August 18, 2011

the irish dress

This lovely young lady was one of our wedding guests.

One of our invited guests.

Not one of our wedding crashers.

Did I mention that we had wedding crashers?

So weird.

Anyway, as we sat chatting over dinner at the reception, the conversation naturally turned to the adorable dress that little miss was wearing. Turns out, girlfriend was fresh off a plane from Ireland, and the dress was one of her souvenirs from the trip.

A week or so after the wedding, a vision popped into my head.

Visions pop into my head on a fairly regular basis.

No, not those kinds of visions, silly! Photographic visions. I see a picture in my head and I have to make it happen in real life.

This vision included the aforementioned lovely young lady, the Irish dress, my purple coneflowers and some gorgeous, hazy summer evening light.

The girl was game. I love teenage girls. I have yet to have one turn me down when I call them up and ask if they want to model for me.

It took a little convincing, but I finally got the dress, the flowers and the summer light on board too.

Fun, FUn, FUN!

Now that this vision is out of the way, there's plenty of room in my head for more and I can feel them brewing as we speak.

I see....a forest. Wait, no.....a deserted country road. Or, maybe it's a mountain lake?

I'll let you know when I figure it out.

In other news, I saw The Help yesterday and loved every minute of it.

I almost had a date, but at the last minute my hubby took a raincheck. It may have had something to do with the fact that I told him that the movie is about a girl who writes a book and contains no action, no gunfights, no aliens and no Clint Eastwood.

I also told him he can't talk, rattle the ice in his drink cup, or crunch his popcorn, and if he by chance falls asleep, he can't snore.

He asked if he could breathe, and I told him I'd get back to him on that one.

Don't I sound like a fun date? In my defense, I was totally geared up for my first ever solo movie experience, and after rattling off my list of date requirements, that's exactly what I got.

The theater was filled with ladies - lots of groups, a few other solos like myself, and one single solitary fella.

I admit to spending the ten minutes before the movie started in a text conversation with the very girl pictured in these photos, and therefore avoided any feelings of awkwardness whilst the lights were still on, but all in all, it was a fine experience and one I'll have no problem repeating again.

And if you haven't seen The Help, get yourself to the nearest theater ASAP.

It's a good thing.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I saw where you mentioned wedding crashers before. Unbelievable. Why would people want to crash an event they aren't invited to?

    The Irish dress and the young lady are beautiful. Breathtaking.

    I read The Help on vacation and invited my daughter to go see it with me. I cried which isn't unusual. She cried which is very unusual. There were two men in a sold out theater with us. I would have gone by myself, too.

  2. She is so lovely as well as the dress!! I am so excited to see the Help, am going with my daughter in law.


    Art by Karena

  3. She is lovely! The last photo is my favorite!

  4. Wonderful photos of a beautiful young lady.

    The Help is on my must-see list!

  5. Gorgeous photos Teresa, as usual. :) I've got that movie on my list to see. I'm just debating on if to go to the theater or wait for the dvd. My mom loved it.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I wish I lived in half so lovely a place!

  7. Her dress is so cute! And I love the butterfly ring. Awesome shots! My favorite is the last one.

  8. Yes. That last pictures is SO amazing & poetic. Love it.

  9. Beautiful. All of my purple coneflowers are faded & just about DONE. {Sad face} Glad you enjoyed the movie. =)

  10. The dress, the gal, the photos . . . YUM!

    You have such talent . . .

  11. Love the dress, the young lady, and the visions in your head (which are better than voices in your head, but not by much).

  12. What a beautiful girl! I love her dress, the setting, flowers, etc. Your photography talents are amazing.

    I need to see The Help. I just need to finish the book... :)

    Have a great day!

  13. Your last post was the first I've heard of The Help. Which is proof right there that I've been spending my days with a herd of 'grease monkeys' & my nights piled up in diapers. ;) I may well have to take a cue from you & get out by myself & see it!

    *As usual pictures were BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Gorgeous shots of a gorgeous young lady! I just love these outdoor shots and the hazy feeling!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  15. The girl and the dress and the coneflowers and the photos are gorgeous! I've read "the Help" and hope to see the movie sometime this weekend. Sorry about your wedding crashers. Hopefully they didn't make a hullabaloo and you were able to shoo them off.

  16. You're amazing, Theresa...

    your photos make me want to "just stare". No matter what they are of ... they're simply beautiful.

    Even the ones of the cherries the other day. Delish!!!!!!!!! You really have such a gift. ;)

  17. Awesoem photographs but who could go wrong with a lovely subject as she.

    Blogspot wont let me sign on under my ID

  18. These photos are stunning!!
    Love them so and what a sweet girl!!
    I adore the last one...amazing!!!
    Ill have to see that movie when it comes!

    Deborah xoxox

  19. She is so pretty and the pictures are positively ethereal! I love the light, so soft and serene. So agree loved The Help and did it as one of my things I am loving Thursday loves today, stop by if you are able! Beautiful post as always!!

  20. I loved the movie! I loved the book. I am considering doing both again. The dress, the flowers, the lighting, the girl, the vision...totally awesome. I wanna be you when I grow up to a real camera!

  21. Beautiful post/pics MA! I'm excited to see that lovely young gal is around the house ;)..if you catch my drift! Love you tons.


    Ps..super impressed you went to the movies by yourself!

  22. A beautiful girl and a gorgeous setting-- I can see why you were so inspired! And you just convinced me ~ I'll be trekking to see The Help since hubs is out of town this weekend. :)

  23. I just may go see it tomorrow by myself! Great photos and what a beautiful model.

  24. I can't imagine anyone saying no to you!
    I wouldn't~ if I was young~ and beautiful~ and had an irish dress! just a vision in my head

  25. The teenage girl is lovely and you vision came to life. The Help our book club read the book and we all loved it. I will watch for the movie to arrive in Homer Alaska.

  26. She is very photogenic! The settings for the pics are so lovely too. I think I'll have to catch a plane over to Ireland for a little shopping soon!

  27. Beautiful!! I can see why you wanted to photograph her & her gorgeous dress!! I haven't seen The Help yet, but want to! I am trying to decide if I want to read the book first...have you read the book?

  28. Ooo yes, pretty, pretty, pretty, but the wedding crashers!! I want to hear about the wedding crashers! I thought you were joking in your other post.

  29. Oh my....pretty pretty girl!! Your photography is amazing!!!!

  30. Please do share a good wedding crasher story!

  31. these pictures are sooo lovely, i love the first pix..the model and dress!

  32. She's beautiful, the dress stunning, the pics....well, spectacular.

    The movie? Fabulous!

    Life In Red Shoes....blogger is being stupid :(

  33. After reading your previous post and all the comments about "The Help", I talked my best girlfriend into going. We loved it- neither of us knew anything about it at all, but thought it was the best movie we had seen in such a long time. Thanks for a blog that inspired me to go. Your blog continually inspires me. Love it!

  34. The girl is beautiful, and the dress is adorable, and the photos-lovely as always! So you did it! Your first solo movie! Yay for you! I want to see that too, but I'll probably drag someone with me. And I want to hear more about the wedding crashers!

  35. These photos are absolutely amazing. It does help when you "subject" is so very cute.

    Wedding crashers??

  36. The dress is beautiful. The girl is beautiful. The photos are beautiful. But I think my favorite thing is the jewelry she has on.

    On The Help note, be thankful you went alone. My husband went with me and that did not turn out well.

  37. The lovely lady, taupey dress and lovely purple coneflowers on an early summer's eve were just meant for each other. And the butterfly, on the ring, on the flower? Perfect! Glad you're on this side of the wonderful occasion where you can relax and cherish the memories and the rest of a gorgeous summer at Meadowbrook Farm.

  38. She is just lovely and so are your photos of her! beautiful.

    I want one of those dresses!

    Hope you're enjoying your summer ~

  39. Gorgeous pictures! I like the first and last ones best but I always have a feeling you know that since that is why they are first and last. I'm glad you liked The Help. I am not sure if I'm sold on Emma Stone as Skeeter, I thought she would be a little more plain.

  40. What a beauty! I love your vision. I also saw the help on Saturday and loved it. Wish we could have seen it together. Are you going to share about your wedding crashers? I personally think crashers are selfish, inconsiderate people and I would have been very upset. But that's just me! P.S. Jim's flights were on time! Weird right? We're going to try to get your number taken out of the system.

  41. Teresa, what a gorgeous dress, a gorgeous girl (I remembered the previous shoot!) and gorgeous pics! My fav is the first one with the bent knee. You are amazing! Have a great week, Nan

  42. That young lady and the dress are both gorgeous! The photos look like something straight out of a magazine. And yes, I've seen The Help - fantastic movie!

  43. Omg that dress would be perfect for my bridesmaids!! Where can I get it?!