May 28, 2010

a day for ducks

When my youngest was little, we religiously, daily, sometimes twice or thrice daily, watched PBS's Arthur. We loved it. It was a great mama and little boy together time. After a while, the character voices changed, and then the show in general changed, my youngest grew up, and needless to say, I haven't seen an episode of Arthur in years.

That has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

On one particular very rainy day in Arthur's talking animal world, the kids paid a visit to their Grandma Thora, who greeted them at the door with, "Well if this isn't a day for ducks!"

That phrase stuck with me. I like it. A lot. It's the perfect way to describe a dreary, drizzly, rainy day.

Today is a day for ducks here on the farm. We usually don't get socked in, constant, pouring rain here in Montana. It usually comes and goes fairly quickly, and while it might be raining at my house, it's probably not raining at my friend's house just a mile or two away.

It has been raining the vast majority of the last twelve days.

At everyone's house.

This is my usually manicured front lawn.

We fertilized right before the rain hit - always a good plan - but at this point, we may as well call the guy that does our haying for us. The foreseeable forecast is for rain, so I pity the fool who has to mow this mess when we finally dry out.

(Just watch, it will be me, as my usual mower always seems to be able to pull out the always lame and much over used, "I have to go to school" on the only nice day in weeks. School, schmool. Whatever.)

Our mountains have almost disappeared. If you look really close, you might see a faint outline against the gray.

Now, to the actual reason for this impromptu post.

Last night, I was firmly settled in my comfy chair, laptop in lap, television on. It's a common sight around here and quite appropriate for a rainy evening.

Out my window, this is what I see.

The clouds virtually disappeared in moments.

The dandelions in our field were glowing in the sun.

It was absolutely gorgeous, and the camera does not do it any kind of justice.

I tried anyway.

Wheel line with sun flare.

Wheel line without sun flare.

Which do you like better? I can't decide myself.

Leaves were transparent and beautiful with the light shining through.

Even things commonplace and usually overlooked took on a sparkly new life.

The light was electric. Colors were saturated.

An obsession with reflections was born in an instant.

And then this morning.

The light went back to being gray and flat.

But an obsession with water droplets, not a new obsession mind you, was given its chance to shine.

Dear Rain,
I appreciate your recent visit. I know we need you. Desperately. I profusely thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. You are bringing life to our drought ridden valley and for that I will be eternally grateful.
But, I'm feeling a bit stifled. You're getting a bit clingy, and I think it might be time for a break. You certainly may come back and visit, but we are going to have to establish some boundaries.
I have to say, the fact that you have totally ignored my suggestion that you come each night, then leave during the day is a bit irritating. It smacks of an uncooperative attitude.
I feel you are not listening to me.
In any relationship, communication is key.
I look forward to you giving this matter your full attention as soon as possible.


  1. Teresa,
    Stunning photographs! I feel like I'm on holiday when I visit your blog.
    Thank you!

  2. I look forward to Fridays just your post and pictures- thank you!

  3. Beautiful photographs - I love it without the sun flare. Wierd cuz I love sunflair. But, mostly I'm commenting because I love Arthur! My kids watch him every day. Your farm is gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful pictures! My yard is looking like yours too because we've gotten quite a bit of rain here lately. Raining right now actually.

  5. Gorgeous, as always - what's happening with John and Jessica??

  6. These pictures are amazing!!
    I love the reflections.
    Visiting from Flower Patch Farmgirl,

  7. Hi!

    I've been meaning to comment on your last post a while back when you said that you had a hard time coming up with words for your posts.

    Well heres some words for you.. ha ha.


    Your pictures say 1000 words. No need to kill yourself with the words.

    We just want to see your pictures of your house, your porch - your garden - your kitchen - your cooking anything that you do we want to see!

    Your house/property are amazing and the pictures tell the story.

    I love your blog. Can you tell? words or not!


  8. Oh, so beautiful! You live in an absolutely fairytale, gorgeous place. Thanks for the vacation and the peek. Blessings!

  9. Love your pictures. I know the joy of seeing the sun after days of rain!! You captured it so the reflections and even the rain drops. Prefer the non sun flare photo. Your blog is always fun to see!!

  10. I know just what you mean! I'm in MT too, in the Bitterroot Valley south of Missoula... and I'm getting mighty tire of this non stop rain. I'm sorry to tell you that it is probably my fault though, because we've been planning to paint the outside of our house... we were supposed to start last weekend... and I think now that the rain may never stop!;) Maybe we'll pretend to change our minds and it will go away! Love your blog and your place... were working on finding the farm of our dreams right now. (hence the painting to sell our current house.)

  11. Beautiful pictures. You haven't seen gray til you have seen IL in february...ugh! I think your view is amazing! Mountains in the background! Here it is corn and more corn but I love it too! Have a great weekend!

  12. Thanks for the memories of watching Arthur. I too, used to watch Arthur with my son--who is now 17. Yes, the rain can get quite old. Your photos are lovely.

  13. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME that this is the view from your house! I want to move in with you!

  14. Calvin sometimes randomly tells Ruby that she looks like DW. And Ruby named her stuffed dog "Pal". Apparently that relates to Arthur, in some way? The truth is - I almost never watch cartoons with my kids. And now I'm feeling bad about that...

    Thanks for the late-night blow to my maternal self-esteem.

    Because, you know, it is all about me.

    Also, I'm just now remembering the fact that other people who do not know me may potentially read my comments to you and they probably all think I'm a witch.

    With that, I shall fly up to bed. On my broomstick.

    ps- I just called Cory in here to look at your swoony pics. He liked the barbed wire best. I vote for the red boat.

  15. Those pictures are gorgeous! Hope your rain goes away soon. :)

  16. Are you sure you haven't moved to England?
    Beautiful pictures!

  17. Flower Patch Farmgirl I just read your comment and do not think you are a witch.
    I watched Arthur this morning with my kids...actually they watched it and I read my book!

  18. Oh how I loved Arthur but the big one for me and Em was Little Bear. I still make her watch it with me but, here's a little secret, don't tell anyone, I even watch it by myself. Yep. Now you know. I will never stop. I even want the theme song for my Ipod. Don't worry, I'll be scheduling a mental health check up soon.

    Love, love, love reflective pictures. The canoe one makes my heart about beat out of my chest. I showed these pics to Emma and she was green with envy that you get to live in such a gorgeous place. I hope mother nature heeds your request soon.

  19. I loved this post...from beginning to end. Reminders of Arthur, photos of rain and sun and then rain again. And that letter! I could have used a copy of that a few weeks back when the air hung with moisture and gray and damp for weeks, and we waded through grass that seemed to grow two feet over night. Here's to light in your corner of the world!

  20. Beautiful. Some of my favorite photographs are reflections. Just something about the calmness of the water.

  21. Great post. Loved the communications with the rain. It is amazing how our mood brightens with the mere glint of a ray of sunshine after a rainy spell. Your pictures capture mood.

    Also, I agree with another poster....more pictures of your house inside and out and the the greenhouse. It is inspiration.

  22. Teresa, I think I love you. Not only do you make the endless rain that I am SO. COMPLETELY. OVER. look good, but you somehow compose the EXACT letter to the rain that I wish I could, if I were able to compose a letter with no explicatives (which, right now, being on day 18 with some amount of rain, seems impossible...). We too have had those odd 13.7 minutes where the sun appears and it is stunning, but then it disappears, and it leaves one wanting more. A lot more.
    So yes, things are green, but not much in the vegetable gardens is growing, aside from the peas and lettuce, as it has been too darn cold. Summer, please, please, please come visit - and stay a while. We miss you!

  23. Yes, I see your point. Here in the PNW, I had a one day window last week to mow the newly feed lawn and trim it's little seed pods and it's shaping up to much the same for the next.

    I wonder if Mr. T has to mow his lawn?

  24. Hi Theresa-
    I wish I was in your little corner of the world looking through your camera. Someday.... I hope it is not too far off! I love to look at your posts and imagine myself in your fields and not in AZ with its 100 degrees and its beautiful but brown desert. Thank you for sharing your corner with me.

    PS I am still planning on painting my kitchen becuase of your inspiration! I can't wait!

  25. The pictures are just stunning. I prefer the wheel with the sun flare and couldn't stop staring at the reflection of the birch tree. Lovely!

  26. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I do remember bookmarking it immediately! Your pictures are gorgeous; I love this round, along with your last post and crabapple pics, and I have to say that I, too, LOVE reflection pictures! My favorite of yours is the red boat! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Your posts are always a relaxing addition to my day....thank you!

  27. Thank you so very much for the beautiful photographs and sharing your environment. I love your blog.

  28. Wonderful the reflection! Live for the moment! Glad you saw the light!

  29. Oh what beautiful photos!! You're an artist!

  30. just came across your blog and love it! we enjoy vacationing 'out west' in montana and wyoming :) and we dream about living in the country! i'll be linking and visiting your blog regularly.