthier and tastier bread from health food stores.