October 12, 2010

falling for fall

It's official.

Let the record show that I am hereby a Fall Girl.

I've spent my entire life boldly proclaiming my love of Summer.
I have lived for Summer.
Longed for Summer.
Had God given me a daughter, I would have named her Summer.


Yesterday, as I hurriedly harvested the pumpkins and gourds that survived on Pumpkin Island, and even more hurriedly arranged them in a wagon, and then hurriedly took some pictures, before I hurried off to a birthday lunch, I fell in love with Fall.

I fell in love with the crisp bite in the air.

And the leaves on the ground.

I fell in love with perfect little curlicues.

And the cute little in-betweens that are no longer blossoms but not yet gourds.

I fell in love with green and orange and yellow.

I fell in love, once again, with the wagon that hauled my boys around when they were little.

And most of all, for some odd reason, especially odd since I almost never opt for white when there is color to be had, I fell in love with this little guy.

I didn't want to leave my little wagon of all things Autumn. I wanted to spend some time, time that I didn't have, just enjoying the beauty and the color and the vines and the tendrils.

But, I had places to go and people to see.

I think my issue with Fall, the reason I can't let myself just relax and enjoy it, is the ever looming feeling that the axe could fall at any moment. There's that chance that we may not get another glorious, golden lighted, blue skied, brisk and beautiful day. This year has brought the best Fall I can ever remember. Snappy mornings and warm afternoons all glowing in the slanted rays of a sun that's headed south for the Winter, a Winter that can come quickly here. Once it comes, it's usually here to stay.

But this year, I'm letting my guard down and for now anyway, my heart belongs to October and spiced apple cake and mums.

I so wish I could leave you here, ready to rake some leaves and bake a pumpkin pie. However, circumstances demand that we go all double subject today, because an update is in order and it just can't wait.

I told you about the visitor/visitors we had on the farm last week, right? Well, Sunday morning, my husband got the call that there were three young bears in our next door neighbor's tree.

After all three of the men that happened to be present (one of which promised to love, honor and sacrifice himself to save me, till death do us part) promised to run interference for me if mama showed up, I grabbed a couple shots of the apple stealers.

Way up high, away from me, I have to admit he's kind of cute.

(It goes without saying that I used my longest lens and cropped big time for these shots.)

I liked this. I liked seeing them on my terms. I liked having them way up in a tree. I liked having three cars right next to me should I need to make a quick exit.

However, should we unexpectedly meet face to face, I will die on the spot.

Never to be heard from again.

Until then, I'll just be pondering my future career as a National Geographic photographer.

From the safety of my comfy chair, inside my cozy house.


  1. Terrific shots as always. Wow - I would not have gotten near those bears without my 300 telephoto zoom on! 70 feet away with the car nearby and the door open and motor running may be enough to get me out there. Maybe.
    And is it me or does that white pumpkin look like a little ghost?

  2. beautiful shots of the pumpkins and the bears look adorable! glad mama bear didn't show up

  3. Love the pumpkins. I would be growing all kinds if I just had the room. We have that very same wagon. I might have to "borrow" it from the kids for my own little ideas that pop up. :) And so glad to hear that you were safely away from the visitors in the tree. I would choose to be in a comfy chair, in a comfy house also.

  4. How completely adorable they are 'from a distance'. My girlfriend in Colorado Springs, CO has bears enter her yard often. They wander through the yard, across her driveway, etc. Have to be careful stepping outside your house there just in case you come face to face with one.


  5. Your photography is amazing! I love the pumpkin pictures and the bear pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Teresa, Firstly I loved your pumpkins and gords; such beauty in the bounty. Secondly you'll have to check my post out too cause we saw a cutie yesterday, from a distance. Even with my 300 lense it didn't do our bear justice. Yours were much cuter.
    Have a delightful autumn week.

  7. With your pictures to look at, I could get into Fall. Your photos just capture everything good about fall and they are gorgeous! But the bear pictures take the prize. They look like sweet cuddle bears. I'm glad you were able to get such great shots from a safe distance.

  8. I hear ya ... I used to be a 'Spring Girl' myself but now, just as you, I am complete gaga over Fall.

    Yup, I'm a 'Fall Girl' all the way and having grown up on a farm ... I love the garden in the fall even more (okay, maybe just as much) as in the spring.

    Your pictures are INCREDIBLE. Love the curlicue & those snuggly little Teddy Bears you keep up in the apple tree!

    Happy Harvesting ...

  9. Totally a fall girl! The bears are sooo cute. Thank goodness for telephoto lenses!! =D

  10. By time I got to the end of the post and read about the bears, I completely forgot that you talked about fall and punkins cause of all the excitement. OHHH how I'd loved to have seen those bear bellies with ya...from the safety of a car...with a telephoto lens...and animal control with me! What happened to them? Do you just leave them there? And where was that mama?

  11. Oh the bears are so cute, now those little fellows didn't bother you did they !! Fantastic shots you got.

  12. I love fall and winter the best. Here in Arizona spring and summer are too hot. Fall it starts getting nice and winter is golfing weather~not that I golf, but we can actually go outside and enjoy the time in the outdoors.
    love your blog~have you bookmarked.

  13. Oh my...those pumpkins shots in the wagon, Sigh.
    It couldn't be any prettier. I would say your island came through for you. Have to know what type of pumking those little ones are with fingers on the bottom? I've never seend those where I live and they are too cute.

    As for the visitors--great shots! How cute they are up in that tree. They look like big teddy bears but I wouldn't want to be any closer than you were either :)

  14. Yay glad the pumpkins & gourds survived the island.

    ooh bears oh my! your right they sure are cute thou

  15. The bears -- Wow!

    And yes, I too just recently fell in love with Autumn -- about 2 years ago. My favorite is still spring; but Autumn is sure a close 2nd.

  16. Gorgeous ! I love those curlicues too! Your photography is breathtaking, so inspired I posted on FB today!

  17. I'm starting to love fall too, even though it's the harbinger of winter! We've had perfect fall weather, except for a little flooding, but hey it can't always be perfect right?!

    And holy moly I thought I had some cool shots a month ago of raccoons eating cherries from our tree...you win!!! Great pictures, and they are cute! Maybe remote nature photography is the wave of the future...if so I'll join you at Nat Geo!! ;-)

    Kat :)

  18. This was the most amazing post for several reasons!
    1) I always thought I was a Summer girl too! I am still on the fence, but Fall is definitely winning my heart!
    2) My husband actually thought my favorite season was fall before we were married since I raved about how much I liked it. He made me an art piece full of leaves and wood, and on the back he wrote a sweet letter about how he "knew my favorite season was Fall". We had a good laugh about the fact that summer is actually my favorite season. Although, I must agree this Fall has really had me rethinking things!
    3) What beautifully pictures!! I love them!
    4) How fun to find a bear in your tree!! And to get a picture of it!! We do not live in an area with bears! What a sight!

    Thanks for sharing! I love it!
    Have a wonderful evening!
    Megan @ A Blossoming Homestead

  19. Welcome to the wonderful world of fall my dear. I live in a fall frame of mind all year long. Guess where I spent the day? Das Village. Guess what I ate? Black forest ham with pepper jam and grilled asparagus. Guess who I thought of? You. Love the bear pictures - but I think I would flip if they were on my property. Do they kill chickens?

  20. I, too, am deserting spring for fall...officially. I did it on facebook this weekend. "October is now officially my favorite month!"
    Summertime has never been my favorite in TX...just too, too hot!

  21. I love your fall pictures and I love fall too! But your right, it is over all too quickly....and I don't love winter!
    So, what did they do with the bears?

  22. I'm a fall girl too. Have been for a very long time. Sweaters, knitted hats, cocoa, bon fires..it's all to perfect. Such pretty images you take! Oh, and yikes to the bear.

  23. Can you please tell us what kind of camera and lenses you use? Your photography is absolutely beautiful!

  24. Wow! That's how I describe my time on your blog. The images are beautiful! Having a semi-secret love affair with farm life, your blog is about to become my fix. So happy to have found you. liz

  25. Your pumpkins and gourds are fab. The funky little one is so unusual, never seen one like that.

    I used to be a summer person but there was always that little bit of me that looked forward to autumn... ya know, change like a new grade in school, new school clothes. I've always felt that autumn was a little more of a "new season" than spring.

    The bears are adorable, however I wouldn't have gotten a very good picture from INSIDE of my house. I'm not very adventurous, especially around things that can run faster than me and have sharp teeth!:)

  26. Your so right about fall. It's a wonderful season, one that I don't normally take the time to enjoy very much. I do however start taking evening walks with the girls. Love the crisp cool air, the stillness, and the sound of crispy leaves under my feet.

  27. Wow! Is it crazy that I just want to scrunch up his cheeks in my hands and scratch him behind his ears? Did you try that?

    Those pictures are amazing. I better not show my wannabe bear hunter!

    I'm glad you are enjoying Autumn. I think I will do an Autumn in the Village post next week. I wish you were here to see the colors!

  28. After living in Maine for 2 years as a young girl, I am definitely a fall girl, too. But here in Texas we don't really get "fall". I still miss the color changes.....sigh.
    We do have a glorious spring though!

  29. There's nothing I can add to what's already been said...lovely, as always!

    Your portraits always have a clean, bright lighting to them...not a harsh flash. It's time for family photos here on the farm...would you mind sharing how you achieve that natural, crisp lighting? Thanks a bunch!

  30. LOVE your photos! LOVE where you live. LOVE that you share it with us. LOVE that you got pictures of those cubs.

    And what Windy above this post said...could you sometime share how you achieve that bold, natural, crisp lighting?

  31. From dull and dreich autumn in Scotland your pics and words painted a picture for me that was inspiring - looking forward to the sun shining tomorrow!

  32. Love the photos!! And how cool is that ... that you have a baby bear in your backyard! So cute:)

  33. If God had blessed your with a daughter you could have named her "Autumn" I know a gal who has this name. It is a lovely name. Guess what her maiden name was----Raeker. How clever were her parent's? The icing on the cake-she has a fall birthday.

  34. Here's a request: Could you have a periodic Q & A post? I think we all have questions about your property, photography, and gardening. I sure do!

  35. I totally agree on your autumn thoughts. I think it's all the more special because we do know that winter is around the corner!

    We used to live in Colorado and had bears in our area. Like you, I had no desire to get close to them. Now see one from the safety of my vehicle or home? I could handle that.

  36. Beautiful pictures! I too am a fall girl who always loved summer! I tend to be cold natured, and those warm months couldn't come fast enough for me... but the *slightly* cool days of fall with all the bright orange pumpkins, crunchy leaves and fresh air.. the entice me... ah... I LOVE fall!

  37. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. They are beautiful and very inspiring. I love the brightness and vividness of them - thank you for your time!

  38. Ohhh I need to hear good things about Montana for my big move there in the near future. No date yet, but it will happen.
    Beautiful shots!

  39. I am also a summer girl, falling in love with fall. I love your post, I wandered over from Flower Patch Farmgirl and think Ill stay awhile! Great blog:)

  40. Love your blog! Where have you been?

  41. Hello Teresa!
    I don't know how I missed this post..but I did! When I lived in British Columbia I LOVED fall...it was that strange feeling of urgency that's in the air along with the woodsmoke. Time to bring in the last of the veggies and fruit and scrounge for firewood. I used to love being in the forest and enjoying the beautiful colours of fall...the smell in the air. It was always sad to wake up and find the leaves were all down but then there was the anticipation of that first snow fall. Living in a little ski village most of the people LIVED for winter and LOTS of snow so that attitude rubbed off on you. That was until the first time you had to shovel the drive or your car off...at least the non skiers felt that way. My oldest son still lives in that ski village and he and his whole family can't wait for the snow. Here in Kansas...I can do without snow...except for the month of December. So..enjoy your fall for as long as you can and please keep taking more beautiful photo's for us to enjoy. Have a great weekend.
    Maura :)

  42. I forgot!
    I wanted to mention the bears...that was the other reason I loved fall. We had fruit trees and every fall they would come around and check the fruit to see if it was ripe. If you didn't get it picked right away...they'd pick it for you! I really do miss the thrill of seeing one in my yard. :)