July 26, 2010

back to normal

Seven Awesome Aussies.

Thirty seven lovely workshop attendees.

Seventy....yes, seven zero, you heard right, 70, adorable models.

Two weeks of picture perfect weather.

Three JinkyArt workshops that went off without a hitch.

I honestly don't think things could have gone better.

Barb taught each workshop under the trees by our pond and I think the only hiccups we experienced were the Canadian geese fighting on the pond as she was speaking during one of the workshops, and a low flying prop plane that buzzed us several times during another. Obviously word was out about the great time we were having and they all, fliers and fowl alike, wanted to get in on the fun.

I learned so much from Barb and I also learned a lot from the other photographers in attendance. Everyone was very willing to share what works for them, and I so wish we could have had more time to visit and really get to know each other. Barb packs her workshops with such an unbelievable amount of valuable information, I was glad I had three different opportunities to soak it all up.

I found myself on the fringe of most of the photo shoots, knowing I could probably call some of the models back for one-on-one practice sessions after the workshops were over. I've already asked a few of the moms, and they are all game to let me practice on their kiddos.

How nice is that?!

Here are a few of the shots I did get - Montana has the cutest kids on the planet!

So, with the workshops behind me, it's been back to life as normal around here. My hubby and I spent a much needed weekend just playing - something we hadn't done for months as all our together time had consisted of work, work, work.

Saturday morning we ate our way around our local farmers market and then later in the day took a drive to this beautiful mountain lake.

He kept shushing me in case there was a moose to be seen, and I kept talking loud in case there was a moose that wanted to chase me into the lake.

No moose. I win.

Sunday we went on a vertical hike to this lake.

I almost died, it was so steep. I've been here two other times and I don't remember my life flashing in front of my eyes before. I blame it on the high elevation and thin air, even though there's a good chance the elevation was similar the last time I went. Perhaps there really is something to all that global warming talk and the oceans rising and all. That would change the elevation, wouldn't it?

Regardless, it was steep and that's not all.....there were actually two more lakes just waiting to be visited above this one.

I had a serious heart to heart with my hubby and asked him if he really wanted to have to carry me all the way back to the car or should we just call it a day at the first lake and he said I could wait for him at the first lake, but then he wouldn't be able to protect me from the bears/moose/wolves that were just waiting in the bushes for a chance to get me and finally we reached a deal wherein I told him I'd go to the second lake, but couldn't guarantee the third, so off we went.

More huffing and puffing and high heart rates later, here is lake two.

And here's my very own mountain goat checking his GPS and calculating whether he can get another 400 feet of elevation gain out of his pathetic excuse for a hiking partner.

Too make a long, painful, and pretty darn boring story short, we made it to the third lake.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. God's creation in all it's gorgeous, icy blue green, crystal clear splendor. Breathtaking to say the least. Quite possibly the prettiest place I've ever been.

On our way back down we stopped at a scenic overlook. Gorgeous craggy mountains in every direction.

And then in this direction, a sight that's much too familiar to residents of the Mountain West.

From here, it was hard to tell exactly where the fire was, but as we drove home, it became apparent it was in our very own neck of the woods.

Summer fires are inevitable around here, but it's usually August before they start breaking out. This one was probably caused by a lightning strike last week. It's not as close as it looks - probably a good twelve miles away from us back in the wilderness, but we can already smell the smoke and hear the helicopters overhead. Hopefully, it won't get much worse than this, but we've had summers where the smoke is so thick we don't see the sun for weeks on end.

So, that sums up what's happening in my corner of the world. My favorite time of year is slipping away much too fast for my liking and I need to find a way to put the brakes on.

Summertime, summertime, oh how I love thee.

"In summer, the song sings itself."
~William Carlos Williams


  1. Me thinks me could do without summertime this year since we have been having a 30 day heat wave.

    My knees would not hold up on that kind of a hike, but the views up top sure were worth it!

    If this heat and dry weather pattern keeps up we will have fire threats here in the Blue Ridge Mountains as well. Kind of scary.


  2. Gorgeous! Montana looks like a vacation destination that me & my family need to add to our list!

  3. What a gorgeous hike! Glad to see you made it through the whole thing and were able to see all three lakes. Just think of what you would have missed out on. :)

    Hope that pesky little fire stays away from you guys.

  4. Your pictures are spectacular. Wish I could be there to enjoy the view as well. Oh, yes, I would prefer the view minus the moose chasing woman also!

  5. Oh Teresa, I have to tell you that my husband has a serious case of Montana envy. He loves it there. I think I told you before that he went on a motorcycle trip out west two years ago and ever since, he wants to live there. That is also what inspired our vintage western room. He is cooking on the grill right now but he can't wait to look at the pictures after dinner.


  6. There is a reason the workshops went off without a hitch...you were such an incredible host, and with your farm as a backdrop...what could go wrong?! It was such pleasure meeting you and your family, they were all so gracious as you opened your home to all of us. Take care and good luck in all your photography endeavours!

  7. Teresa, your Montana children are indeed beautiful! I'm glad that everyone had a great time at the photo workshops. And the lakes you hiked to are breathtaking! (in more ways than one apparently.) How lucky you are to have such beauty so close to where you live!
    Yikes, 12 miles is too close for comfort with forest fires... I am praying that the firefighters can get this one out quickly!

  8. I am a newer follower and I just love your blog! The pictures are awsome! I am a beginning photographer and am slowly learning. I hope my blog is as cute as yours someday! What kind of camera do you use?

  9. That's it! We need to move to Montana- it is just take your breath away gorgeous.

  10. So, when I come to New York, will you charter a private plane to fly me over those magnificent lakes? I definitely would not want to miss them. And I definitely would not be scooting my own fanny up to them...Rush lives (used to live?) in NY. Maybe he'd loan us his plane??

  11. Montana is eighty kinds of lovely....it's a goal of mine to make it there and take a nice long look around. My brother married a gal from MT and she's as sweet as you seem to be! Gorgeous photos, and BRAVO to you for making all three lakes!

  12. What beautiful country, just breathtaking (apparently literally) Thank you for sharing these... can't get over the color of that water!...

  13. I {LOVE} all your pictures, Teresa, they are stunning!!! You are so talented and so incredible at what you do - you have so much to offer those around you!!! THANK YOU for hosting that amazing retreat and I too wish we'd had more time to chat with everyone. I loved talking with you that last night and could have talked for hours had the mosquitos not moved in with a vengeance!!! ;)

    Keep up with your blog - it's the perfect stepping stone into what will be your very successful photography business!!!! Have a great week!

  14. You almost died? That is terrible! :-)

    Seems like the good stuff on a hike is always straight up. Good thing you had that GPS-packing motivator with you.

  15. Thank you so much for opening your beautiful home and heart to all of us. Hope to keep in touch! Try the dip yet? xoxo.

  16. They do grow
    gorgeous children
    in Montana! And
    the prettiest lakes,
    as well!! I would
    huff and puff for
    those views, any day : )
    You really captured
    the day, brilliantly,
    Teresa ~ felt like I
    could reach right through
    my computer and feel
    the cold lake water!
    Thank you for your sweet
    comment on P&H; your
    words meant so much to
    both me and my friend
    Kathleen as she begins
    her journey with cancer.
    She's read every comment!
    Happy Tuesday and big hugs.
    xx Suzanne

  17. I've been trying to figure out which state you live in by the pictures, and see from the comments that you live in Montana. Is that right? The pictures are just beautiful and I like the banter you had with your husband!

  18. Cute kids and stunning scenery. I've glad the fire wasn't too close, I know that feeling too.

  19. Oh my goodness...such beautiful pictures. I would have to say that hike was definitely worth it! ...course, it cause me no pain whatsoever! ;-)

  20. Please ask Mr. Meadowbrook to take me there when I come a callin' I'll start training now. Good Lord honey, that's God's country fo sho. And those babies to boot. Are you sure you are still alive, and not already in heaven? Hhmmpph. I'd be checking my pulse if'n I were you. So glad that live is getting level for you again. What' the next thing ya got up yer sleeve?

  21. How stunning!! It would have killed me but sure looks worth the trek. Glad to see all went well for you at the Farm, too. Cute kids.

  22. what beautiful scenery! lovely shots.

  23. I am also married to a mountain goat, and I perennially use the excuse of elevation for my lack of hiking prowess (even though I've lived in high altitudes for 30 years) and it never seems to cut it. I'm afraid that oceans rising would actually lower the elevation, making us closer to sea level.....I tried that a while ago, and it backfired on me :) As usual stunning pictures, I don't think I've been to that lake, probably because of all the steepness. Glad you got some down time for once!

  24. Good for you following that mountain goat ;) Beautiful!! just beautiful! ;)

  25. I don't know a mom who wouldn't be game to let you take pictures of their kids. Your photography is beautiful!

  26. Oh, Teresa I think you really are going to find me sitting on your front porch some day! ;o) That hike was gorgeous and makes me miss our trips to your area. It just may have to be on the "must visit" list for next summer!

    Love your beautiful photos, as always.