February 10, 2010

inside color and outerwear

Since the Junk House made it's debut here several months ago, I have had quite a few paint color requests. I am more than happy to share, but there's a small problem...I almost always mix my own. Oh sure, I start out with a bucket of what I think is the perfect color, but we all know that paint never, ever looks the way we think it will once it's on the wall. A 2x3 paint chip just doesn't do the job, so I usually end up getting out my kitchen whisk and playing artiste with all the other close but not quite right cans I have in the closet.

There is an obvious downside here - what to do if I run out, or need to touch up, etc. So far, it hasn't been a problem, but I'm sure that day will come.

Yesterday, I finally made it to Lowe's to pick up some chips that will get you close.

Here's what I came up with.

The dining room.

I found this color in the "Lowe's Creative Ideas For Color" display.
Tranquility CI 183
It also says "Valspar Signature Colors" on the back.

I picked up this chip on a whim....I really thought my color was much darker, but I think my white woodwork really sets it off and makes it appear much more colorful.

The kitchen.

This is an "American Tradition" color.
Parisian Mist 7005-6.

I'm liking these names....can you even imagine the job of making up paint color names?

Now, it is kind of a dreary day, so I couldn't really get a good photo of it compared to my actual kitchen color. I would say my green is maybe just a half shade brighter. Not much though. This is pretty close. And once again, this is much lighter than I would have thought.

Keep in mind, my house is very light and bright, so light colors have a pretty big impact. Every color is different in every lighting situation.

Dining room china cabinet.

This one's pretty close, but more on the yellow side than mine.
Once again, "Creative Idea's for Color", Valspar.
Katydid CI 240

I totally missed the boat on my blue dining room buffet. I realized my blue has quite a blackish tone to it, so next time I'm at Lowe's, I will try again.

I hope this at least gives you a starting point, and don't be afraid to be your own color mixologist!

In other going to the city news, for years and years I have been looking for a nice spring weight jacket. These cuties are the first thing I saw yesterday when I walked into Eddie Bauer, and while a trench isn't quite my style, they were pretty tempting.

But then...then I spied the perfect jacket. I love navy, and I love nautical. And I love this jacket.

It was worth the wait to find something so very me, and as there are very few spring like days here in Montana anyway, (we usually go straight from winter to summer), it hasn't been too desperate of a situation anyway. But when that sixty degree day hits, I'm ready.


  1. I just love paint. I'm not kidding. I can't wait to have a new house to paint! Love your new jacket. Me and nautical go way back. So if you go right from winter to summer, when does summer start for you?

  2. Thanks for the paint colors. I especially love the tranquility. If it helps, Behr has a color called "Winter Surf" that looks to be very very similar to your buffet. I used it on my adirondack chairs and LOVE it. Maybe that could help someone.

    Here's the link to that post http://boutellefamilyzoo.blogspot.com/2009/07/before-and-after-adirondack-chairs.html

  3. Very pretty colours, love the tranquility. Cute jacket. Winter to summer here too, I'm afraid.

  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I just love your blog.

  5. My carpenter mixed the paint for much of our house. Unfortunately he can't find the samples. Now I don't know how I'm going to cover nicks and scratches. And holes whenever I change pictures and such. And we all know we can't leave things alone!

  6. Your paint colors are literally "heavenly"!
    And that coat brings wonderful thoughts of spring!

  7. Ahoy!

    I heart your paint colors (and your jacket). You and I - we're a little bit soul-siterish. Maybe you weren't aware...

    Tally Ho!

  8. One might even describe us as "a little bit soul-siSterish"...although soul-siterish had a lovely ring to it, as well.

  9. all your colors are of some shade...water. Or the color of "ahhhhhhh" as I like to call it. Just yummy!

  10. Hey Matey! Love all of the jackets! I wonder how the chicken poo would wash off them? I inevitably get it on everything. My husband is always mixing paints. It drives me crazy. I like it pure from the can, I dont' know why. We had 50 gallons of paint in the basement....I didn't believe him at first, and I went to check it out. Yep. 50 GALLONS. I like to paint. And repaint, And then paint some more. I'm sure my rooms are smaller now cause of all the paint layers.

  11. I love that tranquility color. So, as long as you have some of the mixed paint you used in the can, they can always match it at the store. When we needed to touch up our house and paint shutters in the colors the original owners before us did, I just brought in a little piece of a broken old shutter and a little chipped piece off of a door and they matched it perfectly! It was really nice to not have to start all over again. All they need is a piece the size of a quarter with your color on it. One of the benefits of modern technology!
    I really love all of your color choices, they're so bright and cheery!

  12. thank you! your color choices are awesome! i agree with elisabeth....you should bring your paint cans in and have them color match.

    your rain coat choices are CUTE :) i bought one from boden 2 years ago and love it....gosh....now you have me thinking about spring with all these gorgeous colors and cute coats.... :) :) :)

  13. I.Love.Your.Beautiful.Blog. I think I used the same blue for my china cabinet. It makes me happy every time I see it!

  14. Yay! Thank you for doing a post about your colors. I have been wanting to ask but didn't want to be pesty. :) Coincidentally, I have pretty much the same color scheme in my house but I am new at this and my colors have been a bit "off" I'm excited to go check out your colors in person in the paint department! :) -Cece

  15. Fun post -- I have been a fan of Eddie Bauer going on now 30 years -- O my goodness long time. I love the green and blue jackit! Happy Valentine's Day!
    One other thing -- since I can see you love taking picture too -- would you come over to my blog and give me feed back on two past post. The names of the post are ; "Bear Lake Winter Wonderland #1 and #2". thanks and the post will explain what to do -- hope to see you over there - even ask your sweetheart to love at it -- I'd like a man's view too.

  16. You can never go wrong with eddie bauer outerwear! I love all of the jackets, they look so cute and would be a great style for anyone!

  17. Recently pinned a shot of the stairwell with black railings decorated for Christmas. Love your eye for color. Can you tell me what shade is used on the walls in the hallway? Looks like a neutral taupe, but wanted to be sure. Happy to find your blog!