September 12, 2013

five things

1. I've been home alone for a couple days, and last night I did something I've never done before. I succumbed to the Dairy Queen propaganda machine and drove all the way to town - the far end of town no less - solely for ice cream. I've jumped in the car spur of the moment with the fam many times before, but going by myself would take things to a new level and I was torn between no nonsense practicality (gas prices and being in my pajamas) and frivolity (I want a Blizzard. I WANT A BLIZZARD!). But, the Blizzard commercials were finally too much for me, so after a text from my bad influence daughter-in-law that said, "do it, do it, do it!!!!" I hopped in my car and drove to town for the Blizzard of the month, Choco Covered Cheesecake. (Pretty sure Choco is just a fancy way of saying fake chocolate.) My BIDIL (bad influence daughter in law) also reminded me that it was BOGO for 99 cents, so I picked up a Cappuccino Heath to stick in the freezer for my hubby when he gets home.

I got home, put in a movie and snuggled up on the couch full of chocolat-ish cheesecake anticipation cheesecake.

They forgot the cheesecake.

I had chocolate ice cream and some choco chunks, but NO CHEESECAKE, which was the whole point of the excursion in the first place.

Dairy Queen, why do you have to hate?

This should not surprise as our DQ does not have the best reputation for getting things right, but still. It's the stinking Blizzard of the Month!

I didn't have it in me to go back, or even call. I had consumed at least half of my Blizzard before I finally gave up fishing for a cheesecake chunk, so I was pretty full and my heart just wasn't up for a cheesecake confrontation with Joey, the 16 year old night manager at DQ. So I just did what any normal cheesecake deprived person would do and ate my hubby's Heath Blizzard and called it good.

There's a valuable lesson in here somewhere, I'm just not totally sure what it is.

2. I absolutely love, Love, LOVE every single Target back to school commercial this year.

Love the music.

Love the colors.

Especially love the little girl doing the pull-up.

They just make me want to buy a pee-chee and a new box of crayons and some of that colored tape.

Oh, here's one more.

What can I say. I'm easily entertained.

3. Almost every single field in my hood is decked out with either freshly cut hay or hay bales. It is my absolute favorite smell in the world. A breeze is blowing and the windows are open and I'm constantly catching a whiff.


4. Shortly after my oldest son and his wife moved back to Montana, he got a job as a police officer in our small town.

He's been on the job for six months, and I have yet to see him in his uniform. It's making me a little crazy and so I've resorted to some unsavory behavior, otherwise known as stalking.

Just last week I saw his police car turning down a side street. I whipped into the left turn lane in an effort to engage in a hot pursuit, but sadly, I was thwarted by oncoming traffic. By the time all the slow poke drivers had passed by, junior was gone.

Another time I was heading home from the grocery store and came upon a fresh fender bender right in the middle of the main road through town. Nobody was hurt, but it was obvious the police would soon be arriving. I slipped around the corner and parked my car discreetly next to the coin operated car wash and waited. He'd never see me in my awesome hiding spot, but I'd finally get to see him in action.

Up pulls the police car and out hops.....another police officer. What? Our police force is quite small and I was sure it would be him.


What do I have to do to see him in his uniform? Rob the liquor store?

He told me later that he was at the shooting range.

Shooting range?

Sounds suspiciously like code for donut shop to me.

5. Going through chemo, I knew I'd miss my hair. Now I'm losing my eyelashes and I miss them a lot, too.

But, I never dreamed I'd miss my nose hairs. Those pesky nose hairs serve a purpose, and I've gone through more tissue in the last two months than I have in the last two years.

Tip of the day......respect your nose hair.

That's all I've got, so go have yourselves a beautiful Thursday!


  1. Okay. I give up. What's a Pee-Chee?

    So glad that you are back to posting. Will add you to the prayer list at First Baptist Church of Honey Grove, Tx. On Sunday.

    1. When I was growing Pee-Chee's were pretty much the only folder option.

      Did anyone else rock the old school Pee-Chee's?
      Or is this why no one sat by me at lunch?

  2. I didn't know what a pee-chee was either. As for sitting alone at lunch, I was so alone I hid in the bathroom.

    Ok, great advice about the nose hair. Who knew?

    Tomorrow I am headed to the Country Living Fair. Without you. Next year let's do this differently.

  3. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at the DQ Blizzard story. First thought: really? She's home all alone, and bought her husband a blizzard, and she's really going to SAVE it for him? WHAT A WOMAN!!! So, when you ate it... well, c'mon. A girl can only be so strong.

    Also never heard of pee-chees. I had to look 'em up.

    Plus, NEVER THOUGHT about the nosehairs! #thingsIdidnotknow xo

  4. dude, i totally knew what a pee-chee was. also, trapper keeper isn't remembered well anymore. I'm proud of you for downing his blizzard, you totally deserve it. And yes, go rob the liquor store girl. Or maybe hold up the DQ for more blizzard?

    1. Just last night I had a debate with my husband over what a Trapper Keeper is. He thought it was some kind of combo lock for your locker!!! So funny that you mentioned that. I miss the old school days. :)

  5. 1. I can feel your Dairy Queen pain. We once went to the far end of town for a Sonic burger and when we got home there was no meat on the burgers!

    2. I too love the Target commercials. They are always pretty good but this new back to school campaign rocks!

    3. They just baled the field back behind our house yesterday. It was sunflowers and hay. I'll miss them but the huge hay bales are really need and golden in the sunlight.

    4. My oldest son just finished college and he is applying for police jobs in several cities. I sure hope he gets a job soon. You keep stalking your son..I know I'd do the same.

    5. Eye lashes and nose hairs...I will never take them for granted. My dad is going through chemo right now and he was so worried about his hair. Bet he never thought about nose hairs.

    Thanks for your beautiful post today. :)

  6. I have never heard of a Pee-chee, either. Except that is what my daughter called her peach colored blankie many years ago. Ok, she still calls it that!! She was so creative. (ha) Her favorite doll was Cry Baby and her blankie was Peachie!
    Anyway, there is no way I would of been able to keep my hands off that extra Blizzard until my husband got home. Just tell him it was the thought that counted.(or don't tell him at all)! I hate it when I buy something through a drive thru only to get home to find they messed up. It just isn't worth driving 20 miles to go back.

    I have never thought about eyelashes and nose hair.

  7. I totally did not know what a pee-chee was. Trapper keeper, composition notebook, Kaepa tennis shoes. Those things I know.

    As far as the Blizzard, I would have been so freaking mad that I would have gone back, wigged out about the cheesecake so much that they would have called the cops. Seriously, it's cheesecake. Do not mess with the cheesecake. You know your son would have come walking in then if you would have done that. That would have been awesome seeing if he would try to explain to them why you were wigging out and you really are a very sweet, calm person. Normally. :)

  8. I have a thing for Sheridan's Frozen Custard...A caramel pretzel concrete specifically. They are a midwest chain for the most part but there just happens to be one across the river in Washington, which I occasionally will plan an errand around. A craving is a craving and I would be so sad if they forgot a major ingredient!
    No idea on the nose hair loss...that was new fact for me.

  9. Pee-chee? Is that some random equivalent of a Trapper Keeper?

    I too am in the dark regarding the loss of nose hairs but will definitely treat mine with respect going forward, especially since I do use them on a daily basis.

    I say call & report a non-emergency, police-required situation and get him out to the house. No need to stalk him when he can come to you. ;-)

  10. No cheesecake in your blizzard AND no nose hair or eyelashes,'re a saint for making light of it and making us all smile. And your swoony photos always get to me. Your blog is under EYE CANDY in by feedly feed. :)

  11. Ah Teresa...thanks for the witty blog post today. Love your sense of humor and the pics are always a great bonus!

  12. Yes, every year new pee- chees.
    I love Dairy Queen, and I love Blizzards, but I don't get them very often because the last time I got one (on New Year's Eve- PARTAY) I then couldn't sleep from the chocolate/ sugar combo. Lame.
    After seeing a picture of you finally, I can't believe you could possibly be old enough to be a MOTHER IN LAW, or be the mother of a police officer. Just sayin'.

  13. crack me up!! :)

  14. You are hilarious! The problem is now I want to see your son in his uniform too! Make sure you take your camera on the next stake out. And as I was trimming the unwanted nose hairs last night it never occurred to me that they actually serve a purpose except for making me look like the witch in the Wizard of Oz. I will try to appreciate them more but it's unlikely that will happen. Thank you for brightening my day!

  15. I love the way you put a post together . . . so creative, gorgeous photos, bits of info . . . and a smile about no nose hairs. You are wonderful!

  16. I wish it wasn't so late because I want to call you right now and crack up with you because I have so many TMI with respect to the nose hair stories. One thing you realize more than anything is how much you miss the nose hairs. What ever you do DON'T LOOK DOWN without a tissue or a sleeve in hand. LOL Good thing is they come back and funny thing is your are excited to have those little boogers back!!! ;)
    Miss you
    When I get back from our vacation we have another something coming your way!!! ;)

  17. PS Steriod cravings are a must to complete! Even if it takes you on a little rode trip to check the box!

  18. Your pictures are so lovely and your stories so great. What a relaxing blog for me to read tonight when I am off to bed just s tad hyper. I am still laughing about the nose hairs!!!!!! God bless you, girl! I am saying prayers for you.


  19. Very very funny Post, darn that was really not very nice of DQ's. And trying to peg down your son the police officer now that is just a riot. My brother is a police Officer and my sister ran into him on his beat.. very cool. Sorry about the effects of the chemo never really thought about the nose hairs that would feel strange I'm sure. I just on the mend from my cancer surgery and just starting to feel like myself... you take care of yourself plenty of rest...positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  20. I am pretty sure they know we will not get back in the car and leave our just purchased cold or hot food at home to retrieve whatever it is they forgot. I have sworn off many a fast food place for just that reason and found myself pulling back into their drive through lane when the urge was back. Funny post...did you even tell your hubby you bought him the blizzard?

  21. I may be the only one on earth who does not know how to do that color block thing you have going on the last photo. Can you share how you do that?

    Missed you so much when you didn't blog much last year, so now it feels like a fresh spring day when I click on your bookmark and there is a new post. LOVE your photos. Thank you for all those you have posted over time. And thanks also for the hilarious writing. This is a week that I needed it.

  22. I am shocked that so many do not know what a pee chee is. Loved your post and love you!! Thanks for sharing your life and your real-life perspective with us. God bless you!

  23. Popping in and catching up on what's been going on in your neck of the woods for the week that I've been out of town. Love the flowers and the blue jar and LOVE the new/old hair of yours (mentally filing this away, hoping like crazy that I will never need it for myself or anyone I know to tell.)

    Sending a big hug ... just 'cause you may need one.

  24. It has been awhile since I have been by....I am taking a blogging break...but I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you...Your photos are so sweet...and I also think that new mowed hay fragrance should be a perfume!!! From my horse days....:) takes me back there in an instant...have a great weekend, and I promise I will appreciate the nose hairs...:)
    Hugs, Sandy

  25. Read this today...follow you faithfully and with anticipation and just have to say...
    I totally love you and "get" you. It scares me...haha
    THANK YOU for being YOU

    1. Totally can relate to the DQ run but the sad thing is our DQ is only about a mile away - a little too convenient. Prayers to you during your chemo - been there and done that. 14 years later cancer free and it is a distant memory. This too shall pass but a good reminder to appreciate my hairy body! Take care!

  26. Thanks for sharing, you made me smile.

  27. Hi Teresa! I'm pulling for you, praying for you...whatever it takes, and I'm so glad to see you back here again.

  28. life is all about love. each experience, even nose hair or lack thereof is something visited through love. i am a complete stranger but the love you have given me over the years, through this blog of words and photos consistently sends with it your warm and abiding love for your family, friends and life. i am compelled to write you to let you know there are many of us, (some writing, some not), who are sending our love back to you. through prayer i will continue sending you love, the greatest healer and the very essence of God.

  29. Oh boy, the body hair thing and chemo - I hadn't been warned except about the hair loss (and I do so miss my hair) but the facial hair loss - what, where are the eyelashes, and body hair loss, who knew! I was so grateful to get some stubble back on my head about 10 weeks after my last chemo. Some tiny little lower lashes have appeared this week. I felt like cheering them on. Upper lashes better think about coming back too, I can count the few that remain and I'd rather just see them instead. I couldn't figure out why my nose was drippy, those nose hairs have an important job that I didn't realize they did. I want those back too.
    Sending you oodles of empathy.

  30. 1. That DQ story is TRAUMATIZING. I got to the "they forgot the cheesecake" part and my eyes snapped into saucers. Because...just don't play that way! Come on, DQ, getcho act together! For real.
    2. Dear Target, Why do you keep torturing me with your Threshold ads? Hate you. Love, FPFG
    3. Back to DQ...cappuccino Heath? Lawd. I'm on it!
    4. For his entire life, Silas will only eat chocolate ice cream. And then he had "mocha" ice cream, and now, all he wants is "coffee ice cream". Sophisticated, right?
    5. I now NEED to see your oldest in his duds. Except, I know I've made inappropriate comments on here before re: His attractiveness. And yes, it's creepy. We all get that. But it's true, and I fear maybe I just shouldn't see him in his duds. So nevermind.