October 21, 2009

vintage loot

This past weekend, I traveled to my old stomping ground for the wedding of my best friend's son. It was a great trip. I saw many old friends, and had a wonderful visit with my parents and family.

However, the aforementioned best friend has apparently had a break with reality. I will chalk it up to the stress of the wedding, because there is no other logical explanation.

We have been friends for about fifteen years. We have a lot of similar interests, but the one that has provided us with the most fun over the years is our love of antiques. We like the same things, but our tastes are just different enough that we have been able to avoid all-out smack downs on our shopping excursions, at least on most occasions.

Our kitchen decor is similar, but she tended toward fifties style and pastel colors, and I toward forties and primary colors. She, a little more sophisticated, and I, a little more country cottage.

Now, back to the crazy train she is currently taking a trip on.

A couple days before my trip, I got a call in which she told me she was purging her house of all antiques. With the exception of three or four large items, everything must go. I know - crazy. She and her husband are in a transition time of life, and though for now, they are staying in their current house, they ultimately will be looking for a very small, simple home.

So, even though I need more stuff like I need a hole in the head, I went shopping at her house. I had been with her when she bought ninety eight percent of her stuff, and it felt like I was pilfering family heirlooms. I couldn't bear to see it end up on Ebay, though I may end up putting some of it there myself! I took the things that I love, and packed two boxes of awesome vintage goodies to bring home. Now I just have to find a place to put it all.


  1. Could it be a midlife crisis? You are so lucky to be the recipient of such treasures. Sigh. I wish I had crazy friends too.

  2. And you....are NOT crazy....what a treasure trove of sweet vintage you brought home! OH LA LA! Love it all....lucky you for such a treasure of a friend!