October 4, 2013

trust the journey

I've always loved the above quote, but I especially love it this year.

My spring was entirely taken over by my diagnosis, the hugely oppressive, chest crushing weight of the unknown, and then major surgery and recovery.

But having completed my final chemo treatment yesterday - yay! - the hardest part of my battle is over.

Even though I know I've got a couple more weeks of foggy chemo yuck ahead of me, at this very moment, I'm feeling light as a feather.

The black cloud I've had hovering over me is gone.

Our gross, rainy weather has cleared and the skies are a brilliant blue.

My beloved mountains are covered in a beautiful, fresh snow.

The leaves are turning.

Life is good.

That bears repeating, people.




Two very dear friends of mine sent me this gorgeous tote to use as my chemo bag.

It's imprinted with the words, "Trust the Journey".

Trust the journey.

While the journey is still far from over, taking it one step at a time with my faith, family and friends, I know I can face what still lies ahead.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

I know I'm going to.


  1. You are such a God-given inspiration. I pray for you. Take care, my dear.......

  2. Dearest Teresa, Trusting God is the key to success, he knows just what's he doing in your life. He sees and hears everything. My Dad battled cancer back in 2008, chemo/radiation was part of it also and he beat it after two years. He is now cancer free. He had a tumor behind his right eye, stage 4. Faith and lots of prayer brought our family through that journey. Keeping you in prayer . . . blessings :O)

  3. Jesus is the Way-Maker!! He will make a way - for you. He will hold your hand through the journey. Amen?
    I thought of that as I read your post here and the title of your post and bag. By the way. That bag is just the cutest thing, eveh!!!

    Thinking of you.

  4. You have just provided me with a new mantra. Trust the Journey ... how simple, and so wise.

    Sending hugs and a big high-five.

  5. life is good. You are over the hump...hopefully blue skies and happy days ahead. xo

  6. I don't know why it is so hard sometimes to trust the journey and the One who maps it out for us. Yes, have a fabulous weekend!! :)

  7. A beautiful, happy journey is in front of you now Teresa. Big hugs to you! Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy all those beautiful sights around you. :)

  8. I am celebrating with you! One step at a time and yes Life is good.....

  9. Perfect bag for you. Love that quote, may use it myself. Happy Autumn.

  10. Teresa - and you have a peaceful weekend - with knowledge that the chemo is over! Happy autumn back at ya!

  11. That is cause for celebrating!! Enjoy your second spring!! xoxo

  12. Oh Teresa, I still remember that gloomy spring day : (
    It's been quite a journey hasn't it? We never know what tomorrow will bring so we surround ourselves each day with God's Word and His Strength and with the family and friends He blesses us with. I miss you!
    Hugs and Blessings +: ) Julie

  13. 1.) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA you are done with CHEMO!!!!!!!!!
    2.) You are a delight.
    3.) Thank you for sharing your journey.
    4.) I think of you EVERY SINGLE TIME I serve that amazing peanut butter pie.
    5.) May this be the most amazing, beautiful, spectacular fall you have ever seen.
    6.) I know feel the need to go make pie..

  14. So glad to hear the chemo is over. I love hearing your updates. Hugs to you sweet Friend! ~Sal

  15. Celebrating with you that chemo is over! Praying for little to no side effects. I hope the skies stay a brilliant blue for you this weekend!

  16. Rejoicing with you! And going in for my yearly mammogram on Monday.
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  17. Congratulations on finishing chemo!!!
    I'm so happy for you!
    I did the whole chemo/radiation back in 2005 and have been thinking of you.
    My son gave me a necklace pendant for my birthday this year...one side says "Life Is Good" on it...and it really is!!!

  18. It is a huge weight lifted. I finished chemo July 16 and radiation Sept 4 this year and it was such a relief to know I was free of those hours and the misery of chemo after effects. I celebrated with a burst of energy that I hadn't had for so long. I can sleep again at night which is such a relief. So, to you, congratulations of finishing your chemo and in three weeks from now you will be feeling so much more like yourself (at least that is what happened to me).

  19. Love the quote. The bag is beautiful. Wishing you joy and good health.

  20. Trust the Journey is a favorite of mine . . . At times . . . daunting, although lightness, kindness and living seems to return . . .

    Inspiration you are for so many!

  21. Yea! Yea! Yea! You can check chemo off the list. Your bag is just delightful! I am inspired by the things you write, by your courage, and by your positive attitude. I think of you often and am glad this milestone of the journey is over!

  22. Rant, Part II:
    This was how your name came up in the first place. With the SILs. We went to a vintage/thrift/antiques market this a.m. and I bought a chalkboard-ish print. Jamie says to me, "I saw that same quote on Meadowbrook Farm!"

    And I'm all...WAH? But I convinced myself I had seen it and just forgot. I mean, it sounded familiar...

    So, last chemo???!!!! Woooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    I love you.

  23. Love the quote and that it was your last chemo! Congrats and God Bless!

  24. I am so happy that you are finished. I'm also happy to have had a friend in this journey along side, knowing that someone else knows what I've been going through too. I only have 4 more treatments and I'm finished too! Thanks for being such an inspiration to me of a courageous, strong woman!

  25. .....sending hugs from across this great country.........Linda

  26. Sending silver butterfly wishes of hope and joy in the everyday. Tina from Australia, where the first of the roses are just coming into bloom -it's always Spring somewhere.

  27. Life is Good. I have a t-shirt that says that. It just makes me feel good to wear it. So glad that black cloud is gone! Use that pretty bag in good health!

  28. :) Even through the yucky days, somehow we keep it together with our Lord holding us and we just keep trusting our journeys my friend!!! ;)

    Lots of hugs and high fives to you and your last round!

  29. Thinking of you as you regain your strength and move into the journey of great health.
    God's richest Blessings ...

  30. You are such an inspiration!!! Blessings to you in healing, peace and joy!!!

  31. This quote, "Trust the journey", has been swirling in my brain all day today. On Friday I go meet with the doctor who will be taking out an orange-sized tumor in my leg in two weeks so they can biopsy it to see if it's malignant.

    I MUST trust the journey...it seems to be the only way to have peace right now. Thank you, thank you for this post. And all of your posts about your fight with cancer. I've been thinking about them a lot lately.