November 5, 2010

back in the saddle

So, when one takes a three and a half week long, totally unintended blog break, does one need to make the first post after returning from said blog break earth shattering, mountain moving and rivetingly interesting?

If the answer to that question is yes, then we are all in big trouble.

The longer I stayed away, the harder it got to jump back in. I started several different posts, one of which was about cantaloupe and another that in a very round about way told you how I used to have a lavender kitchen. Neither seemed publish worthy, so I just continued to give the blogger dashboard the cold shoulder.

I will say the blog break included a road trip, on which I listened to the audio version of The Help. Fabulous book and the CD's give you the added benefit of having three different actresses read the parts and they did an absolutely amazing job.

Good book.

On my blog break I also went to Costco....hungry. Have you every gone to Costco on an empty stomach? Don't do it. It results in buyers remorse over a cart full of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Costco cinnamon rolls and quite possibly a few other items I'm not willing to share on the internet. I know better, and I'm pretty sure it cost me at least an additional $100.00. At least. I already have issues the second I walk through the Costco door, such as the panicky feeling that if I don't buy the 48 pack of cream of mushroom soup and the jumbo 487,000 square foot box of plastic wrap, the world as we know it may very well come to an end.

Is it just me, or does everybody get Costco Fever? I have a suspicion I'm not alone.

(And here I was thinking this post was going to lean toward the boring side....who could be bored reading about my trip to Costco? This post is already screaming Pulitzer and I'm not even done yet.)

My blog break included lots and lots and lots of pictures. Brand new Baby Harlee paid me a visit....

She's about as precious as it gets.

I also had a date with this handsome fella.....

....and a batch of puppies. What a great combination! These were the final four of a litter of ten. Cutest things ever.

Do you think he'll be this happy to rake leaves when he's sixteen and it's one of his chores?

Fall is still doing its glorious thing around here. Crisp mornings, beautifully sunny days and shiny liquid gold leaves everywhere you look.

I just need to take the time to stop and smell the roses while I still can.


  1. Welcome back! We don't have a I'm safe! ;-) And your pictures are wonderful as always!

    Kat :)

  2. Glad you're back. I know how you feel ... I took a week off, and it was hard to get something profound to post about after that ... not that 'profound' is necessary, it just feels like it is.

    Costco is scheduled to be one of my stops this afternoon ... I shall approach it with a full tummy and a positive attitude ... it's still gonna cost a fortune.

  3. Your pictures are wonderful... The landscape ones make me miss fall time in the north, and the baby ones make me wish you were close to take pics of mine! :) I know I've said it before here, but yeah, I totally get the Costco fever! I tell my hubby if it's been too long that I miss Costco and need to go. I love browsing the books and movies while the kids try every.single.toy out next to me. :)

  4. I'm glad that you, and your pictures are back, my friend! I love the ones of the little people the very best, they're just gorgeous!!

  5. Welcome back! Love the fall photos. Shopping on an empty stomach is always trouble.

  6. Welcome Back!

    Great (Beautiful) photos and cute little pumpkins (meaning the kiddo's of course)...

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hello Teresa!
    Welcome back to blogland. Oh I know exactly what you're talking about...we don't have Costco here but we do have Sam's Club which is just as bad/good. I learned my lesson about going hungry there too...sigh. Beautiful photo's especially the ones of the grand kids and the pups...just PRECIOUS!!! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. It's great to 'see' you again.
    Maura :)

  8. As if the baby wasn't enough, you had to bring in the puppies. Wow!

    What kind of camera and what kind of lens are you using?

  9. Law girl - those pictures are fabooluss. I don't take three week blog breaks and I still can't come up with stuff, as you could see from yesterday's post! The fact that you were going to blog about a cantaloupe cracked me flat up. Flat up. I love reading your drivel - so keep at it.

  10. Your photos are breath taking! The little ones precious. Longing for those roses. We have snow ~ it's going to be a long winter.

  11. Well, I guess I can get over your MIA status since you brought along a wagon full of puppies to make it all better.

    And I suspect that cantaloupe post would have had some seriously gorgeous cantaloupe portaits to go with it. Were they Costco cantaloupes?

  12. I was hoping you would show up sooner than later. Don't feel you have to post anything that special, just post what is going on around you and I'm sure we'll find it interesting as all our lives are so different from one another, what you find boring maybe of great interest to another. Love the blue on the little guy. Lucky for me our Costco is 232 miles away and I don't even have a membership. Since I switched to Primal I would not be buying any of that stuff anyway. Take Care Nan

  13. i've missed you! Your photos are stunning as always. I especially love the wheelbarrow shot. And the reflection in the water shot. Glad you came back.

  14. So very glad to have you back - I've missed you! A break every now and then is a good thing.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. Welcome back! we'll take you and your gorgeous photos anytime, so no worries! And cute kiddos AND puppies? Be still my heart!

  16. I'm so glad you're back. Your pictures and posts are always so inspiring. Hope you're feeling fresh and rested!


  17. Absolutely LOVING your photography!!! I have missed you but am so aware of the occasional need for a break. It is difficult to write when you don't feel really inspired...
    I am off to India on Monday for a couple of weeks but look forward to seeing you again when I return~
    Happy weekend!

  18. LOVE the wheelbarrow pic.. for content and texture.

    Also loved The Help... my heart broke for all. Thankfully we have evolved (most of us) from that ignorant way of life.

  19. Stunning photo as always! Welcome back!

  20. Glad you're back. I always love your blog and your photos are stunning!

    That's one beautiful baby and that little boy with the puppies??? OMG, they are cute together.

    I love Costco and have one within 3 miles, so I shop there way too much!

  21. That Harley girl? With the folded up pillow arms? Cutest Evah.

    And I just called Cork to come and look at your other dreamy pics. He like the first canoe one best.

    And I don't think I've ever been to Costco. And you thought YOU lived in the boonies!

    When I come to see you, will you take me to Costco? And buy me Frosted Flakes?

  22. love all your pix!! wish you could take pix of my grandbabies. They are beautiful (just slightly biased) and I'm sure you wouldn't mind flying out to Texas or Singapore (yes, they took my grandson with them to Singapore!) photograph the best looking kids on the planet!

    Hope you enjoyed your little break!

  23. Beautiful babies!! Love the pictures.
    We don't have Costco here :( I am dying to hear about the lavender kitchen and the cantaloupe... spill it!

  24. You've been missed and your post didn't disappoint. Love the boat picture but the adorable baby with the pink hat--no words. The little boy raking, playing with this puppies...just perfect! We don't have Costco, we have Sam's. I try never to go hungry or when we need a lot of "stuff." If I do, I come home with all these huge batches of things with nowhere to put them. Seriously, do I really need a box of sweet and low that could serve well over a year's worth of customers at McDonald's?

  25. Glad you're back. Lovely photos. How bout that 48 count box of full sized Snickers bars at Costco??? Used to get me everytime! Then I realized I was spending so much extra $ there, that it just wasn't worth the trip! But, how could you have an empty stomach at Costco with all the samples they are handing out???

  26. So happy to see you back... I'd been wondering where you'd gone off to.

    The baby and puppy pictures are adorable. That little girl with the hat, I could just look at that one forever! Ok, that sounds a little strange but it is so adorable. Do you tuck the baby's arms in to get shots like that?

    Know what you mean about Costco. I work right next to ours! In nice weather I purposely walk over at lunch to get whatever I need, then I have to carry it back to work... about 1/4 mile or so. Makes me not overdo it too often!

  27. The photos are wonderful...especially the precious children!! Sometimes it's nice to take a little break from it all...welcome back!!

  28. Glad you are back - I so enjoy your blog! Great photos!

  29. You couldn't be boring if you tried girlie! Those puppies...those are get me in big trouble with the mister. And can you believe our Shanny has never been to the big C? She is way more sheltered than I ever imagined.