June 14, 2010

breaking news - it's not raining!


After weeks....perhaps months....seemingly years of rain, the sun came out! We had a beautiful weekend and today should be lovely as well. Yes, the rain will be back in a day or two, but the reprieve has been glorious.

I've been in a bit of a panic wondering if there is any chance I'd be able to get things done by the time the photography workshops roll around, but I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

As always, I'm hoping the light is not a freight train coming my way. One freak hail storm, and I'm toast.

The Meadowbrook Farmer is my absolute favorite person these days. He's plowing through my honey-do list like a trooper, and while I'm known to take him for granted on occasion, his current above and beyond behavior is making it impossible to forget how happy I am that he's mine.

Thanks hon! I'll bake you cookies when this is all over in July! Right after I come out of my coma.

On a side note, my Pizza Delivery Boy, (junior number three, my baby, who as of Friday is now a Junior in high school - say it ain't so!), made sixty dollars in tips last night. Seriously? Sixty dollars? I'm in the wrong line of work.

Yet another side note.

One bean almost destroyed the interior of my car.

Last weekend while in Spokane for the Farm Chicks show (fabulous, btw - you must go if you ever have the chance), one of my friends placed her Mexican left overs in my cooler. Un-noticed by me, a lone pinto bean stayed in said cooler for four days - four measly days, and a new bio-weapon was created. When I opened the cooler, an explosion of noxious fumes spewed forth and apparently plastered themselves all over the interior of my car. The smell lingered for days, and I was starting to wonder if my car was going to smell like the open market in Mazatlan forever. I know this is not really blog worthy information, but I was impressed/appalled by the power of the bean and had to tell someone.

I'm hoping to do a greenhouse post very soon. I'm waiting, (and waiting - my contractor has forsaken me), for the finishing touches to be put on the exterior of the greenhouse and then it will be ready for a show and tell. Fingers crossed that it will be this week. This little greenhouse is going on month sixteen of construction. Let's wrap this puppy up, people! It is time.

Well, it is 6:18 a.m. Time to get outside!

Have a great day!


  1. Isn't the weather just the strangest? I miss waking up to sunshine and having my windows open but it's just been too dang hot!

    Like you said, when it is nice, ya gotta get up and get stuff done. I hope you enjoy your sunshine. We are sadly missing it today.


  2. Are these photos of where you live? Rain or no rain, it is TOTALLY worth it!!!

  3. I am seriously almost gagging thinking of that smell! LOL!

    Glad to see you back! :)

  4. As always, a terrific post to begin the week reading! The rain has stopped here as well...now to attack the grass. I truly think it's laughing at us!

  5. No rain??? Lilacs! Pinto beans! You know me so well... Also, what are those charming little pink buds? Tell me, Benny. I'm all ears.

  6. Lots of wet weather here too... the flowers are all going crazy out in my yard! Great for photography!


  7. yay for sunshine!
    beautiful images.
    your last one is my favorite.

  8. Your farm is just so incredibly beautiful! Your flowers are stunning. But the bean story about gagged me!! lol
    Can't wait to see the greenhouse.

  9. I predict the workshop attendees are going to go berserk with their cameras at your beautiful place, rain or no rain. Berserk! (in the good way) -amy

  10. Hooray for dry days! I hope there are many more in your future. We are having serious storms here lately but since I don't have big photography plans like you, I'll take it. I hope you are getting lots done and are treating your Mr. Farmer very well.

  11. Your pictures are always such a delight. I feel your energy as you and your hubby chip away at that to-do list! You'll git 'er done! We've also had a ton of rain and gloom the last week here in the upper Midwest, so I'm sure the sun was a welcome respite. Good luck with all that's on your list! xx Suzanne

  12. You must be in the pacific northwest because we are just getting sun after rain, rain and more rain!!
    Love all your photos!

  13. That is my favorite type of lilac - it's so gorgeous! I can't remember if I've said this but it was SO NICE to meet you...I guess that's the type of thing that 'one' could hear more than once! ;-) I'm glad that you enjoyed your FC adventure.

  14. can i just say that I would come to your piece of paradise no matter what...if there was a workshop or not! Your photos are fabulous and I bet it is even more beautiful in person....I enjoy your blog it makes me smile!

  15. Hello! Just came across your blog from Jinky Art's website! The pictures of your farm caught my eye right away.... LOVE LOVE your home!! Looks like Montana's weather is the same as Alberta! We normally have desert like weather, but this year the rain keeps coming!
    Love your blog... you are now on my google reader list ;-)

  16. Hey! I absolutely love the pix on your blog. They are beautiful! What are those dainty lil pink buds? Sooooo cute.

  17. Your farm looks gloriously beautiful!! I can totally understand why Barb wants to come and do a workshop at your farm!
    And I'm so glad that you are finally getting the Mazatlan bean smell out of your car! LOL! The nacho recipe a few posts down does look delicious though!

  18. I so totally and completely understand your garden anxiety! We both have the pressure this year, don't we - well, I think you will be fine - it's going to be fabulous! Thank God for the Meadowbrook Farmer. Glenco is the same - getting things done left and right. I told him that I'm hiring a crop duster after the Garden Walk to fly by and spray RoundUp on the whole thing. I'll be so weary of it all by then - When exactly is your D-Day?

  19. Hope the weather is staying dryer for a little while for you now. Love the shot of the bales of hay and the last photo with the white chair in the background with the red boat. Looks great with the red blossoms as the focal point.

  20. I do believe we have been having the same weather! I finally got in the garden in earnest this week! Whoo hoo!

  21. I know this is an old post, but I just found your blog via Pinterest. Have been reading and looking at your amazing photos since (yesterday!). And I've been sending links to my siblings, who live on the other side of the country from me. We are wondering what the beautiful tree is in the last photo?

    Your blog is stunning!!!!!!

    1. Hi Kerry!
      Nice to meet you!
      It's a Hawthorne tree. It's blooming again right now and soooo pretty!

  22. I JUST found it online (isn't the Internet fantastic?!) - have no idea how. And I was right, it's a Hawthorne, a Pauls Scarlet, I believe. So glad you responded, though, to verify it for me. It's the most beautiful tree! My siblings will be glad to know, too.

    Thank you so much, Teresa! So glad I found your beautiful blog!