February 24, 2012

dream a little dream with me

I am officially smack dab in the middle of the winter doldrums.

When I look outside, this is what I see.

But this is what I want to see.

(Just for fun, I'm throwing in random pictures of my beloved bird house.)

I can't believe I'm showing you this next picture. I feel kind of mean. No one should have to see something this sad on a Friday.

Painful, yes?

If you love me even a little bit, you won't Pin this one.

If nothing else, it proves that there is some actual structure and design to the herb garden, because it's kind of hard to tell when all I usually show you are pictures like this one.

For the record, I hate brown and gray.

Also for the record, I love green.

Birdhouse alert!

Things are starting to come to life in the greenhouse. I've been waging a war against the slugs and the ladybugs are taking on the aphids.

It's all about teamwork.

It's hard to imagine that it will look like this again in just a matter of months.

Dear Princess Diana clematis,
I miss you!

Anyone want to pull a Mary Poppins and hop into this next picture with me?

Where's Dick Van Dyke when you need him.

I posted this shot twice because it is currently my favorite photo. It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Spring fashions are in the stores and Costco is carrying jumbo bags of fertilizer, so it can't be long now, right?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for the springtime boost Teresa! Just seeing those colorful images makes waiting a little while longer for spring to arrive well worth it!

    Kat :)

    1. Passing by Your Garden

      Passing by
      I saw how brown your earth
      how rich your floeral favors bloom.
      Resplendant color pinched
      through a life of moss.
      Climbing buds break to petals full
      Your flowers tell me more
      than words ever do.
      Sweet nectar drips it scent
      and clings to my soul
      unspoken memories I held of you
      feed the hunger of my eyes
      and visit my lonely plight.

      Harry Rosenberg
      22 April 2014

  2. It is such a hard time of year, isn't it? In the Pacific northwest I have more growing than you do, but it is far from attractive...
    I, too, have to look at pictures from previous years to remind myself that it will look that way again. But it is hard to be patient!

  3. You have such a beautiful home, winter and summer! I'm with you in the winter doldrums though even though we are seeing daffodils blooming all over the place here in Alabama. They are like a ray of sunshine, just like your beautiful photos are today.

  4. ...Oh my. *swoons* :o)

    ...Seriously, gray & brown aren't bad at all where you live. I don't mind Winter as long as I don't have to see my neighbors thru the bare trees which sadly due to urban sprawl - now I do. *sigh* :o\

    ...Okay, HOW do you get your lawn to look like that? It's so green and lush! Is it Zoysia? And last but not least, how do you get your windowboxes and hanging baskets to overflow like that? Do tell. Please? *asking with hands folded in prayer* ;o)

    ...Thank you for sharing these most incredible photos! Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. :o)

    ...Enjoy your weekend!

    ...Blessings :o)

  5. That makes me want spring and summer to hurry as well. I am so stinking envious of your home. It's amazing and gorgeous. Also thanks for sharing the blah brown pics as makes me feel a lil better about my own yard that looks very ick right now as well.

  6. Right with ya!!! I have been dreaming for the past week. And I am not entitled to dream so early as I still have winter here for a couple of months!

  7. Before and after - can't wait till the after blooms again!
    xo Cathy

  8. I must say, your winter photos are prettier than anything at my place right now! All I have is dead pumpkins, weeds and mud... of course I could do something about the dead pumpkins and weeds but the mud is here for a bit... Maybe I can get a white picket fence and arbor so that I can still see something pretty at this time of year!

    I'm dreaming of spring too... I bought most of my seeds (impatiens, zinnias, sunflowers, sweet peas and petunias) and can hardly wait to see the first blooms. A few bulbs are poking up and a couple of my hydrangeas are showing signs of spring growth.. I can hardly wait!


  9. May I just say...I want your yard! It's is gorgeous especially with the picket fence, arch, and beautiful flowers!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm with you sista'. Bring on the green!

  11. Can you yell me what variety of rose is playing with you clematis, the one in your favorite photo.

    1. Hi Kerstie!
      Her name is Therese Bugnet.
      Isn't she pretty?

  12. Teresa,
    This post took my breath away. I so love that wonderful birdhouse. We had an absolutely lovely snowfall overnight, and right now it is beautiful, but I am still longing for spring . . .

  13. The winter pictures are quite sad indeed! Hoping green makes its way to you soon! Your green pictures are like a dream.

  14. Just the boost I needed (other than that gray and brown stuff - lol). Around here, the weather cannot decide. Yesterday, balmy and springlike, today, the threat of snow. Go figure.

    I love when I can click out of my Google Reader straight to Meadowbrook Farm. It's like a little mini-vacation.

    Hugs to you Teresa-Mandisa! Love, Sal

  15. You have the most wonderful cottage garden.....so lucious and green with blooms everywhere! Your little birdhouse is so sweet with the climbing vines too! Spring is just around the corner.....

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you
    will follow me back :o)

  16. Thanks for the spring pictures! I needed them also. I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only one that still has the dead stuff still in the gardens. I don't feel so bad now. :)

  17. Your garden is beautiful and you will appreciate and love and revel in it all the more for the brown season you are leaving behind. It's not far away! ...and yes, I'll jump into any of those green pictures with you.

  18. I love you photos! It was 70-something degrees here yesterday, and it has made me crazy for springtime weather! If it won't snow, I need for it to be warm - I'm glad I'm not the only one!


  19. if ever you should look out your window one morning and find that your greenhouse is gone...

    I too am pining for the flowers! Thanks Teresa, for sharing with us these bits of hope!

  20. Teresa
    It's another four months for me!
    Keep looking at those photos and
    reminding your self spring will
    come again soon!

  21. I'm sitting in the midst of a thunderstorm with a temperature of 73 degrees outside. What's wrong with this picture? I'll bet my brown and gray are browner and grayer than yours. ;)

  22. I hate all the brown outside, too. Your green pictures and the wonderful color of the flowers is a wonderful lift today. Stormy here.

  23. It takes more than dreams to make that beauty happen...absolutely gorgeous! No, it won't be long for the work (play?) to begin...

  24. Your beauty is just around the corner. It actually is nice to see that your place doesn't always look so perfect. It gives me some hope for my place. Love the clematis---they are one of my fav plants.

  25. Only now do I realize that my twinzie bird house remains back on CR 3. Can our friendship survive this?

    I need to GET IN your herb garden. Stat.

  26. You garden is so beautiful; I can't wait to get out in my garden and feel the warm sun on my face!


  27. Your yard is so pretty! I would forgo all daily activities just to play in your garden all day. Oh wait, I already do that. I just use reading blogs as my excuse! Have a great weekend, Terica xo!

  28. I am *so* in agreement! Winter is my *least* favorite season. It's amazing to compare a winterscape with a summerscape.. especially in your amazing garden! Hang in there.. it's coming.. surely...
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  29. What a lovely blog you have, I am in love with your home, everything about it. And your boxes will get planted. I only have one and I am hoping for the best.

  30. What lovely gardens! Even when they are brown and gray! Very inspirational. I love, love, love your greenhouse! Where did you get the plans? I can dream, can't I? xx

  31. Oh Theresa, jump on a plane right this second and hurry to Virginia - we're having major global warming, it was 80 degrees today. The daffodils are trying to open their yellow heads and have actually done so in some yards. You know you need a mid-winter break so come on down! Meanwhile, I'll dream with you, sure, of course, dreaming is what I do best. Hugs ~ Mary

  32. whoa beautiful as usual, dreaming of spring also

  33. No, no, no Teresa to browns and tans. Bring on the blues and pinks. We were dumped with our FIRST real winter snow last night . . . so now we are in a white out for a bit. (better than brown and tan . . .)

  34. Beautiful pictures. Makes me long for spring!

  35. I guess I shouldn't tell you that our flowers are full in bloom? But, if it makes you feel better, the blossoms on our neighbor's tree, which were a beautiful pinkish-white for the past few weeks, have all blown off. I feel like fall and spring are one and the same this year, and winter has skipped us altogether. But I'm lamenting our rental house and the lack of a patio - we're in the low seventies today, and I can't sit outside to enjoy it... Would it help you feel better if you help a fellow blogger plan a moveable/temporary patio? Maybe?

  36. I could look at photos of your flowers all day long! We planted some things in our vegetable garden this morning before the rain arrived. But I've got to have some flowers in my life...SOON!

  37. Don't hate me when I say we hit 80 this week. I am mid-way through my garden clean up and have just sowed the winter vegetables and have a few strawberries in the itty bitty stage but even at my garden's most glorious it pales in comparison with you potager garden in all it's splendor. Spring will be here soon enough and then you can start on your zinnia seeds...again. Patty

  38. I love seeing the pictures of the winter landscape because it gives context to the rest of your gorgeous, gorgeous garden. Thank you for sharing.

  39. Chim, chimney
    Chim, chimney
    Chim, chim, cher-ee

    I'll hop into that picture with you!


  40. it's really amazing isn't it that all the brown and gray turns into such beauty time after time (great, no i sound like cyndi lauper)?!?
    i swoon for your greenhouse...

  41. Doggie and I went for a walk this morning in the very cold rain. But guess what? All of the birds were singing! I think they know something...we're getting closer to Spring!

  42. I feel for you, I really do. I HATE winter with all of its dreariness and could very happily skip straight to spring!

    Is there any chance you could pass the time by teaching all of us a little of what you know about growing your gorgeous flowers from seed and cuttings? I for one would LOVE a lesson or five on the subject! Let us in a little on the process your beautiful yard requires to go from winter to spring- I know there must be a TON of work involved in it!

  43. Dear Teresa, thank you for making me feel better about the way my garden looks in summer here in Az!! And yes I would love to jump into that picture with you & sit enjoying your beautiful garden when mine is dry and brown!! I'm dreaming it!

  44. Dear Teresa,
    I love your blog! Your yard and home are beautiful...maybe you could share some of your tips for transforming your yard from winter to spring:) It's simply stunning! Won't be long now!

  45. Teresa,

    We received a foot of snow last night. Twelve whole inches after almost a week of temperatures in the mid thirties. Thanks for the photos... at least they provide some reminder that all of this white stuff will eventually melt.


  46. Gorgeous! I've been looking through my last summers photos and wishing for spring. I love seeing how your property looks now and how it looks in the summer. Your photos are stunning.


  47. Hi Teresa:

    This is my first time commenting, although I've been a "lurker" for ages. Sorry about your winter doldrums. Would it cheer you to know that Cost Plus World Market's website has an Easter section that is showing off their new aqua cake carrier that appears to have your name written on it?

    Laura E.
    Oregon City, Oregon

  48. I really enjoyed seeing that even beautiful meadowbrook farm has grey days. I also appreciated the wider shots, while I agree that often times close up is the prettiest the wide angle view helps me better imagine the layout of your romantic movie set home. Thankfully I don't know grey right now seeing we are covered with a sparkling blanket of white.

  49. Hi Theresa,
    I LOVE your amazing farm! I sit here with the wind blowing and the snow kind of swirling around my house, so I thought a little blog hopping would warm me up, and seeing your beautiful pictures are just what I needed.
    Thanks for the shot of beautiful today...just what I needed!

  50. It's insane what an amazing job you have done with the landscaping T. I'm swimming in envy!

  51. Being new to your blog I have to tell you I am so glad I came across it. I have enjoyed all that I have read and your pictures are fantastic! What a beautiful place you have. Even in the dull tones of winter. I too am eager for the spring to arrive and for this winter season to come to a close. I love your garden pictures, so stunning.

  52. well I hate brown and gray too, especially outside....but !!! even your brown and gray looks good!!! I love your home and garden any time of year....smiles, Linda

  53. I adore green too....need to see some. Soon enough, I suppose. Gorgeous photos!

  54. Wow, what a place to live! You have made your garden into something really beautiful. It's easy to see that you love to take care and spend hours in your garden.
    I'm so glad I found your blog today. Now I look forward to follow your blog more. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

    A big smile to you from,
    Anette Willemine

  55. your garden photos always make me smile! What a gorgeous place you've created!! Hope spring is soon on its way to you!

  56. You have a stunning garden, I know the brown and grey is unbearable at the moment but not too far away from now you will be enjoying your beautiful clematis!

    Best wishes


  57. It is right around the corner! Your garden will be looking fabulous again soon. I lovvvvvvve your home! Can I live there?


  58. I loved the spring-ish pics. But you know, I really appreciated seeing the structure, especially of the herb garden. That is actually very inspiring!

  59. Hi Teresa,
    I found your beautiful blog through "Urban Farmgirl", and quickly became your newest follower.
    Your story sounds similar to the journey I have just undertaken with my family. Hubby, three boys and all our animals moved from our home town, to a new place where we know nobody, ready for a new adventure.
    We are certainly getting one and loving every moment. Pop over a take a peek if you like, thequinlivanfamily.blogspot.com.au
    I am looking forward to more beautiful photographs of your 'subjects' and your lovely garden, even in the grey of winter! They are not sad at all!
    Have a great day.
    x Jode

  60. *sigh* Why does winter have to look so gross? I am so over it and I think there's still a little of it left around here. Your birdhouse & clematis give me hope -- they're my winter happy place. :-)

  61. What a beautiful yard and greenhouse. I would love to have a herb garden design like yours. My yard looks very similar in color Calgary Alberta Canada. We have had a very mild winter which is nice, but everything is grey and brown. The temperature has been nice, but in the winter it is nice when a blanket of white fluffy snow covers all the brown and grey. I am a new follower of your blog.

  62. You may be feeling sad and down today, but sharing the images of your stunning farm and amazing beautiful garden sure brightened mine!

    I live in cold, windy and snow filled Michigan, but I am looking out my window at the beautiful birds in the bird feeding bed of my garden and watching the Junko's "dance" as my three-year-old grand daughter likes to say. And that Mama and Papa Cardinal are busy on the bird feeder and when I walk outside to walk my two beautiful Labrador Retreivers, "Spirit" and "Sassy" the living beings out there all brighten my day. Enjoy and know that spring and flowers, are just around the corner! The season will turn and know the bulbs need to be frozen in order to bloom anew in the spring.

  63. Hi, new to your blog and loved this post. Even though the raised beds were empty it was helpful for me to see your design - my husband is ready to add some raised beds to his large garden. Ciao, Bella! xxoo

  64. Oh...my heart is so homesick for the "flower" days!!!!!!


  65. you always seem to brighten my day up with your stunning photographs! beautiful and stunning as always!

  66. I'm with you... green is magical!! So is your photography!! Your yard is really pretty though in the summer OR winter...just different.

  67. I would love to jump into that picture. It's the house of my dreams! I feel your pain, but it won't be too long now. Bring on the green!


  68. thanks for sharing such lovely pics with us. Makes me long for planting and cleaning up my flower beds. We received 18 inches of new show on the weekend. It's up to our windowsills.

  69. Thank you for your story and beautiful pics, they are amazing. Keep well and summer will be here soon

  70. Wow, this place in INCREDIBLE! Totally a place I will own soon and I can't wait! Thank you for filling my head with all of these beautiful things!

  71. Such delight your pictures bring to me!

    What a contrast between winter and spring/summer.

    I love your birdhouse, too.