October 9, 2009

kind of like winter, but with flowers

Usually, you know your conversation is in trouble when all you have to talk about is the weather. Last night, talking to my middle son, the weather was definitely the number one topic. I had just come in from knocking snow off the tree branches so they wouldn't break from the weight. He is in Alabama for Army AIT (advanced individual training - I love google!) and is dying for a break from the humid heat. Neither one of us was happy with Mother Nature. We are used to crazy weather here in Montana, but snow this early is pretty rare for us. Usually when we get so cold so quick - it's supposed to be 7 degrees this weekend - we skip fall colors and go straight to brown crispy leaves. So sad. Hopefully that won't be the case this time.

I grabbed my camera and took a couple pictures of my poor little flowers and their last hurrah.

Then, this morning, the sun on the mountains was so pretty I had to run out again.

Please disregard the scum/slime/algae on the pond. Pretend it's not there.
In this next photo, the mountains remind me of a Thomas Kinkade painting.

Thank you Lord for this beautiful world.


  1. Astounding pictures! Mind if I use the mountain one as a background on my Dell? Wouldn't publish, just home use! Boy you are really a awesome photographer!! Lori

  2. WOW! No wonder you bought the "junk" house! The scenery alone is worth it all! Love your flowers in the snow, I bet you were thrilled when you uploaded all those gorgeous shots!