October 30, 2009

the pumpkin princess

My nephew's daughter.

That makes her my great niece.

Which makes me a great aunt.

And that makes me sound very old.

That's okay though, as long as I get to take pictures like this of her adorableness. A sweet little princess in the pumpkin patch. I'm so glad her mom and dad are willing to share her with me. She wasn't totally buying into the photo op on this day, but I got a few shots that I absolutely love.

Like this one.....

And the hair....love the hair.

Dear Pumpkin Princess,
I know you consider me the scary lady with the big black thing in front of her face, who chases you everywhere you go. Hopefully, you get used to being my photography guinea pig, because I have a million more ideas in my brain for awesome pictures, and they all involve you!
Crazy Old Great Aunt Tessie

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