August 16, 2011

let's make this short and sweet

I cannot for the life of me seem to be able to come up with anything even remotely interesting to talk about today, so I'm going to just pop off the first couple things that cross my mind whilst you gaze at these lovely little red cherries.

First off, I need to let you know that I am officially out of my post wedding funk. I am happy to report that my life is no longer a birdhouse of hopelessness. In fact, it has very quickly turned into a birdhouse of lazy summer afternoons and gluttonous quantities of ice cream consumption.

But, it's true. I am completely over missing my family and my friends.


I honestly don't even know why I missed them so much in the first place. Truth be told, I don't really even like them all that much anyway, and it's really hard to miss people you don't even like.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

For today anyway.

(Please feel free to email me if you're ever in need of a totally dysfunctional coping mechanism or two. I've got quite the collection going.)

Second, I'm going to go see The Help tomorrow.

By myself.

Have you ever gone to a movie by yourself?

This will be my first time.

I will be wearing my "I am not a loser, I could have come to this movie with any one of my zillion friends if I'd wanted to" t-shirt.

I'm already having flashbacks to the one and only time I ate alone in a restaurant. It was at least 25 years ago, and I still haven't totally recovered from the experience.

Thirdly, the main thing that has helped me come out of my post wedding tunnel of darkness is my camera. I've had that puppy working overtime, so get ready for the photo deluge. It's coming soon.

You've been warned.




See, I told you it was slim pickins today in the old noggin, so I think I'm just going to set you free to enjoy the rest of this lovely summer day.


(Photos processed with Florabella's Cosmopolitan action.)


  1. Nope I haven't gone to a movie by myself, but I've been tempted. I want to see 'The Help' but I'm waiting for my husband to finish reading the book. I read the book a couple of weeks ago and loved it. He's halfway through now, so perhaps soon. I hope!

  2. Hi there!
    I read your blog all the time but I don't think I've ever posted. Just chiming in to say I've seen tons of movies by myself. I worked for AMC theaters for ten years. During that time I got all my movies for free, so I saw lots of movies. Sometimes with friends, boyfriends, coworkers, and often just on my own, esp if it was something nobody else wanted to see. Lots of people see movies on their own, and I don't recall anyone from the staff, myself included, ever commenting or even thinking twice about it. Happy viewing! I read the book and loved it.

  3. I've always enjoyed going to see movies alone. Now I don't do it as often because I have a husband and baby who don't like to be left behind (and I don't like to leave them either) but for any and all "chick" flicks I still have to sneak out alone. It feels good to be alone with yourself while not alone at all...hope you enjoy it!

  4. We don't like you either! We only came for the food =)

    Glitter Troll

  5. I have gone to a movie by myself. Once. The entire time I thought people were staring at me. That being said if The Help is still playing next week when my son goes back to school I am planning on going by myself. I'm going to go during the day when other people are working and just totally focus on the movie. Hope no one stares!

  6. I have been one time by myself to a movie and it was quite fun. My husband and I usually go weekly, but he doesn't really want to see The Help and I surely do. I am either going with my sister or by myself, too. If we lived close by we could go together. Enjoy.

  7. I'm going to see The Help this evening. With a friend. However in college I went to movies by myself all the time. It's great, you don't have to make small talk and you can chew your popcorn as loudly as you want without worrying if you are offensive to the person sitting next to you. Although one Sunday night I went to see I Dreamed of Africa at 10:00 in the evening. I was the only one in the entire movie and it was a bit scary. So just avoid the late show!

  8. Haha! I wish I could make talking about my 'something' as interesting & funny as you make your talking about 'nothing!'
    If I lived in Montana I'd go with you. I'd be wearing the I'm with her shirt! :)

    Have a Blessed day!

  9. LOOOVE these pictures. These are my colors: light blue with red accents. It's fantastic :)

  10. this day in age I for some reason feel the NEED to come back & say: I'm happily a Man!
    That's all. Good day! :)

  11. I saw "The Hangover" by myself. I was supposed to go with a group of girlfriends to see "Sex and the City 2" but that fell apart at the last minute, and I thought it would have been slightly weird to see that by myself ("creeptastic" as my 21-year old sister would say), but I can't say "The Hangover" was any less strange to see alone!

  12. 1. Re: the funk: I don't believe you.
    2. Let us know about that movie. I've heard a lot of talk, but don't have a clue what it's about. Can't think if I've ever done a movie alone. Who do you discuss movie w/ at the end? LOL
    3. Photos? Bring 'em on. You know I love 'em. These cherry photos are so pretty! Love the bowl. I'm a bowl-a-holic. True story.
    4. Love the Tigger reference at the end.

    TTFN. {hugs} ~Sally

  13. I have gone to movies on my own,, and its okay! The Help would be a good one to do this. Did yoou read the book? I loved it!

    Art by Karena

  14. Ice cream = good!
    If not for a few states to traverse, I'd join you at the movies!
    Photos - bring it on!
    xo Cathy

  15. I love going to the movies by myself!! I get all the treats. I also love going to eat by myself. I don't it that often, but if I get the chance to eat *where I* want to and get whatever I want to, you better believe I'm gonna do it!! :)

  16. I'm laughing at glitter troll and I think you are both liars, I sense lots of love there!!!

    Once I went to the movies by myself...not by choice. My best friend and I were in a funk and we decided a comedy would do us good. Some guy at work highly recommended Austin Powers.

    We believed him.
    My best friend stood me up.
    I sat on the very last row.
    I was alone.
    I mean really alone, well maybe one couple on the other side of the theater.
    The movie was stupid, noone laughed.
    That guy at work, he's stupid too, he couldn't believe I didn't like it.
    My best friend and I made up.
    I do not like going to the movies by myself!

    Have fun Teresa, wish I could join you.

  17. You know what? I've eaten in restaurants by myself (though only at lunch!) but I've never gone to a movie alone. And you're a lot less conspicuous in the movie, promise!
    We're ready for the photos - yours are always gorgeous, including these beautiful happy cherries. Bring it on, friend!

  18. Love your "slim pickins" post!! So funny about you not liking your friends and family I get it, wink. Just like I never miss Christmas when all the gifts have been opened, all the delicious food devoured, the rythm that takes over in our house of all the people and kids and their noises and laughter....NOPE don't miss it and don't like it and when they leave its a celebration...yea right. Who am I kidding!
    It takes me MONTHS to get over everyone going their separate ways and to start taking down my decorations....soooo sad and anti climatic. The Help will cheer you up, EXCELLENT MOVIE!! I was sure the movie couldnt' come close to the book well I was wrong, it was fabulous and I can't wait to see it again AND I would go alone (and have before) and of course when I could have gone with any number of people but it was nice to sit in silence, not having to be nudged to hear someone else interpreation and best part? I got all the popcorn to myself!!

  19. Your pictures are always THE BEST! Love. As far as the movie, The Help, it's every bit as fabulous as the book. I laughed, I cried, and the whole theater of people applauded at the end. Oh, it makes me want to go see it again!

  20. I have gone to a movie by myself and sadly eat out alone often due to my job--once you plunge in, it’s fine. I actually think movie solitude is your best option--you don’t talk during movies so going alone is a win/win. Love the cherries! PS-can’t wait to hear if you love The Help--If I lived close I would love to go with you-can’t wait to see it :)
    Hugs, Amy

  21. I do all sorts of things by myself. I'm great company, and I bet you are. too.

    It's great that your life is getting back to normal.

  22. First off I am happy the funk has passed and you are
    snapping some pics for us to see.

    Second, one of my favorite treats for my self is to go go a movie
    I had to learn to be alone and seeing a great flick was an excellent teacher. ENJOY YOURSELF!

    Thirdly, TTFN was a dear friends favorite.
    Wonderful to see it and hear it ringing in my ears!

    Photos are scrumptious.

  23. Oh yes, I have been to the movies by myself, not lots of times, but a time or two. It's good, you get to choose exactly what you want to see. I don't think I've been to a restaurant by myself though... do you know what I would LOVE to do by myself before I am old and grey?

    I want to get dressed up and go to a bar and sit at the bar and have one drink... all by myself...

    I want to do it because I am too chicken to do it :)

    Hmmm... and your funk... you could remarry your husband and have another wedding... or... you could host weddings at your lovely farm and invite your family too??

  24. I plan to see The Help tomorrow with friends.
    I hope it is as good as the book and that we enjoy
    the cosmos I plan to smuggle in as much as the movie.

    Don't tell, please . . .

  25. going by yourself is the best. you can concentrate better on the movie presentation. do you watch TV by yourself? of course. no biggie.

  26. Doing things alone, I think, is a sign of confidence. Shows, you're a woman of substance. Take the plunge ... smuggle in some food. You can do it.

  27. i have been going to the movies alone for nearly 30 years..the first time i went...i pretended i was looking in the isle for my friend to show up anytime...thank god it got dark...well...i have been going ever since and it's THE BEST !!!

    i LOVE'll have a ball....all by yourself !!!!

    happy to stop by today

  28. Movie by myself? Why yes, last week, in fact. to see The Help! It was weird at first but I enjoyed it. There was one other woman that walked in by herself. The rest were large groups of woman. I'm sure they pitied the loners!

  29. You will LOVE the movie!
    I really enjoyed "meeting" the characters on the big screen after reading the book...still love the book but the movie was great!
    Worth seeing alone!
    Your pictures are so beautiful!
    Do you ever make your photos into cards or pictures to sell?

  30. Alright girlfriend, we're all gonna be at the movies waiting for ya, and afterward we're going to Sweet Frogs for ice cream, and if you don't have a Sweet Frogs we're coming back to the farm with ya and make homemade, you choose the flavor since it's your farm. Then we'll sit around and cry in our own dysfunctional ice creams and tell our stories, hello my name is Mary and I'm dysfunctional and who wrote that book don't take the FUN out of dysfunctional? TTFN yourself!


    P.S. If you didn't live so far away, we could really have some fun. And I like your cherry photos, they're stunning. We're waiting for the others. Thank you.

  31. haha! I just posted a totally random blog post myself, and then read yours. Of course your totally-random, nothing-to-blog-about post always turn out way funnier than mine! I have never been to a movie by myself, but my husband and I prefer to go to matinees on Monday's when he is off, and I always see people there by themselves. Usually the theater is pretty empty then, so I don't think I'd mind going by myself. Good luck!

  32. I HAVE gone to a movie by myself and although I was a nervous nellie walking in, it was quite invigorating. Hold your head high, strut your stuff and buy some popcorn to boot. You'll be so proud of yourself when it's over. Enjoy!! Can't wait to see the new pictures.

  33. Post wedding funk must be far worse than post Christmas funk. I'm so sorry.

    On the bright side, those cherries are stunning and look divinely delicious. :o)

    I've done the movie-by-myself thing. Once. It was...well, it was...uh...yeah. It's taken me 15 years and I'm still not recovered. I found myself trying to latch onto a group sitting in front of me. It was bad...(stupid extroverted personality *mumble* *grumble* *mumble*) :sigh:

    I don't think I could do the restaurant thing at all, so you've got me on that one. :oS

  34. LOve, LOVE, LOVE!!! Cherries!! So this was a drooling post for me! As for the going to the movies by one's self thing...go see "the Help". The theatre is so crowded you won't feel alone. It's good!!

  35. I've never seen a movie by myself or had a meal by myself. Although, come to think of it, I did go to the coffee shop alone with my laptop a few times last year. Does that count? I'm going to see the movie Saturday. Can't wait. Of course I'm not going alone. Because I'm not "completely over missing my friends". ;)

  36. Yes, more pictures coming? We love them. Show us more of the gorgeous yard, flowers, pond,'s all so stunning! I am anxious to see The Help but it hasn't hit our little town yet. I would go least I wouldn't have to answer my husband's "What'd they say?" all the time... But you might have to call one of your friends or relatives that you don't even really like to talk about the movie later.

  37. I prefer to go by myself! So relaxing and you react to the movie how ever you want :)

  38. I LOVE going to the movies by myself and take it from me, I am no loser! Really, I'm not. I like to go with my husband and friends too, but there is just something nostalgic for me, I don't know why. Go! Enjoy!

  39. I love going to the movies by myself. I go get a lovely lunch, a soda, and a little dessert and take it in. A bit of rule breaker I suppose. Please don't feel like a looser because you're alone. Feel liberated. I loved the book The Help. Will see the movie on Vacation next week. My girls saw it today.
    Enjoy the movie, but grab a bite to take in with you. It will be delightful.

  40. I've never gone to a movie by myself... perhaps I should try since my husband isn't the movie going type... I'd actually get to see one once in a while this way! I have eaten alone... with a book of course, well actually now it's my Kindle... but I don't think I can take that to the movie.... hmmmm. I admire that you're going all alone like a big girl ;)

    And those cherry pictures? Love them... I may have to select one of those for my kitchen wall too.... I think you need to change your background in your photos so that it doesn't match my kitchen so well!


    PS I'm also happy to hear you're over the post wedding blues... :)

  41. Oops, me again.... by the way, I've heard that my fence makes an appearance in this movie... I may have to go by myself just to see it... of course this could also be an ulterior motive to get my husband to go.


  42. I'm thrilled to find your pretty blog but sorry to find you feeling sad. I married a son 7 years ago so I know a bit how you feel right now, and I am in the midst of planning my daughter's spring wedding. The wedding photos you took are spectacular! Your home was the prettiest venue anyone could desire, and the zip line looked like fun!

    I've gone to movies by myself, dined in restaurants by myself, and toured cities by myself when I've accompanied my husband on his business trips. I've gotten to enjoy those times as they make me feel independent. Enjoy the movie! I'm becoming your newest follower :)

  43. I never even thought of going to a movie by myself...but now that I'm considering it; that would mean *picking wherever I want to sit without compromise *not sharing my popcorn and drinks *seeing a chick flick without having to see the obligatory gun flick as payback...
    You may have something here. I wanna see The Help too. Maybe I'll go this week!

  44. I've gone a couple of times by myself and actually really enjoy it. It's easier to find good seating when you're alone (able to avoid the tall person, the rowdy teens, etc). When I went alone recently, I was the only person in the theatre except for one young couple. I chose to sit in front of them :-) It just feels a little strange walking out alone. A funny thing I like to do when going with the girls is that when we pick a primo spot to sit with empty seats in front of us, I move up and sit in the center of those seats, which keeps most people from wanting to sit there. Then, about 10 minutes after the movie starts I move back with the girls. We end up with no heads in front of us for the whole movie. The girls tease me about doing it, but one of my biggest pet peeves is watching a movie with someone's head blocking part of the screen. LOVE your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your life.

  45. I love this post! The photos are so gorgeous that I forget the fact that I'm not really into cherries and instead I want to eat them all :)

    I have actually gone to a movie by myself once. I went to see Gosford Park, which I really loved. After the movie I went to the ladies' room in the cinema and an older lady approached me to ask me who the murderer actually was. I explained it to her and just then her friend came and we talked about it all three. That was a kind of fun thing and it made me feel like I hadn't experienced the movie alone :)

  46. I've gone to a movie alone and also eaten at a restaurant alone which I enjoyed very much. Oh, and I didn't even wear a Loser t-shirt if you can believe that!

    Family. Dysfunctional. BAH... mine too kinda.

  47. I've never seen such wonderful cherries in real life; you must have a tree, whereas I buy mine at the store.

    I have never been to a movie by myself and I think sometimes that holds me back from seeing something I would enjoy regardless of anyone being as interesting as me. I should change that this year.

  48. The cherries are just gorgeous! And I am sooo sure you are glad that awful family is out of your hair. Now, go to the movies-alone-see "The Help" and when you get home bake a beautiful caramel cake.

  49. I knew I liked you! The Help was the first movie I have ever gone to by myself! It was such fun- I went to dinner first and it was fabulous - who knew I was such good company? ;)
    Have a fabulous time my friend,

  50. I went last Wednesday when 'The Help' debuted - all by myself. Loved it and my best friend, the medium buttered popcorn. My husband says we've never held hands in the movies because my hand is always in the popcorn. Enjoy!

  51. I don't believe the funk is gone but I hear some lightness in your post. I have gone to movies alone and absolutely loved it. All I had to do was watch the movie and not respond to anyone. Saw "The Help" the other day and liked it very much...made me cry so be warned. Try to enjoy your alone time and nurture your soul. Annette

  52. hi! its your fellow bitterrooter who stalks you on a regular basis!:) for your info, going to the movies does not make you a loser! at least I hope not, since I do it ALL THE TIME! and I'm going to see "The Help" tonight (with friends)! Loved the book, so I'm super excited for the movie.
    Gina W

  53. I love this! My daughter and I have had the conversation: we will go to a movie alone but we will NEVER go out to eat alone.

  54. Your post made me smile.

    My 2 oldest sons have now graduated from high school and are away from home working, so I'm getting used to things being different, too.

    If going to the movies with your husband is like shopping with my husband, I'd say "go by yourself - for sure!"