June 8, 2010

hanging with the cool kids

Back when I was just dipping my toe in the blog pool....as in just learning about the blog world (I was a late blog bloomer - took me quite a while to even realize they exist) the very first photography blog I came across was JinkyArt, the blog of amazing Australian photographer, Barb Uil.

I was also just dipping my toe (other foot) in the photography pool, and was led to Barb's Itty Bitty Actions site as I was learning about Photoshop actions.

I was immediately hooked by her style.

Barb's photos are magical.

They immediately transport you to a place where make-believe is reality.

Where boys can be boys.

Where whimsy is the norm.

A place where color sings.

And black and white tells its own beautiful story.

Barb's photos make you feel like a kid again.

Each time I visit her blog, I find myself wondering how such magic is created.

In an amazing turn of events, I'm going to get a chance to find out for myself.

This summer, Barb is going to be holding workshops in the U.S.

Now here's the truly amazing part. Not only do I get the opportunity to attend a Jinkyart workshop, I get the unbelievable privilege to actually host several of Barb's workshops right here at Meadowbrook Farm.

I know. I still can't quite believe it myself.

It will truly be the opportunity of a lifetime for me to be able to learn from someone with such talent. I'm so thankful that Barb chose my little corner of the world as one of her U.S. locations. I'm extremely excited, and at the moment a bit overwhelmed with all that needs to be done before July.

I know I sound like a broken record, but it's still raining here, and my gardens are a soggy, weedy mess. But the time has come, rain or shine, to tackle the beast, free the little plant prisoners from the greenhouse, and pretend summer is on its way. I have exactly one month to get this place in tip-top shape and I'm not quite sure how that's going to happen.

I'll keep you posted!

If you have a moment, pop over to the Jinkyart website and make sure you watch the movie of a Jinkyart photoshoot. Very sweet. And if you'd like to join us for a workshop, there are a few seats left.

It's going to be fun!

(All photos are used with permission. Thanks Barb!)


  1. WOW! Are you ever lucky! I LOVE her photography! and to combine her and your gorgeous farm? hmmm ... I have got to see if I can make this happen! It's official - you ARE one of the cool kids!

  2. Going to go visit now... here photos are ethereal and lovely... magical. Love them!


  3. She made a smart choice, choosing your neck of the woods...it's a beautiful place...sure wish I could come! Have a blast, I'm sure you photograph her teaching how to take photographs, and I can't wait to see your photojournalist side come out!

  4. Wow! Those are amazing! I hope one day to figure this whole photography thing out...I'm hopping over to her site now!


  5. Simply......FABULOUS!!! OMG that movie was fantastic too!!
    You lucky lady.....can't wait to see what you have instore for us!!

  6. I'm thrilled for you!! You must be so proud and at the same time overwhelmed. Her work is gorgeous and you should be honored that she is coming to Meadowbrook. Can't wait to see the results,

  7. I am so excited for you!!!

    It's raining there? I had no idea! You should have mentioned it!

  8. You know I wish I could be there! Just looked at it all again...sigh...money from heaven?

  9. Oooh no Im honored - thank YOU for hosting us! Thanks for all you said and I cant wait! We leave in 3 short weeks and Im about dying to meet you now! =) See you soon! - Barb

  10. T! You must be in a tizzy! Her pictures are amazing. Those first ones took me back to Little House on the Prairie! I'm so excited for you to be having this amazing experience. I just know this is going to be life changing for you!

  11. Dear goodness... those are the most colourful wonders of photos I have ever laid my eyes on!!! WOW!!!

  12. whoa that's awesome! definatly need to check into that.

  13. Oh my goodness, I haven't visited for a while and there is so much loveliness to see! Finally figured out how to get updates via Bloglines, so I will be back on a more regular basis. I LOVE these photos! What an amazing workshop that is going to be. Wish I'd known about it, sooner. I am still a beginning photographer but really really wanting to take it up a notch ~ F A S T!
    But, I can tell from these photos, that it takes education and patience. 'Lots of patience : )
    Hope your weather improves, soon!
    xx Suzanne

  14. those photos are just AMAZING! Wish I could visit for a workshop.

    And, it's still raining here too (Vancouver, BC)!

  15. How wonderful for you to be able to host her. Your farm will definitely give her some super opportunities for great photos. Hopefully she will want to shoot a few (tons) of shots of little Zailey while she is running her workshop!