February 12, 2010

the horse whisperess

Otherwise known as the photo shoot that pretty much wasn't.

Last weekend, I called my favorite photo sidekick to see if she was up for a few pictures. She was game, as always, so armed with my camera and a very particular idea of what I wanted to accomplish, we set out for my in-laws place.

My father-in-law was just getting ready to load up the feed truck when we arrived, so we set off into the pasture ahead of him.

I started booking down the field, carrying an armload of stuff, when I realized Montana's Next Top Model wasn't coming with me. I turned around and saw this.

It turns out hungry horses are friendly horses.

We'd go a little further, they'd come along, and by the time I got my camera turned on, she was surrounded again.

They were especially fond of nibbling on her ponytail....no surprise there...and the fringe of her scarf.

Note to self. Check equine feeding schedule before planning next photo excursion.

This time, we really thought we had ditched them. I took a shot to test my exposure...

and voila...

just like magic, here they come.

I asked very politely if they would leave us alone for just a few minutes, and this was the response I got.


With my brilliant plan thwarted, and a much colder day than we were expecting, we went to a very quick plan B at the barn.

Dear Horse Whisperess,
Oh my goodness, are you a good sport! I can't imagine any other teenage girl that could possibly be more fun to have as my photo buddy than you. Please keep taking my phone calls....I promise next time it will be warmer, and I'll make sure we don't have any extra friends following us around. By the time you're a senior, we should have this picture taking thing figured out.
Thanks for being my go-to photo girl.
You're the best!


  1. She is adorable, and I think the photos turned out great. Really cute scarf too.

  2. What a crack up! Your girl is so pretty. And I'll bet she loves "modeling" for you. (I would have at that age!)

  3. LOL!!!! Those horses know a beautiful girl when they see one! And I love the photos!

  4. Those pictures are sooo cute! Your subject is darling and so are the horses. Her scarf is beautiful and the flowers aren't bad either. :) Thanks for sharing your fun day with her. I am still laughing at the horse with it's tongue out.

  5. What a day brightener! It's like you took a big yellow hightlighter and swiped it over my day!

  6. The horses are lovely! Color me pea green with envy about such a delightful day, regardless of the temperature!

  7. Beautiful photos! Love the horse ones!!

  8. Beautiful photos! Love the one where she has her head tilted and the flowers at her feet. She is a beauty. The horses look good, too.

  9. So cute - I love the horses showing up in all the shots! Sometimes the best laid plans turn out more interesting! She is adorable, by the way.


  10. She is a beauty! I love horses and I love the way they nuzzle and sniff with their muzzles..it tickles! Love all these pic's..I laughed out loud at the horse sticking his tongue out..very funny! Have a good Valentines day and come say hi when you can :D

  11. LOL!!!! Yes, that is how horses are! My gosh that one giving you the raspberry ....priceless!
    You were in their pasture you know.....:) Your sweet girl is soooo pretty and youa re wonderful with your camera! I so enjoy your photo posts!

  12. Oh my goodness! I found your blog through Barb Uil.I loved looking around!! Can I just say your home is so amazing!!! I stuggle with decorating. So thank you for all the paint tips, etc... And you do beautiful photograph as well!WOW!

  13. So sweet....I say the horses lend a lot to the shoot...next time just let 'em eat from the model's hand! What fun to have a model at your beck and call!

  14. You take great pictures! Love them all. Great blog.

  15. lol! i love those photos! and you (and the horses) definitely made me smile!

  16. How did I miss this post!? You and that camera, girl, honest to Pete...you are so good. She is going to TREASURE those photos. Please steal her scarf and mail it to me, Priority Mail preferred. I'm a thankin' ya.

  17. Looks like a lot of fun and beautiful.

  18. I have just stumbled upon your beautiful blog! This has got to be one of my favourite entries. Simply gorgeous, simply hilarious. Those horses had me laughing out loud. So loud that my family looked over at me trying to act some kind of "normal" but the laughter got the better of me. I will definitely be reading more of your pieces. Such a beautiful place.
    Peace, Tara
    P.S. Love love love her scarf! I'm actually in the middle of making one very similar. Gorgeous!