December 16, 2010

christmas 2010 - part two

Let me start by saying that this post may be a bit on the all over the place side.

Brain = all over the place.

Post = all over the place.

I set out to photograph my Christmas decorations and very quickly realized that I had photographed every speck of Meadowbrook Christmas Cheer in great detail last year.

As there is not much new on the decor front for this year, (with the exception of the guest room), I resorted to a few new pictures that ended up being extremely heavy handed with the shallow depth of field, (most of the photo blurry with a small part in focus), and pretty darn heavy on the processing front as well.

Just a word of warning.

I was in a mood. Not a bad mood, just an extreme makeover photo edition mood. (See heavily processed and heavily staged, heavy on the out of focus Christmas cookie paraphernalia shot.)

The ribbon photo below is another perfect example of extreme, with a side of extreme thrown in for good measure.

But, I like it. At least for today. I may very well replace it at a later date and pretend this particular ribbon photo never happened.

It's been done before.

(Here are the links for last year's Christmas over to see more photos of my Christmas tree, my dining room, or if you're feeling ambitious, here is the link to all things under the Christmas label.

I'll now move on from obsessing over my photos to the real reason for this son's visit and our family Christmas celebrations.

It was as perfect as it could possibly be. I loved having my oldest home for the week, and his girlfriend fit in just like she'd always belonged here. The week would not have been nearly as fun without her. We played games, ate, watched movies, ate, played lots and lots of ping pong, went out to eat, and came home and ate some more.

I gained four pounds in one week.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, I went for a walk. I needed fresh air, and some type of movement other than the movement required to make some form of cream cheese infested food item, or the movement required to consume the cream cheese infested food item.

The fact that I used the word infested in the same sentence with my beloved cream cheese lets you know just how extreme the food situation was around here. We went through ten packages of cream cheese last week.

Dear Cream Cheese,
I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You are the scum between my toes.

(Sorry, that was one of many, many movie quotes heard repeatedly over the last week. We regularly communicate through movie quotes around here.)

Dear Cream Cheese,
I'm sorry. I don't hate you. I love you. I just think maybe we need a little time apart.

The fellas set up a huge tent in our back yard, complete with a wood burning stove inside. The night of our Christmas party, all the guys went out to the tent and just hung out.

No chairs.

No lights.

Just standing in a dark tent, shooting the breeze.

With an awesome fire burning.

I chose to stay inside, and that's probably just as well because questions like, "why are we standing in a dark tent?", and "hey, did you know there's a real live house right over yonder?" probably would have have killed their tent buzz and that would just be sad.

I know my place and it's not in the tent.

It's in the kitchen with the cream cheese.

One quick non-Christmas note. Last week, I got a comment from a dear reader named Erin. Back in September, when I shared about my very favorite, very holey sweatshirt, Erin actually did an Ebay search to find me a replacement. Lo and behold, the exact hoodie in the right size popped up just last week. Erin sent me the link and before you could say "Why didn't I think of Ebay," Paypal and I had sealed the deal. My brand spanking new, mint condition, perfect shade of blue hoodie arrive safely just a few days ago.

Who. Would. Have. Thought.

I bought the original almost five years ago. Where has this one been all that time? I need to know.

Erin - if you read this, please email me!

Between my new blue hoodie, and my very first ever, extremely dreamy fleece hoodie, (a gift from our very special guest room occupant), I'm in hoodie heaven.

So, that's our Christmas in a nutshell. It will be a Christmas Eve church service for us, and we have a few gifts left to open on Christmas morning, so it's pretty smooth sailing from here on out.

Nine days to go, my friends. Are you ready?


  1. Aside from the baking that I have planned and some wrapping, we are totally on track to be celebrating 8 days from this evening - because really, why not start on Christmas Eve?!?
    Love this post my friend - you have a way with words and your photos - staged or not- are simply dreamy!
    Happy last week before Christmas to you!

  2. My family speaks in quotes too! I have recited the Dear Darla letter more times than I can count. My brothers and I say it all together for my mother. She laughs everytime.

    I love cream cheese and everything it goes in.

  3. ROFLOL, oh Teresa, you had me laughing over the cream cheese, my hubby always asks during the Holidays... "do we really need 10 packages of cream cheese?" silly, silly man!
    Your guest room turned out wonderful, who wouldn't want to spend a week there?! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family and glad the guest fit right in. Have a wonderful weekend, Nan
    PS, I am not even remotely ready, I've never been so far behind, UGH!

  4. Your photos are always so pretty. Can't wait to click on the links and see your home all decorated for the holidays! As for am I ready - had you asked yesterday I would have said absolutely not as no decorations even out. But today I am feeling much more confident as my house finally looks like Christmas. Now to tackle the final shopping!

  5. Love everything you photograph. Have you seen Matthew Mead's "Holiday"? ALMOST ALL of the photos used the same "small focus field, blur background technique. Good in small doses....but a little overdone for me. (I think your photo's are better!)

  6. This was such a cute post! I am glad you found your blue (hoodie) heaven, and that you had a great visit. We're almost ready. Every present I have so far is already wrapped. And even though I still have several presents left, they're only at three stores and Amazon. Not too bad at all. Merry!

  7. That hoodie story sounds like a Christmas miracle. :-)

    I envy your smooth sailing as I have a bit of work to do yet and this year (for the first time) making peppermint bark is on the list. Hope it looks as pretty as yours - maybe I'll just tape your photo onto my packages of it. Happy Holidays Teresa! -amy

  8. Oh your house makes me so happy! It reminds me of all the things I love - the colors, the vintage ornaments & baubles. My Mom and Grandma would just love it! Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

  9. I love this post. First of all the photos are fabulous. Love all the dof! Second, you are hilarious. I just love your personality. Third, this post gets me in the Christmas spirit. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :)

  10. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. Love the "mood".

  11. To answer your question... yes. I am always ready for Christmas. I also wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I am thrilled you broke it off with Cream Cheese. Cream Cheese and I have a history... a long and torrid one at that. I can now proceed to my rendezvous, scheduled for later this week, with Cream Cheese having a clean conscience and equally clean palate. Thanks my friend for letting Cream Cheese free!

  12. Teresa, I absolutely love all these photos. I just love the blueish hue your photos have sometimes. It's so pretty I can't stand it. Your decorations are beautiful and I can't wait to go read the old posts. Glad you liked the girlfried too. Cream Cheese is kinda out of contrl this time of year here too :) Enjoy that hoodie.

  13. Where's the shallow dof photo of cream cheese? What did it ever do to you to warrant being overlooked? I think it would look swimmingly next to your beautiful ribbons.

    Have I ever told you that you are funnier than stinking heck?

    Did you ever know that you're my hero??

  14. Yay you got a new hoodie:) That made you smile I'm sure. It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.


  15. Oh my gosh, Teresa, you are way too stinkin' good at this blog business...I'm ALWAYS entertained! :) So glad to hear that your son was home for your pre-Christmas celebration...what a perfect gift. Hope you are doing well!

  16. I love this your photographs! So very beautiful:)

    Happy Holidays:)

  17. Not. even. a . little. bit. ready.
    Parties tonight n tomorrow to start the mood.
    Re Ebay replacements ~ that's where I tracked down a no longer made "lovie" replacement for my (ADD) toddler after losing my remaining marbles always searching the farm...
    Love your pics and your giggles. I would be the tent girl. The Farmer would not. He says he works outside all day and wants his comforts when finished.
    Cream cheese is a must to survive winter. Your body knows. Hibernation too is highly recommended.

  18. I am always so happy when I see that you have posted something new! Reading your blog and seeing the pictures always puts a smile on my face!
    Enjoy your holidays and congratulations on the hoodie! :)

  19. Sounds like things are going pretty well in your neck of the woods. I for one do not get tired of seeing all of your wonderful decorations. Keep sharing. :) And try to stay away from the cream cheese. :)

  20. Your post = A smile from me

    Thank You for making me smile! :) Merry Christmas to you! We are ready over here,a christmas party tonight, and tomorrow...and next week too!

  21. The pictures are beautiful as always - focused, or not =) I particularly LOVE the very first one though -- of the bowl of ornaments. It. Is. Gorgeous! Merry Christmas!!

  22. You crack me up! 10 packages of cream cheese?!? I mean, I love me some cream cheese, but 10 packages?? LOL. So glad you are having a wonderful time with your family!......and I think your pictures are great!

  23. You made me laught early in the morning. That's amazing.

    That bottle brush tree! I absolutely love it. So pretty.

    I received a jar of homemade pepper jelly two days ago. Of course, you have to pour it over cream cheese and serve it with triscuits. Of course, I'm about the only one who has touched it. Of course, I'm going to put on some pounds because of that dastardly block of cheese. But it's just so good. Maybe I should toss it on the floor and step on it with my toes. Nah. Even the thought of it being the scum of my toes won't deter me from the pepper jelly/cream cheese loveliness. (Now I'm going to be quoting that movie all day long.)

    Merry Christmas to you, friend!

  24. What a lovely post! Love all of your Christmas shots... in and out of focus! Especially the big bowl of bulbs.. the colors are just gorgeous! Gah, don't you just hate that we can't eat all we want and NOT gain!? At least from Christmas to New Years! What a sweet friend to look for you a hoodie on Ebay! I (hopefully) will finish up all Christmas shopping today. I'm always behind in that area~ but I don't mind it a bit! Huggggggggs

  25. HI Teresa! Oh, I just love all over the place!! :) Everything looks so pretty and festive.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Teresa I could just sit and drool over your pics all day!!.....and am I ready.......nope, not at all! SO much to do, and my hubby had the NEVER to say "what's the big deal, you have a week!"!

    Merry Christmas Teresa!

  27. ...I had to wait till I had time to read your whole blog...haven't read it all but have a bit more of an idea of who you are!...You sound delightful and fun. And you are living my husband grew up on a farm ..and we will never ever live on one!...Our youngest has a horse a friends... and that is as close to farming as I will get!...Your pictures are wonderful...mine are mostly take by my daughters & niece!....God has blessed me incredibly and I am where he wants me to be.Thank you for sharing.

  28. ...just read some more and saw your green house....I now have to lie down (with a Latte..)...I am having a surge of envy...(not from God) I am feeling a bit faint...
    Such beautiful pictures of your wonderful farm!

  29. Everything is always so beautiful at Meadowbrook. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  30. Teresa, I love seeing things through your eyes. You make things so beautiful! I love the candle!
    I'm almost ready. Very anxious for my daughter and her family to be here!!
    Have a Merry and very Blessed Christmas!

  31. Okay that does it. You have moved from the top five blogs in my life to the top two. First thing I do every day is sit down here and see if Meadowbrook Farm has a new post. I LOVELOVELOVE your photos, Teresa. And I would love to read about your favorite editing techniques.

    You've been able to take a gorgeous setting in Montana and make it destination picturesque, postcard worthy, calendar envious, and I love everything you've done there. I can only imagine how much work you've put into the place.

    And if you ever build a bunkhouse and have a destination getaway weekend, just put my name down as the first one to notify.

    Merry Christmas!

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  33. "You're killin' me Smalls!"

    That has been our movie quote this week LOL :)

  34. You gained 4 pounds in one week? We share more than a name . . .