August 16, 2010

little boy blue

Meet Baby Greyson.

Meet Baby Greyson's gorgeous blue eyes.

This handsome little fella is the first workshop model to come back and have a playdate with me.

At eight months old, he is at one of my very favorite baby stages..... so fun to play with, but not yet crawling a hundred miles an hour.

Come to think of it, pretty much every baby stage is my favorite baby stage!

Greyson's mama let me know that he enjoys bath time, so we got out my latest antiquing find, a double galvanized (leaky) wash tub.

What a cutie!

Thanks for coming over for a visit, Greyson. I had so much fun taking your picture!


  1. Oh my gosh, Teresa! What a cutie!! Those eyes...those toes...that little tongue. Aren't babies just delicious??

    Fabulous photos, as always! Not so difficult with such a gorgeous little subject, is it?? ;o)


  2. Those are fabulous!! You captured his stage so well. And those eyes...

  3. Adorable! And the baby feet, LOVE the baby feet.

  4. Oh ya, he's gonna be a heartbreaker with those eyes. I love his name!


  5. I almost couldn't bear this post. Those denim eyes, that toothless smile - just the plumpness. I couldn't do it. I'd never get my hands off of him long enough to take a photo. I'm afraid I'd make him cry, cause he's asking for a good squeezing and pinching sitting there looking too cute for words. I'm seriously squealing out loud!

  6. What a beautiful baby and excellent photos! Good job! I stumbled on to your blog awhile back from a mutual friend...I am sorry I cannot remember who she was now. I have enjoyed what I have read so far.
    So "Hi" from CA!


  7. Ok, I know the sweet little boy is supposed to be the star of the show, but THAT RED CHAIR!!! I love red chair against the blue denim. Beautiful photos.


  8. What a sweet little buddy! (all babies - human and animal - are 'buddy' to me)

    Your pics are *amazing* Teresa. Remember back in the day when those horrible old posed studio photos with some phony barnyard in the background and everyone looking slightly off in one direction were about the only choice? Ack.

    Love, love, love your work!

  9. Beautiful photos and a beautiful baby! My "baby" is also named Grayson...but he is 10 years old now!



  10. What a unique and wonderful name he has. Love all the tub photos in the great outdoors...


  11. What a cutie and those eyes! I love that last picture of him!

  12. What a little darling! I could just stay here for hours and smile!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! Both the baby and the photos! How I wish you could take photos of my two. Beautiful!

  14. I have a thing for sniffin' baby toes!! I love little piggies that smell like bubbles even more!!!

    God Bless Ya!!

  15. You did your thang, girl. He's a smoochy doll-face. I wish I would've known you back when Ruby's arms put the Michelin Man to shame.

  16. That's what I call FUN!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs of this handsome young man!!

    Always, Teresa

  17. Oh, those eyes. You really captured them!! He reminds me of the "Gerber" babies of years gone by.

  18. Wow, I'm not sure
    what is more beautiful,
    the gorgeous baby or
    the PICTURES of the
    gorgeous baby! Loved
    both and bet you had
    a ball with him : )
    Happy Tuesday!
    xx Suzanne

  19. Just gorgeous, how could you let him go home?

  20. Teresa these are jut beautiful!!!!......and his EYES....OH MY WORD they are beautiful and so blue!

    PERFECTION all the way around!

  21. He is one beautiful baby. Lovely shots.

  22. He is absolutely adorable! Love every
    photo but the little baby feet are a
    real heart tugger. The bath tub photos
    are so darn the tongue!
    Your photos are breathtaking, Teresa!
    Of course, having such a cutie to photo-
    graph makes it even better!