February 19, 2010

this boy

This one's my youngest.

My baby.

Much to my dismay, he's growing up too fast.


The other day I noticed I was looking up a bit more when talking to him. So, we got out the tape measure. Six foot two and three quarters. Actually, it was more like nine tenths, but I wasn't ready to admit that. That was a couple days ago, so I'm sure he's reached six three by now. Ridiculous.

Fifteen years old.

He's got a job at the local pizza place, and loves it.

It's tough being a teenager these days. Really tough. But he's doing a great job at being a good kid.

He's decided, once again, to hunker down at school. That's a good thing. Every single conference for the last five years has gone exactly the same way. "Mrs. Meadowbrook....your son is a pleasure to have in class. He makes me laugh. I enjoy having him as one of my students. He's a good kid. I just think there's a chance he's not living up to his full potential."

Well, yes, yes it's hard to live up to your academic potential when you're busy living up to your "life is good, let's have some fun" potential.

Baby of the family, anyone?

Here's his "I am a straight "A" student" look. Let's visualize.

He's a clown.

He's full of it.

He's funny.

He's a schmoozer.

He tells me he loves me in front of his friends.

He's a good kid.

Yes, I said it. You're a good kid, junior. Dad and I are proud of you.

Now go do your homework.


  1. Great pics, Teresa! He does look like a good kid, and how sweet he says he loves you in front of his friends! Now that is one very secure boy you have raised!! He is going to make someone a fabulous huband someday! And for what its worth, I am the baby of 8 kids in our family and my conferences went the same way. We babies aren't all funand games, we know when we have to get the job done. hahaha...I think I turned out ok. You boy will do great things, I know it! ;o) ~mary~

  2. Nice post. My boy is my one and only and a great kid too. But the "baby" thing... that's me... and I totally relate.

  3. What great kid you got there, and a great looking one too, I might add. How sweet that he tells you he loves you in front of his friends.
    My own boys are only 10 and 8, but I already feel like they're growing up way too fast. It won't be long until I'll have to look up to look into their faces too. Great post.

  4. Hi Teresa - I loved reading this post. In fact my two teenager girls - ages 13 and 15 were in the room and saw your son and said "WHO's THAT???"

    Sooo if that tells you anything - funny, smart and CUTE!

    I agree.

    He sounds like a true gift for his parents.

    Love your blog too by the way!

    Jennifer in Boise, Idaho

  5. What a handsome boy. They do grow up so quickly. Our oldest is about to turn nine but I know it will only be a few short years until he really starts to grow.

  6. Oh-so true...thanks for sharing your thoughts. I often get teary thinking of how quickly the years fly. Ours are 9 and 6...and while that's still young, it's gone so fast. Hmmm, and if they're getting older, so am I. Yikes...

  7. He seems like a great kid - but then again, with a mom as terrific as you, it must have made it easier on him! I am so enjoying your blog - love it when I see a new post pop up! Enjoy your baby!

  8. Teresa, he is absolutely darling. I adore having boys - they are so great to their mom, but I too find that time is slipping by faster than I would like. Thank you for sharing these precious photos of him~

  9. wonderful thoughts and so beautifully expressed by a loving and proud mom..he is a very handsome young man, the photos are touching.

  10. what a beautiful post! my youngest is eighteen and a girl, but also growing up so fast and so strong and so independently. it's a gift to behold, indeed. your photos take my breath away!

  11. I feel like I am looking 6 years into the future!! My oldest is 15 and (I am dead if he sees this!) still wants a hug and a cheek smooch each night..the same boy who wants to be in the Army's calvary division!! My baby is 9 and yup..same report card and conference speech! I am a baby that graduated Summa Cum Laude from college but nearly got kicked out of kindergarten!!! Take heart. Speaking of hearts...he is gonna break a few. Handsome and Sweet...lock your doors. By the way, where you live ...how far is the LOCAL pizza place???

  12. Well, he's dreamy. I would have had a crush on him back in the day. Especially since he's so tall. And nice. Seriously - what girl doesn't want the boy who isn't afraid to love his mama?

    You's a lucky lady, Benny. But I'm pretty sure you already know that.

  13. I really enjoyed this post. Your son is so handsome and I know you are proud of him!

    My boys are 11 and 14 and growing up a little each day, but I still public hugs (and hope I always will). Sigh....this is all happening too quickly.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. What a doll!! You have done a great job if he can tell you he loves you in front of his friends. He's comfortable with who is at 15, wow.

  15. Oh Teresa, my heart just about burst reading this. What a sweet guy! You are so lucky to have him, and he you, I'm sure. Love when kids aren't too cool to say 'I love you' in front of friends. 15 and with a job....that's awesome.....I'm gonna tell Aaron he's going to work next year!

  16. You are lucky parents. He's obviously lucky too to have you as parents. Enjoy every minute of the baby being home. It's pretty empty when they go. He's gorgeous and fine and I'm really old, but I can appreciate a quality kid when I see one. Some girl will be sooo fortunate to find him some day. (Hopefully quite a while from now.)

  17. He is so handsome! Love his curly hair! I love having good kids and I do, it makes life so happy...such JOY in posterity! Come say hi :D

  18. OK, he is so cute! I've decided that he and my also cute 15-year-old sister can date someday.

    Or not. But wouldn't that be fun!

  19. Alright...you inspired me to do a post about previously-mentioned sister. Here it is.


  20. what a sweet and honest post. hooray for boys.


  21. Today my 'little guy' turns 13! I hope he's as cleancut & grounded as your son is when he turns 15 in a couple years. Gotta love the boys at this age...always a smile or chuckle when they're around :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  22. My sis told me about your blog. I have three guys and one in the U.S. Army.
    I had to laugh as I read this post. I have heard that same parent teacher conf. speech for years. And suddenly my 16 year old gets it! He too is over 6 feet. Has a job and is just so much fun.
    Nice to meet you.

  23. It's so wonderful to raise a child and have them grow into such wonderful people. The way I feel about our children.

    He's a handsome lad.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  24. So cute! Our best friend's son sounds like your son~ when he was in 9th grade his dad told him if he didn't "buckle down" he'd be living out of a truck and working at McDonald's! Adam responded, "GOOD! I'll have my own truck and I LOVE McDonald's!!!!" !!! He ended up getting a debate scholarship, graduated from law school, married a darling girl and just had his first child! Having raised 4 fabulous girls the only caution I gave them was that for all the fun they were having they didn't want to close doors to opportunity. If they wanted a top college, they needed top grades. I just told them to keep all the doors open so they had all the choices they could want. They did great AND have lots of friends and memories to boot! Good luck!Love your place!

  25. I love this post, and I just want to tell you that, as a teacher myself, it's the kids that were good to me and fun to be around and the ones that made me laugh, that I really cherish and remember. I don't always remember if they had all As or what their grades even were. I just know that they were good at heart, like your boy, and that kids like that are the reason I like my job and keep doing it. I always have to remember there are way more good kids than bad and that getting good grades doesn't necessarily mean you're a good person. The latter is so much more important to me, as a teacher and as a mom. But he's lucky to have you encouraging him to be his best self and for stopping everything to take pictures of him--I have been surprised to find that not all parents are as involved or attentive to their kids. I love your farm and your photography and I read your blog often. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  26. very sweet post. At least he still sits for you to take wonderful pictures of him!

  27. I have a 14 and 15 year old who I'm thinkin' would probably love to drool over these pictures. :O) He sounds like a good kid... a rarity these days in 15 year old boys it seems.

  28. He must have some amazing parents that helped mold him into such an amazing young man! I pray I can say many of the same things about my little guy in 10 years when he's that age! Great pictures!

  29. I think you left 'he's adorable' off the list! I hope it's OK for one mom of a handsome young man to say to another... ;-0

  30. Those teenagers sure keep us on our toes, huh? He is an absolute doll. I'm pretty sure I can sell Maddie on this arranged marriage business.

  31. he's adorable and sweet. good kids are such a blessing. i can't believe my son is 27, middle daughter is 25. my youngest just turned 13 and was i ever sad to think about how fast, fast, fast the time goes! we went outside and played on her last day to be twelve and it was very sweet to spend the day with her. how wonderful for you to have these beautiful pictures!

  32. Hi Teresa
    My name is Teresa too and I too have a son who shows he loves me in front of his friends too.
    He has dark hair and is a charmer and a schoomzer.
    He loves life and charms his way through it.
    He is leaving tomorrow for 2 months with his school on a mission/school project. He's going to the Dominican. I'm going to miss him terribly.
    Thanks for sharing and letting me share.

  33. oh wow! he doesn't look like 15! I would have guessed he is 18... he is certainly a very handsome young man!

  34. what a good lookin' kid!! My 14yo daughter is 5'9"!! Let's hook'm up!!!

  35. Hi from France!
    You are a great photographer, I really enjoy your blog: thanks for giving us so much pleasure

  36. I know I'm not alone, but I could get sucked in to your blog ALL day. I have twin boy toddlers...having grown up in a family of girls, I never thought I'd be interested in boys...but now wouldn't change things for the world. It's so nice to see what lays in store as my boys grow through the stories of your fellas. You have the most beautiful family...both as babies and young men. Thank you for sharing!