May 17, 2010

any day now

Meet John and Jessica.

John works for my husband, and as you can see, he is about to become a father.

It goes without saying that he's pretty excited to meet his new little girl.

I've known John for quite a while, but I just met his wife Jessica last week.

Could she be any cuter?

You won't believe this, but she is due Saturday.

As in, less than a week away.

As in, it should be a crime to look this good full term.

Her ankles are not swollen.

She does not waddle.

It does not take a forklift to get her off the ground.

It's impossible to hold a grudge though, because she is truly one of the sweetest things I have ever met.

John and Jessica were high school sweethearts and I'm guessing they won the cutest couple award.

If by some slight chance they didn't, I am officially awarding it now.

It's so exciting to think about how life is going to change in an instant for John and Jessica. A little girl that they have not yet met is going to rock their world.

Once their little pink bundle arrives, there will be a new star of the show.

A new center of their universe.

And how fun for me to be able to capture it all.

In a few weeks, we'll do all this again with an extra little person along for the ride.

Dear John and Jessica,

Congratulations! I can easily see you will be amazing parents. Enjoy these last few minutes together before your life changes forever in the best possible way. I had so much fun photographing this special time in your life, and I am so excited to meet your little princess.

Your friend and future baby holder,



  1. Wow....what great pictures! How special to capture those last few moments as just husband and wife before we becomes "family".

    Yes it is a crime to look that good right before the due date.

  2. Beautifully done! Your pictures of them say it all - the love and respect they have for each other and the anticipation they are enjoying until the moment of her birth.

  3. How cute! What great shots I love the one in which she is looking down at her belly

  4. OH, I love this! You captured them wonderfully.. they are adorable.. and she is impossibly fit for full term. I was a blimp at that stage. Congrats and good luck to the young couple!....looking forward to baby pics :-)

  5. I had a lump in my throat just looking at these shots. There is photography and then there is photojournalism. You got the story down in perfect pictures and tugged at my heartstrings in the process.

  6. What a precious couple and yes it should be illegal to look this fantastic when you are ready to deliver! I sure never did! Congratulations to them on their impending arrival.


  7. Are they so cute, or what?!! You have a wonderful way of capturing such sweet moments... can't wait to see future photos with their new little sweetie!

  8. My daughter is due next month. I wish you were still in SC because I'd look you up to take pictures like this of her and her hubby.

  9. Just beautiful! I wish photo sessions like this were popular years ago... -- michele

  10. What fabulous photography..
    not only are the subjects just beautiful..
    but the outdoors as a scenic backdrop perfectly accentuated their joy..
    you captured the love and innocence they share as sweethearts and lovers before becoming PARENTS!
    wonderful post..
    what a super job!
    warmest hugs..

  11. absolutely darling - your photography is fabulous my friend!

  12. You did a wonderful job, Teresa! I love all of them, and mostly that they feel genuine instead of "too staged" if you know what I mean. You had wonderful subjects and gorgeous the one of the barn especially and the pond!

    You're sweet to do this for them; it's something they'll always treasure and it will be a special memory.

  13. Dream-ay! The second to the last pic is my fave. They truly are the cutest. And you are fabulous, dahling!

  14. I LOVE these pictures. They are so precious! I always look at pregnancy pics from the perspective of how I would feel if those people were my parents and pregnant with me. A lot of pregnancy pictures are kind of creepy and uncomfortable. It takes a sweet spirit to capture the preciousness of the season and you have certainly done that with these photos. Lovely.

  15. Beautiful! My daughter is also due (May 26) and so I really enjoyed these shots. Very sweet couple! Blessings to you as you welcome your little girl into the world and your arms!

  16. Gorgeous pictures! I agree that is one cute Mama!

  17. Beautiful.. just beautiful! What an adorable couple too. I want to take some 'people portraits'.. I just don't have anyone offering to be my guinea pigs yet :) -Tammy

  18. What a beautiful post on a beautiful couple about to become a family. Your photos are wonderful as always and what a lovely momento for them to have. Your little note to them at the end of your post was very touching and I can hardly wait to see the stunning photographs you are going to take of their new little girl.

  19. Beautiful photos. Although I'm not sure if I'm enamored with her, or hate her for looking so great and so pregnant -- because I'm pretty sure, scratch that, I KNOW I looked awful when I was 39+ weeks pregnant!

  20. Those pictures are beautiful! What a cute young couple, and so in love, you can tell! Can't wait to see the baby pictures! You really are a great photographer!

  21. Beautiful pictures and how can someone have skinny everything and just a tiny little bump? When I was pregnant, I was pregnant EVERYWHERE.

  22. What beautiful pictures. You have such a talent and you graciously share it!

    Thank you for the hope you brought today...

  23. Love those pictures T! What a lovely remembrance for them. I wish we had something similar. You have such a way of capturing a moment. That is a real gift.

  24. LOVE all the pics. They're great and fantastic shots. Lucky couple to know you and be having a new baby.

  25. Gorgeous couple. Don't tease us, we have to meet the baby now you know.

  26. Beautiful couples --beautiful photos!!

  27. Where in the world do you find all of these beautiful people? Must be in the water there.