September 20, 2013

it happens every year

For all my talk about being a hopelessly devoted summertime girl, I have to say that lately, I have again found myself totally obsessed with all things fall.

Around the middle of August, I usually start to panic knowing that my beloved summer will soon be heading south for the winter. But every year, without fail, I wake up one morning and just like that, I'm ready for fall.

I don't want to be hot anymore.

I want to fire up the crockpot.

Wear a sweater.

Make a pot of soup.

Chop some firewood.

(Kidding about the firewood chopping but I do dearly love a neatly stacked pile of logs.)

Since fall has not fully arrived here in my part of Montucky, I went back through my pictures and dredged up some photos of the falls of yore.

Additionally, I have been a Fall pinning fool on Pinterest.

Yesterday, I came across the ultimate fall board. I loved every single thing on it. I started re-pinning like a mad woman only to eventually discover it was my very own fall board.

Sometimes Pinterest is nice and tells you when you've already pinned something, but in this case I was getting the silent treatment.

Then I had to go back and delete, because I'm very neurotic about having duplicates on my boards.

It keeps me up at night.

(Here's the link to my fall board, just please don't look at any of my other boards as they are all a hot mess. I finally figured out how to put them in alphabetical order, but other than that, there is not much rhyme or reason to be found.)

How about you? Have the leaves started turning in your part of the world?

Temperatures dropping?

Soup pots bubbling?

Are you pinning pumpkin everything onto your Pinterest boards?

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Yes, ready for Fall here! Love the briskness of the air!

  2. Just this week friend...the crispness is back...speaking of about apple crisp for supper tonight!?!?!? Done and DONE! Hope you are well. Love and HEALING to you.

  3. Haha, I'm neurotic about having duplicates on my boards too! :P Mine are perfectly organized and I hardly ever pin unless I follow the link to see if it's worthy. True story. ;) Love your fall pictures!! Must be fabulous there this time of year. :)

    1. Haha, I thought I was the only one that verified links before pinning. The exception to that of course is when I am only interested in the photo. Being the crazy that I am I also post the correct link, when one doesn't work, into the comments.

  4. Love your photos, I am a pinterest addict too:) Our leaves are changing already here.

  5. That's hilarious! We have a little tease in the weather every now and then, but then it remembers it's the South and changes its mind. I love the crisp mornings and can live with the 80's in the afternoon for now. The state fair is coming up next month. Sometimes it's summertime hot and other times it's perfect. Fingers crossed for perfect this year.

    Do you click and drag to alphabetize your boards? I have so many I can't do that very well. If you've learned another secret, please share!

  6. P.S. I want to make a quilt, too. I have dozens of tutorials on my Quilting board. One day...

  7. :) How do you put them in alphabetical order!?

    1. Aw rats...and here I was thinking you were going to disclose some magical, easy way. At least hubs upgraded our internet and the click and drag doesn't take all day. Thanks though!

  8. I am ready for all things fall also!!! I love the crisp air and the colors of the leaves and pumpkins. I really enjoy your photos and "ideas" that you create for me to try in our home by you sharing your images. Pinterest is the best sight and very powerful for holiday decorating. Now if I would only get to work to make some of the things I have pinned. :-) All my best to you and the strength you have shown to so many people. Bless you, Marge

  9. When I accidentally pin the same thing more than once, I figure it must be something that I really, really like a LOT. When I find duplicates, I tidy things up.

    Feels like fall here and I love it. Sleeping with the down comforter and the windows open is heavenly. Not a fan of sunset coming earlier and earlier, tho. Time change next month is gonna kill me.

  10. Honey-girl, you crack me up. That is SO something I would do... lovin' on my own pins! But seriously, I am going to click on your board-link NEXT. Must be good stuff. Today? In the 80's. SOME leaves are falling a little bit... but no color yet. (Guess those fallin' leaves are just tired of hanging on! LOL) No soup yet, but I am dying to make some. What was your other question? Oh yeah, I decorated fall-ish yesterday. I like to hold out until the real FIRST DAY, but you know... a girl's got to decorate when that window of opportunity opens up, and yesterday was IT.

    Hope you're doing well. Praying for you! xo Love, Sal

  11. We are into it . . . Leaves dropping, weather cooling, trimming the dead from the trees, cutting up logs, burning twigs and brush in the fire pit today, made chicken soup on Tuesday, cast iron homemade bread on Thursday, banana bread on Wednesday, been to the apple orchard . . . I think that about covers our "getting into it."

    Love,, love, love your "pins and pics!" Happy days ahead . . .

  12. I am back and forth. I love fall, but I hate bare trees which always happen after fall. I am just going to choose to embrace it I guess. I'll have to focus on the colors, maybe decorating today will help.

  13. Your Fall board is lovely. I have not been on Pinterest as I don't need another thing to look at right now :>)
    Our temps are dropping and leaves changing color but we don't get enough red color for me. I don't like fall as it means the rain will start and last until late spring/early summer. But I do enjoy a crisp, sunny Fall day!! Hope you are feeling good!!!

  14. I.hear ya!!!! I love my long summer beach days but i am so happy in fall. My husband always says that i am the happiest in fall! Heading over to your pin board. I just pinned the heck out of halloween!

  15. Ha ha about the pinterest board!

    I made my first batch of Fire Roasted Tomato Soup last week and it was just the kick off I needed. I also made the most amazing sandwich that involved roasted tomatoes, smashed avocado and blue cheese which I will happily make for you next fall.

    We are just starting to see the first peek of some leaves changing. Our big show comes in October. It's why it pains me to travel in October and yet we have two trips planned.

    I hope you enjoy a crisp day today.

  16. Your Pinteresting cracks me up! I know I keep repinning some of the same things too!
    I've finally resigned myself to the fact that it's fall. I pulled the pots today and planted mums. I brought out my fall centerpiece. I do love fall, but don't love a long cold winter...

    Great pics as always!

  17. I am loving your fall board and all the others too!! I am hooked on pinterest Teresa which isn't good cause I've ignored my blog among other things. Fall?? I'm just looking for under 100 degree weather which we got today...Finally!!
    Blessings and hugs, Julie +: )

  18. Hi there, I love your collage of fall photos! I've been gone for a week and need to get back in the grove. As we made our way home from our road trip, I saw a lot of trees changing colors. I've got fall decorations around my house and love it. This year I just feel like staying in and working on projects. Also, I hope I can find those pins you mentioned.

  19. First time I've read your blog...found you through Bee In My Bonnet...and love your posting! I, too, live in the country and can SO relate! Yes, Autumn is certainly here I'd your d├ęcor...Looking forward to following you. :0)

  20. I got a chuckle out of your pinterest story...I haven't done that, but I have put plenty of stuff on the wrong board. Don't you just love pinterest? I'm off to look at your board...

  21. Fall is nipping at your heels here, but it's still a little too summer like for my taste. I'm like you. Love summer, but adore the weather once it cools down and then I wish fall would last forever.

  22. Fall started in the kitchen and on my front porch at the beginning of August for me :)

    However, we have not started shelling corn or cutting soy beans so it doesn't officially seem like it's quite there, yet.

    I yearn for fall all year long. It's my time. I know it's only a month or two so I soak it up for all it's worth!

    I am following your board. It's fun and cozy :)

  23. Okay, this.
    I have never seen this post. (Am I repeating myself here?)
    BUT ..... as you may know, I am very aware of your Fall pinning frenzy.
    So at least Pinterest doesn't hate us.

    ps - All of my little kids are playing chase/tag/hide-and-seek/acrobat extravaganza with my 19 year old. It's LOUD in here. Please send help.

  24. Love the fall board! I'm really starting to in the fall mood now.