May 11, 2010


Before the details leave my brain forever, I want to share a few last photos of our visit to the South.

The last two days of our trip were spent in Savannah.

Beautiful Savannah.

Even the name is beautiful.

When I think of Savannah, two things immediately come to mind.

Paula Deen - her face was everywhere - and squares.

Savannah is designed with a beautiful park, or square, every few blocks. I believe there are twenty some squares in all. What a brilliant way to design a city.

Some have statues or fountains in the middle. Some are fancy, some simple.

All of them had people on park benches, pet owners taking a stroll, and tourists snapping pictures.

In between the squares were block after block of beautiful homes and Spanish moss draped trees.

I don't have nearly as many pictures of Savannah as I would like. By the time we got to day five of our trip, my forty pound camera bag had taught me a valuable life lesson and had basically killed my photo taking buzz.

While the azaleas were almost done in Savannah, we saw beautiful wisteria and this fun little shrub.

If this isn't called Bottle Brush Tree, it should be.

Savannah is also home to one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen, Forsyth Park.

My niece and I spent hours on a park bench there one afternoon, just visiting the day away.

We also enjoyed the beautiful drive to Tybee Island, and climbed the steps of the Tybee Lighthouse. It was hard to imagine the solitary life of the lighthouse keeper and his family. I thought these pictures, displayed in the house, were adorable.

For me, Savannah was very different from Charleston, but just as beautiful.

Dear South,

I want to be Southern.



  1. lol! your posts about the south make me laugh..and make me miss home. i'm a displaced southerner--my husband and his family are yankees..who claim they're wanna-be southerners. you'd fit right in :) btw, the photos are beautiful!

  2. Oh, you visited one of my favorite places to visit. Isn't it just beautiful there. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  3. T..
    am a Southerner by birth..
    and not a day goes by that I don't miss home.
    come on down, we'll dunk you in the gulf and annoint you as our southern sister !
    warmest hugs..
    laughing smiles.

  4. Looks like a beautiful city to visit. I have never been to Savannah but after viewing your stunning photos I am longing to go and explore.

  5. Your pictures of Charleston and Savannah were so tantalizing, I made my husband take me to Charleston too. I also went with a 40lb camera bag. These SLRs may be heavy, but they sure pack a nice big punch in the image catagory. Love your shots.

  6. Dear South, Can I be southern too?

    Just love these places, thanks for the photo tour. *sigh*

  7. Oh this made me miss home. And yes, that is a bottle brush tree...we had one in our yard when I was a kid.
    The South is so beautiful.

  8. Another beautiful post from a beautiful Southern town. Lovely.

    You need to read Denise Hildreth's Savannah series of books. She's from my hometown.

  9. Oh, this California girl wants to be southern too! Beautiful photos!

  10. I have a great front porch, but honestly.... I saw a couple on this post that I would trade for. WOW.


  11. I made this trip a few years ago with a good friend. I have so many of those same pictures in a scrap book. We also stayed 2 nights on Tybee Island. Did you go to the cemetery outside of Savannah? It was beautiful.

  12. Oh how I love Savannah. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon and were only able to spend two days (not nearly enough). That was ten years ago this August. I think it's time for a return visit.
    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos!

  13. Beautiful pictures! I'm from the South and still live in the South (Tennessee). My husband and I visited Savannah a couple of years ago and your pictures brought my lots of memories. Such a beautiful city!

  14. Oh my...I am so in love! I really hope we make it there this year! By chance did you eat at a restaurant called Elizabeth's in Savannah. I keep hearing about it...everyone says it is the best! Your photos are stunning!


  15. we spent a week at Tybee Island...the pictures of Savannah feels like going home...

  16. Savannah is on my list of places to visits.
    Your photographs made me move it to the top of the list.
    It is so Southern.

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  17. I loved your pictures! I love your blog read it all the time. I lived in Winston Salem, nc for 18 years and now I am in Maryland still considered the south but not south enough for me. My daughters were raised in the south and cant wait to go home!

  18. If I could live anywhere, it would be Savannah. Beautiful photos!

  19. I love Savannah and I love Charleston too! I live in NC, but grew up in N. FL, so I am really familiar with both lovely cities....Loved your photos of both and they really gave me a new appreciation for living in the south...

  20. Hi Teresa! I saw your comment on my recent post and realized that I am not getting YOURS, though I signed up for them. Have to pull out my tech crew {aka my kids} and figure this out! I am going to Savannah next month and this post got me so excited about it! My daughter was accepted to a summer program at SCAD for a week and I will be staying nearby. I have a dear friend who is flying in to play for a few days and we just finalized our B&B reservation, yesterday. Your images are amazing and I hope that I will be able to capture Savannah's magic even a tiny bit as well. I hope that you brought home pralines!!! xx P&H {Okay, off to view your archives and see what I've missed.}

  21. Awesome pictures, love the parks & the spanish moss. I wish I was southern too

  22. I loved Savannah and Tybee too - it is funny, I have a lot of the same photos and photos of the same things. Beautiful! Gorgeous photos as always!

  23. Gorgeous images you have captured from my favorite city!!! I so loved seeing Savannah through your eyes.

    When were you there? We were there May 3 - 5th.


  24. Come on down, we'll adopt you!! Gorgeous photos...and yes, it is a Bottle Brush...appropriately named isn't it?

  25. Growing up in Southern California, our street was lined with the bottle brush trees. The bees love them! It made all of us children duck while walking under them. They also were painful to our bare feet. The pointed leaves dry up, fall off and are sharp! Once the flowers had faded, we would peel the bark. Lovely to look at, but not bare foot friendly!

  26. As others have commented it IS a bottle brush tree. I consider the one in my back yard (Florida) a bit of a nuisance....but pretty when it blooms, none the less. We are planning a trip to Savannah in the fall.

  27. I've always heard how beautiful it is there. After seeing your pictures I want to go so bad!

  28. Your photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing. :) I have only passed through Savannah, I hope to actually spend some time there I here good things about it and Tybee Island. Must make a trip out to Georgia sometime soon, especially since I live just a few hours south in FL!


  29. Oh Teresa, Savannah just looks amazing. I am hoping to maybe go their this summer on a road trip with my daughter.


  30. Your pictures are great. It's funny I just told my husband that I wanted to move to the south. I always thought I was a misplaced southern gal. lol

  31. Found your blog thru TheCottageNest. am so very, very pleased that I did.

    But for the life of me, I can't find where I can JOIN your blog as a follower... do not want to miss another thing you post.
    Or am I just getting too old and feeble to be able to find your JOIN BUTTON ?? ( laughing)

    Your trip to Savannah and Charelston must have been a dream come true for a NORTHERN gal ( HATE the word Yankee )...especially if you have never been to that part of our beloved country before.
    I was born and raised in CHICAGO..OH NO !!...but live in the South now..and I will never leave if I have my way.
    Your images are so very delightful, enjoyed each one of them.

    PLEASE come over and visit my humble blog and tell me please how I am able to become a follower.

    Thank you,


  32. The French have Paris and we have Savannah! I got engaged in Savannah and plan on returning there. Thanks for the sweet memories.

    I invite you to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway!


  33. You make me want to pack my bags right up and hop in the car. I love Savannah. It's one of my favorite cities in the world but I have to say that it's even prettier through your lens.

  34. wow! Your photos are incredible! I want to go and visit the South! Y'all hear that???? so pretty and you have a way of capturing the beauty of the places you visit and the people you photograph. Love to read your blog.

  35. heart is going pitter pat.

  36. Teresa, I have thoroughly enjoyed your pics of your Southern trip. I am from south GA and now live in NW MT. I love it here but do miss all the flowers and sites of the South. I do not, however, miss the gnats and the humidity! I am glad you enjoyed your visit there. Now I am homesick!!


  37. just found your blog..My husband & I are headed to Savannah in a couple of wks. for a little get away.I am even more excited since I've seen your lovely pictures!:)
    Im off to read more of your posts!

  38. I grew up in Atlanta and Savannah & Charleston are two of my favorite places. Your beautiful photos really show them off! I do have to say that the humidity there guaranteed some unusual hair days for me...