October 7, 2010

simple homemade applesauce

Have you ever made applesauce? It's the easiest thing ever, and so worth the little bit of effort you put into it.

Back in the day, I used to pick apples from any tree offered, but now I'm lazy. I admit, there was something special about using local McIntosh apples, but honestly, buying the huge, beautiful apples at the store is so much easier. Peeling one big Honeycrisp gives you about the same amount of apple as peeling four of the little home grown fellas.

These days, I'm all about getting the most bang for my peeling buck.

I know.


Let's just pretend I picked my apples off a local tree because we'll all feel much more Mother Earth News if we do.

So. This year, I used a combination of Honeycrisp, because they are the aforementioned huge, Gala, because they were on sale, and Granny Smith. I always use Granny's - they have a flavor that can't be matched for applesauce.

Peel and chop. I've used the stove top and crock pot, but this year opted for the microwave. Which is probably just adding insult to injury. Store bought apples cooked in the microwave.

I don't deserve to live on a farm.

Let's just pretend I built a fire out in the yard, hung a cast iron kettle and cooked my apples in that.

I stirred them every six minutes and after about twenty five minutes, mashed them with my potato masher. We like our sauce pretty chunky, but if you like yours smooth, an immersion blender would work really well also.

I add sugar to taste after the mashing is done, cook for just a couple more minutes, and here's the final nail in the applesauce coffin.....I don't even can my sauce. I put it in jars and freeze it.

This year, the apples did double duty. Little Miss Zailey got to pose with, (and drool on), them before they met their maker.

That alone will make this year's batch the best ever.


  1. You even make applesauce beautiful :)
    Sounds yummy and easy! I must try. The little girl is precious.

  2. Wait - let me get this straight - you buy apples from God only knows where - you microwave them, and you freeze them. Law - I just don't know you anymore.

  3. What a cutie sitting in the crate! She makes the apples look that much better. :)

    I'm going to have to try making applesauce. I've never ventured there. Yummy!

  4. Looks tasty! I have such a weird family - they run for the hills at the sight of applesauce. I on the other hand love it.

  5. "I don't deserve to live on a farm." Too funny!

    I make applesauce (well technically I call it cooked apples) and I have frozen it too. Works great. I have four honeycrisp apples now (they are huge) and plan to make apples with pork chops tonight. :)

  6. You're hilarious, Teresa! Just hilarious...and that little crated cutie? SWEET!

  7. She is a doll!
    I love homemade applesauce.

  8. You continue to slay me with your perfectly swoonalicous pictures of random indigestibles atop vintage table-toppery.

    And I'm all over that applesauce. And I will buy mine at the store, too. And since I have your permission, I may just nuke 'em.

  9. I have this vintage tablecloth under the green bowl of applesauce! You know they grow apples here in Homer Alaska and I have two trees myself, mind you they have not done much of anything in 5 years but they do survive. A friend has an entire orchard. His apples will not look like these but they are edible. Lovely photos as usual. Nan

  10. Look great! So where is the cinn? Or is that on top?
    I will have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Looks delicioso!! I have a friend who only makes freezer applesauce and jam. (She doesn't like to can.) And lIttle Miss Zailey is just as cute as a button!

  12. Miss Zailey is pretty darned precious!

  13. Oh it is so yummy - beautiful pictures.

  14. gosh i wish you lived closer! any chance you'll be coming to indiana any time sooN! LOL! would love to have you do a photo shoot of my little one! sigh....

  15. I guess I'm lazy too, I don't can my applesauce either. I do think I'm one up on you, I don't even PEEL my apples... I put them through a food mill after cooking them, one of those hand crank types and the peel is left behind. Looks delish. We have a local apple orchard that grows the honeycrisp variety, I think it's their specialty.


  16. Your photos are just dreamy!!
    I just might have to try making applesauce!! But I much prefer to eat my apples peel and all:):)
    And I think Honeycrips are the BEST!!!

  17. Yum! Thanks for offering an easier way--and that picture is amazing.

  18. One of my favorite things to do - last year I copied someones recipe for a crockpot applesauce with caramels in it that was wonderful. Don't know why but I find canning so relaxing. Love your blog...Jennifer of jennsthreegraces

  19. You make it sound so easy! It couldn't possibly be! All I know is I better do something with these ugly apples I got at the orchard last weekend!

  20. I'm not sure if you live near Corvallis, MT, but I picked up two wooden crates like your little model was perched in at a small orchard off the Eastside Hwy back in '98, along with some delicious McIntosh apples. I miss Montana *sigh*. Enjoy your piece of Heaven on Earth :) and I enjoy hearing about and seeing it.
    Lisa in WA