August 27, 2010

dream garden

For the life of me, I can't quite figure out why I have avoided putting together a garden post this summer.

When I started blogging last fall, I was sure this would turn into a gardening blog. I couldn't wait till summer, when I'd have so many beautiful flowers to take photos of, a first year greenhouse to journal about, and a vegetable garden to make Mr. McGregor jealous.

But....this was a very strange year for my garden. A very wet, cold spring put everything into lock down mode, perennials played it safe, and my annuals didn't even consider kicking it into gear until August.

I just wasn't feeling the garden love like usual.

I was snapped out of my garden apathy yesterday, when I awoke to temperatures in the thirties. Unbeknownst to me, there had been a frost warning the night before, and once I realized my flowery little friends had dodged an icy bullet, I had a whole new appreciation for them and the crazy year they've endured.

A frost warning.

In August.

So, with a fresh reminder that their days are numbered, I will remember those cold, dreary, winter days spent dreaming of color and petals and stems.

I will remember that they are more than a chore.

More than a duty.

They are the stuff my winter dreams are made of.

And that dream is now.


  1. Simply beautiful! You have done a fantastic job in your garden. I love it. :)

  2. My passion for flowers began as a child in Florida. My mom has a green thumb and taught me the names of every flower in our yard. We'd go to nurseries all the time and she'd point out the fun, the classic, the unusual. So I learned the names & the passion continues today. Love your zinnias and blue morning glories, impatiens, petunias, marigolds and clematis and columbines...and everything else you have in there! Beautiful! And you're right, by winter's time, we will miss it all.

  3. Your garden is amazing! I am celebrating my 25th year as a landscape and garden designer and I can tell you, YOUR garden is not only inspiring but looks very professional. Thanks for sharing, Nan

  4. I had the same kind of a year - well - sorta, being on the garden walk and all, I HAD to get out there and face and fight the elements. It was such a wet spring, and then into a hot, drought-like summer. After the garden walk, I've hardly lifted a finger. The heat just sucks the garden life out of me. But now that the temps are cooling - I'm dreaming of garden work again. Love your vignettes Ben - love them. Delphiniums? Can't grow them to save my soul here. A frost warning in August? Law.

  5. oh, that would be my dream of a garden! We have a terrible time with delphiniums in Kansas. What other tall colorful flowers do you have around the fence? I think I see salvia...

  6. Ever so pretty! I am looking for a beat up wheelbarrow to plant in my garden!

  7. I must tell you - your garden posts are stuff my dreams are made of! They provide ENDLESS inspiration for me, and I love imagining how our home would look surrounded by your gardens. But seriously - this weather? Pish! It is awful! I have so many green tomatoes and very little hope that they will ever ripen...
    Have a lovely weekend my friend and embrace the cozy if you must... :)

  8. Absolutely stunning!! Frost warning in August...climate change is real...

  9. Your garden is absolutely breathtaking. Such sweet, simple perfection! Thanks for sharing all these beauties. You made me smile, sigh, and really really want a bigger garden. Have a great weekend!
    PS - Frost in AUGUST! Wow!

  10. Beautiful post. Frost warning??? That's crazy.


  11. Your garden is very, very lovely. It is the garden of my dreams! We are still doing our original landscaping and someday, if I work really hard, I will have a beautiful garden, too. Thank you for showing us this gorgeous place.

  12. Beautiful! Your photos are lovely. Frost warnings in August...ick! They are bad enough in October.

  13. Your garden is amazing. I wish mine was as beautiful. Maybe next year.

  14. Goodness! I think I would never go inside with being surrounded by such beauty. Truly amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Our flowers are all shriveled right now and the bushes are even turning brown. Kind of sad for August, but it's a strong sign that autumn is just around the corner. YAY.

    Great looking wheel barrow full of flowers!


  16. You have a very beautiful garden setting and your photography is top notch! I enjoyed this post very much.

  17. Amazing! I could learn a few things from you ;) I fail miserably with Larkspur, and I dearly love it :( -Tammy

  18. Wow! That photo of the birdhouse and white picket fence looks like something out of a fairy tale! All of your photos are just gorgeous.

    We refer to this as 'The Summer That Wasn't' here in Oregon. Nice but not summery. I'm wearing a fleece jacket at this moment. My flowers? Just so-so. Makes me a little nervous about the coming winter months...

  19. You are brilliant
    to get out there
    with your camera,
    NOW....In MN we
    are at the point
    where things are
    singed by the sun
    and heat, but the
    frost warnings are
    around the corner!
    LOVE your gardens....
    and your photos...
    beyond compare.
    Really, really.
    Happy weekend!
    xx Suzanne

  20. Such a pretty and peaceful garden! Beautiful photos :)


  21. My birdhouse twin! My birdhouse twin! Let me guess - you did the right thing and sealed it up with something or other. I didn't and mine is a faded, "antiqued", hot mess. I guess I'm the ugly twin.

    Also - Law, will I hide my eyes in shame when you roll in and bear witness to my "garden"...

    ps - Love your Heavenly Bluhs.

    pss - Texas Forever

  22. Your garden is just beautiful, I am in California and in the mountains the low will be 24!! In August! I have been quite startled too as I walked around and looked at my flowers today, and thought, you could be gone very soon. Scary thought to think winter could come on so fast.

  23. I know how you feel... we had the same weird May and June weather here in the Northwest part of Washington... after having a very mild January - March... what can you say about mother nature... she certainly does it her way... but a frost warning in August?? Wow.

    My zinnias never did much except the ones in my veggie garden that I grow for cutting. My delphinium was a no show, my hollyhocks covered with rust, but the larkspur and impatiens did well.

    The best thing about gardening is there is always next year...

  24. Your garden is the garden of my dreams. I'm so glad you showed us. Now I can come drool over yours even when it is 110 degrees outside.

  25. So much beauty every where! What do you think is the best time for a Montana visit? I'm pretty sure you will say around Farm Chicks time.
    P.S. I'm looking at that bug picture and thinking, if she can make a bug look that good, imagine what she can do with my family!

  26. Beautiful pictures. Is there a spot of your land that ISN'T scenic? Love the white picket fence!

  27. Your garden is so lovely. What a shame that your first frost comes so early!

  28. Your world is so unreal!!!!! You truly live in a slice of heaven on earth! And you are a wonderful photographer!!!!!! Thanks you for letting us share this wonderful spot! Sandy

  29. Oh my! Your flowers are gorgeous!! I wish my thumb was as green as yours. More garden pics please!

  30. OMG, I am swooning. I am so wordy but there aren't words!!! I agree, heaven will be like these photos.

  31. Your garden is stunning. It's the garden I have dreamed of but never attained. You are blessed and you must have a 10 green fingers :)
    Amy-Verde Farm

  32. Your yard is absolutely gorgeous! What a treat to see your pictures! :)

  33. Your garden is truly enchanted with all the colorful flowers. I am envious of your garden. I can’t believe that there is also what they called a perfect garden! What do you call the flowers in your third picture?

  34. Thank you!

    I always find so much garden inspiration looking at your photographs. But the Morning Glory made my heart skip a beat...stunningly beautiful. =)

  35. So lovely and ethereal. Even if your garden love is a 'late bloomer' this year, I'm glad you took the time to share!

  36. I can’t believe that there is really what they called enchanted garden that has a fairy that keeps it enchanted. Lol. Your garden is really wonderful and I just can’t tell how it really made my eyes big seeing all the lovely flowers of yours. This is my dream garden and I wished that my dream will come true someday.

  37. As I can see in your garden photos, I can really tell that you really have passion in gardening. I really adore your whole gardening for having gorgeous flowers. I love the color combination of the flowers. What do you call the flower on the second to last photo?

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  39. very pretty! Have fun planning that year-round color. I haven't acheived it yet, but we're good March through October at least. I'm thinking ornamental cabbage for some winter color?

    Davidda recently posted...flower gardening tips for beginners