December 1, 2010

i'll be home for christmas

December first?

December first.

It's December first.

I had such a jump on things this year, or at least I thought I had a jump on things, but as The Season is officially upon us, maybe not so much.

Our Christmas will be early this year. Really early. My oldest will be home on leave from the Coast Guard next week, so our Christmas dinner and gift opening will be December 7th, and our big friends and extended family Christmas Eve dinner will be on the 10th and all that, my friends, is right around the corner.

Dates don't matter much though, as long as the house is full of my people. I haven't seen my first born in over a year, and that's Just Wrong.

Dear Junior #1,
I can't wait to see you next week!

The decorating is about ninety percent done, the Christmas shopping is about sixty percent done, and the grocery shopping is about zero percent done. I've started the list and so far it covers the page front and back, double columned, single spaced. Food will be a focal point next week....we'll have prime rib, enchiladas, manicotti, soups, breads, salads and pies and cakes and cookies and on and on.

Cream cheese, butter and sour cream will reign supreme.

Sugar highs will rule the roost.

Carbohydrate comas will abound.


This is the best.

Better than a tropical vacation.

Better than winning the lottery.

My whole family together.

Friends old and new.

A cozy house.

Snow in the forecast.

A kitchen that smells of casseroles and cookies.

Lots and lots of chaos.

Sounds perfect to me.


  1. Remember the guest bed/room you just did over? Yeah... do ya'll take guests? ((smile)) Because I would love to join you. ;)

    This (meal) sounds delicious and wonderful.
    I honestly hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends this season... and may your lists "shorten up" one task at a time. I can relate, I have so many lists going right now... and almost a list for the list. Amen?

  2. Sounds perfect to me too, as does your menu!!! and hey!.. atleast you HAVE a list double sided and columned, etc.

    Happy Holiday season to you and yours -

  3. Oh it does sounds dreamy! What could be better than a carbohydrate coma in mid-December??

    SO HAPPY for you that you will soon be hugging son #1!


  4. The best kind of Holiday!!! Congrats on your son's husband leaves on his deployment a few days before xmas, so we are doing it early too!!! I say it's not about the when...but how....that's important! Thank you to you and your son for your sacrifices! xoxo

  5. I am so THRILLED for you! I don't think I completely realized that it's been a year since you've seen G??? I love that you're cooking up a mean streak for him. You're all going to have the best time and I can't wait for the details!

  6. It does sound perfect. My son-in-law is deployed this holiday season and will not be home until April...we will be having another Christmas then. You're right, dates don't matter. Enjoy!

  7. It sound absolutely wonderful! Your menu list sounds awesome. Here's to having a fabulous time with your family and friends. Who cares what day it all happens on. At least you are all together. That's what matters. :)

  8. I so do know the joy you feel with the thoughts of having every one of your family TOgether. ENJOY your GATHERing, it's a beautiful thing!

  9. Sounds amazing! I miss spending holidays with my family!!! Soon life will be back to normal.

  10. It sounds wonderful! I can't even imagine how excited you are to see your boy! Your heart must be doing that happy Snoopy dance!! I hope all your holidays are filled with love, health, happiness and family. Enjoy your family!

  11. It sounds BETTER than perfect! Just think, come Christmas Day you can just sit and relax...LOL! Love your photo of the glass garland in the bowl but then I always love your photos. Please show us pics of your house decorated for Christmas....pretty please with a little of that sugar on top:)


  12. Theresa, it sounds delightful! I know you will enjoy every minute of it and on Christmas day you can just relax and "remember".
    Best Wishes,

  13. Theresa it sounds like you'll be having the PERFECT celebrations this year and it doesn't even matter that they're not on the 25th. You're right...a 'Day' isn't important...having loved one and friends around is what makes for a wonderful celebration. Good luck in getting all your things to gether ....I bet your home will smell WONDERFUL starting any day now! Oh and good luck getting your snow :) Maura

  14. I know...How does time just slip away in a blink of an eye?! I'm so happy you and your entire family will be together for the holidays, whether it's on the actual day or not! How exciting for you to see your son after such a long time! I grew up in a military town so I know how hard military life can be for making it home for the holidays or any time...enjoy your time together!

    Kat :)

  15. Ahhh, I'm so happy your son will be home. Perfect! Have fun cooking all his favorites. ;)

  16. ditto to the sights, smells and togetherness! :)

  17. Umm. Okay. When should I plan to be there? It sounds wonderful and I know you will enjoy every moment. You know. After you have finished all the stressful parts. By the way, I have a weakness for vintage mercury. You made me swoon right there.

  18. The menu sounds yummy and the "company" sounds loved. Enjoy your time together.

    p.s. can't wait to see your holiday decor! Once things setting down for you that is. LOL

  19. Sounds like a perfect Christmas. Especially the part about your son being home.
    Merry Christmas!!

  20. I have been that child, coming home for the holidays after a long time is like nothing else in the world. Now I have my own children...can't imagine a year without laying eyes on them. I know they are supposed to leave, to learn, to grow...but one whole May your days be truly merry and bright.

  21. I seem to have lost my directions to your house. Please feel free to forward them and I will be there ASAP. Sounds like heavenly plans you have there my friend. Enjoy every moment!

  22. Well it sounds like a trip to Costco is in order! You'll be able to get the rest of your shopping down in one stop.

    Seriously, it is wonderful that your whole family will be together. Enjoy it all because that's what matters, not the date on the calendar.

    Happy early holidays to you and yours,

  23. WOOHOOO you just got me pumped for Christmas with that menu!!! :) What time should we arrive! Happy Early Christmas and so happy you get to see your son soon!

  24. What a delightfully fun time you will have! Enjoy your loved ones! Merry Christmas!

  25. Have a wonderful time celebrating! Love, love, love the pictures, keep them coming.

  26. Enjoy having your son home for early Christmas....too bad he couldn't be there for the actual holiday but at least you don't have to wait so long to see him. I hope you have a wonderful time with your friends and family and make some great memories!

  27. Sounds heavenly. Like you said, it's the full house that matters, including your son. Enjoy! Come over and link up this beautiful post to my holiday link party!

  28. All of this sounds just perfect and cozy but it thrills my mama's heart that you get to have your first born baby back in your house for a little while!

  29. Oh Girl - get yourself to Costco! I'd like to be there and be your Sous Chef - just to see the mayhem unfold. The greatest gift of all - having all your peeps in one place. I can't even IMAGINE not seeing the boy child for a year - my heart stops at the thought. I can feel your joy T - there's just something about it - I can just feel it!

  30. Sounds perfect to me too. Merry Christmas comes in the form of a returning son. How wonderful!! Enjoy your time! The coma sounds great. Your pictures are so great too!

  31. Hi Teresa, I love this post! I'm happy you'll be seeing your first born soon and I hope the time is everything you want it to be. Carbohydrate coma...I'm still chuckling about that one. Bless you.

  32. What a celebration! Thanks for sharing your son with us all. Hope your gathering is one to be remembered forever! I have similar santa mugs n vintage garland, so why can't I capture them like you? ;-) Guess that's why I come HERE to enjoy pretty pics and fun posts!

  33. Oh Teresa, it sounds perfect to me too. I know your house will be filled with love and laughs and lots of great food. Enjoy every minute of it. Beautiful pictures too :) Can’t wait to see other decorations too.

  34. Sounds perfect to me youngest, who Iwe only see once a year will be here the 24th for 3 days...I can't wait!

    Happy Holidays!