June 14, 2011

time is ticking away

We have now officially gone from having months until the wedding, to having weeks.

Just over six weeks, to be exact.

It's not quite time to panic, but it is time to start getting organized, start making lists, and start making a plan.

It's also time to revert back to the bullet point blog post format.

~ I ordered seven different dresses for the wedding, and thank goodness, one of them is going to work.

Big, huge check off my list.

However, Part B of this bit of good news gets a bit tricky. I now have to return the six dresses that didn't pass the test. I hate, hate, hate returning things by mail, mainly because it's somewhat complicated what with the paperwork, plastic bag re-packaging, did I save the box it came in, printing the return label, and am I out of packing tape again?! And then, of course, there's the whole Post Office experience.

Not a big fan of the Post Office experience.

This is why the items I need to return by mail usually end up sitting on the floor of my closet way past the ninety day return period, when I finally ship them back and just keep my fingers crossed that the company will accept them.

Procrastination....it's a beautiful thing.

~ The greenhouse is about halfway cleaned out. Some things are actually planted, but most are sitting in flats in about six different locations around my house.

They are just sitting there.

Mocking me.

~ The greenhouse is green. As in, the walls and windows are covered in green slime/algae/funk. I am soooo looking forward to getting my scrub brush and bucket of bleach and making it all pretty and white again.


~ Dinner is currently sneaking up on me almost every single day. Seriously, it doesn't even cross my mind on most days until about four thirty. Or when my hubby or son walk in the door after a hard day of work and ask me what's for dinner.


I've got the blank look down pat.

~ I need to do one of those meal plans where you spend a whole day cooking and then have meals for a month in the freezer. So far, I've bought the Costco size package of ground beef, but then I hit a dead end.

Apparently, I'm struggling with the "plan" part of meal plan.

~ My zinnias have aphids.

Do you know how long it takes to de-aphid 1110 zinnias?

~ Our weatherman is a big, fat liar. Today is supposed to be sunny and seventy. In actuality, today is windy, gray and rainy.

Dear Al Gore,
I want global warming back.
Sincerely yours,

~ I am absolutely, positively making a batch of this delightful nectar ASAP.

~ Then I'm making this.

~ Then, I'm ordering a bigger dress for the wedding.


  1. Algae? Dinner? If I had your view out my window, nothing would ever get accomplished.

    Our weatherman isn't a liar but I suspect he uses a magic 8-ball for his forecasts.

  2. I remember the wedding countdown. Enjoy it.

    Procrastination is my middle name, along with perfectionist and packrat.

    I think I'd use a pressure washer on the greenhouse walls. Because I'm lazy like that.

    The plan part of meal planning is my problem, too. Is there a 12 step program for it? Let me know.

    It's to be 90 degrees with a breeze today. Score!! A cold front around here.

  3. My comment is full of alliteration. I seem to like p's today. Ha!

  4. Teresa-
    Six dresses to return/ship back?! That's crazy girl!! I am just like you...I hate returning stuff...probably because I am also a procrastinator! The thing I need to return usually sits in my closet until I forget about it or until it gets lost under all of the dirty clothes!! LOL!

    I am with Southern Gal...you should totally use a pressure washer on the greenhouse! No way I would scrub all of the funk off by hand!!

    I also fail daily with dinner...its just not a priority for me! I just have too many other important things to do like work in the yard, take pictures, craft, etc. Who needs to eat?!

    If you have time head on over to my site! I had a photoshoot with my little sis while she was in town this past weekend! The pics turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!! She was sooo much easier to photograph than my kiddos! Its amazing the difference 20 years makes...she actually held still, posed, etc. :)

    Have a great week!! Time to buckle down on the wedding thing!! The countdown is on!!

  5. I knew there was a reason I liked you besides your lovely photos! Procrastination and meal planning issues are two of my many faults :)

    Doesn't PW's iced coffee look divine? Not sure if it will be worth ordering a dress size up though!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the wedding plans, and hope the weather is glorious!

  6. Oh friend, I've got the meal plan thing down pat - Stouffer's, it's in the freezer section. Re: the aphids, you want we should all show up and kill 'em? We're there if ya need us. Remind me, is the wedding at your place? If so, we're all going into panic mode with ya. Now. Keep the bullets coming!

  7. I love reading your blog. Your pictures are always so pretty, your flowers are to die for, and your sense of humor and self-mockery are just what I need to get through the same kinds of things. Thanks for sharing. (I love your farm-I grew up on one in Idaho and it makes me happy to see your red barn!)

  8. You are delightful! And a phenomenal photographer . . .

    The barn with the reflection is fabulous.
    I have to find some new adjectives!

    Love, Lynne

  9. I love the way you capitalized Post Office experience. It is a capitalization worthy thing isn't it?

  10. Know all about the procrastination! ... as I am sitting here blog searching instead of getting things done! We have a wedding coming up too...well, wedding reception and luckily I do not have to have a dress. It's going to be very casual. Although I am trying to get off 20#! Meal planning... hubby does most o.k. all of that anymore! I'm a lucky girl I know! APHIDS...YIKES... I didn't know they liked Zinnias. Zinnias are my all time favorite. I said if I ever get a tattoo in my midlife crisis it will be a Zinnia!
    Your gardens, barn it's all just gorgeous! I know it doesn't just happen to be gorgeous and it takes a lot of work.
    Keep the pictures coming... jealous of your beautiful setting I'm sure glad you share in pictures!
    Laurie :)

  11. beautiful pics! I always had trouble with aphids until I started spraying the leaves with a seaweed spray(you can buy the seaweed either in powder or liquid concentrate form..I use the maxicrop brand). I use a sprayer and spray about once a month(you can do it weekly but who has tiime to do that). seaweed is also good nutritionally for the plants. Susan from Texas

  12. The stormy mountain shot and the barn shot...those are frame worthy. All your pictures are phenomenal but those two, especially the barn. are striking! And that iced coffee sounds insanely delicious. I've been thinking about it since I saw it yesterday and do in fact believe it'd be worth the work!

  13. Teresa,

    The stormy mountain shot is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! Just stunning. Love the way you write and think. Makes my day!

  14. your photos are beautiful - as always - and believe me when I say I know all about 4:30 creeping up on you! I've had way too many of those days!` Hope the weather man gets it right soon for ya!

  15. We are forced to do lots of net shopping here in Alaska so I have sympathy for you returning things. What really gets me is the cost!! Most retailers require you to pay the postage back, imagine that!!
    Then on the meals, boy can I relate. I hate to cook, always have, always will so it's work to me to come up with meals. I've really had to buckle down and cook since last year we went to Primal eating which is all fresh veggies, eggs, fruit, nuts and berries, and meat or fish. So no quick carb meals I do have to work now.

  16. That is too funny...Those are EXACTLY the last two recipe's I bookmarked. Re: The Wedding. My daughter got married last summer. My best advise is "dont blink", the day will be over before you know it. Enjoy EVERY second of it.

  17. As always your photos are outstanding!! I can't wait to see and hear all the details about the wedding. My daughter just got married this past weekend and I am totally taking it easy this week!! Someone told me I should take the next three days to relax and I laughed and said, "Three days...I've blocked off the next three months!" I kid...not!

  18. We share the procrastination gene! I have several items in my closet with the tags still on them that are way past the return date!

    Good luck with the wedding planning! I wish we could trade some of our Southern heat for your rain!

  19. Oops, one more thing. Re: the barn picture. Like, I'd pay to have a print of that. No, no, I'm serious. I know you're trying to have a wedding, cook meals, and spray for aphids, but when the dust settles, can we talk barn print? Please?

  20. Glad you found "the" dress, and get those other packed up and sent away! I hate going to the post office too, but find I always feel better once I just do it...it's kind of like doing laundry or vacuuming! ;-) And that last shot of the barn...well shut my mouth!

    Kat :)

  21. I can see having a farm with a garden such as yours is hard work and then to have a wedding to plan, ick. Your images are beautiful. Carol

  22. Where did the time go...nasty weatherman. You got an out loud laugh at me as I sit here at Starbucks on my lunch hour. Beautiful photos, as always.

  23. I love that barn picture! Would love to have it printed on canvas for my home. :-)

  24. The last two pictures are my favorite. STUNNING!

  25. I have come to say that I have been the Mother of the Bride, planned the wedding and reception, hostessed the wedding here in the garden a scant week and a half ago, and I lived to tell about it. I also wore myself down to the point that a simple cold virus had me flat on my back for most of three days ... but I digress. Things will get done. Keep to your list ... and lay things out as you think of them. That way you won't forget the appetizer plates ... I'm just sayin'.

    What you need is a country Post Office and a chatty Postmistress. It takes all the pain out of mailing stuff.

    I gasped when I got to the photo of your barn ... blew me back in my seat and took my breath away. WOW!!! (Your barn looks bigger than mine. How big is it?)

    Remember to breathe.

  26. There is nothing worse than ordering online when you're not sure the item is what you want. I cannot stand mailing back returns. I'll take things back to the B&M store daily, but mail something back? pure torture.

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. As always. :)

  27. 6 weeks? How is that possible? I cannot believe how time is passing me by. I bet you will be one hot Momma-of-the-groom. Hey Miss you!

  28. Dinner? What dinner?
    I'll just sit here
    and stare at the barn.
    And the bleeding hearts.
    And drink some of the
    nectar....hee hee!
    It IS weird when a day
    you've been planning
    for gets closer and closer.
    You'll be waking up to
    THE DAY before you know it.
    Good luck with it all!
    xx Suzanne

  29. Six weeks--how exciting!!

    Does your post office do "click and ship"? I LOVE it! It saves me from trips to the post office with tons of boxes and two little girls. It's a life saver!

  30. Personally speaking, I'm so sorry that your hubby & son aren't being fed, and about the aphids. I'm just glad you still have time to take these fabulous photos. {Hugs!} =)

  31. A bit of advice about the wedding; don't sweat the details too much and remember to enjoy the day. I was so stressed about my daughter's wedding that I had to watch the video to see what happened. It looked like a nice wedding...

  32. First of all, I want your barn in my backyard. I'll pay for shipping. And totally with you on the dinner issue. There was a time long ago when I actually got out the cookbooks and planned meals. Can't remember the last time I planned dinner more than ten minutes ahead of time.

  33. Funny post :) Your photos are amazing. How do you de-aphid your flowers? They are loving my roses this year and I am wondering if I should just try to "scrape" them off. I hate to use the chemicals to take them away. I love how you said you have the blank look down pat, too funny!


  34. Maybe you should hold off on returning those dresses if one of them will work for the after coffee and desert part of this post ;) And I must admit... I'm not good at returning either... a fact to which our local thrift store can attest to!

    I too am a procrastinator... I think thats why I like to make lists. If I was 6 weeks out from a wedding I'd have filled up a couple of notebooks by now of things to do... of course only a few would be crossed off and I'd be entering full panic mode!

    Seriously, it's going to be great! I hope you give us all a little peek cuz I'd love to see how it all turns out... maybe someday I'll be able to do the same here at Red Gate Farm!


    PS I think I may need to buy that barn photo for my husband! The reflection of it in the pond is FABULOUS!!

  35. Our weatherman is a liar too, but as he predicted rain and it's a lovely sunny day today, I'm going to let him off this time.

    Can we see THE dress?

  36. Not only are we having the same weather. We must have the same weather man! Ridiculous! I am so ready for summer.....

  37. Algae - moss - ferns - we have it all and I am so tired of it. Oh, for a little more colour and a dependably blue sky!
    If you ever have time, make a big pot of bolognese sauce with that Costco ground beef - you'll then have a spaghetti dinner, you can turn some into lasagna and a what's left over into a sauce for a piece of chicken. That's this challenged cooks version of meal planning.

  38. Who cares about the weather with scenery like that? You've got the good life! (Minus all the craziness.) :)

  39. you always put a smile on my face :) and the pic of the barn....oh my. i now have barn envy. my husband who restored our 100 year old barn ( with his own two hands..and my two hands when it came time to paint ) would also be very envious ;) and the last post with the rant about the sodas from cracker barrell...HI.LAR.I.OUS!!!! it almost makes me not want to eat there every other week like we do ;) and i will be ordering some of those straws to take pics with my girls! thanks for sharing!

  40. Oh, you do my heart good. Please blog every day, just for my personal amusement. Pretty please. Your Al Gore bit slayed me. And the planless meal plan. And your barn. And your Bleeding Hearts.

  41. Oh girl you have lots to do!
    I believe that procrastinators do their best work under pressure. I know because I am one! Sooo, you will get it ALL done and what a beautiful wedding it will be. I hope the photographer is good because it will be hard to top your pictures!!
    And speaking of your amazing pictures, when the wedding is over and you have had some time to catch your breath!, I have an idea in case you get bored after being so busy!
    It's kind of a selfish idea but I bet all these bloggers will love it! I think you should turn your blog into a book. A hard-cover book called Meadowbrook Farm of course! I will be your first sale. It would be better than any garden book or magazine! All your beautiful photographs of your garden, your kitchen, your barn, your renovation, your views, your recipes, your words, the wedding! What do you think Teresa? Just something to think about. You would be a best seller!
    Julie : )

  42. You always manage to bring a smile to my face with your wry witty sense of humor. Thanks so much for posting these lovely pics. Just what the doctor ordered for a rather harried day. I needed that bit of calm amidst the storm. Speaking of calm, I pray that all your wedding planning brings you joy and you get lots of help! Thank you again for taking the time to post your photos. I really appreciate you!

  43. Mother's of the groom need 'people'...who ever has asked you if you needed anything/help say yes and take them to the bottom of your closet. I'm sure they'd be happy to help....or take a dress or two:)

    I absolutely LOVE the farm house picture. Just beautiful.

  44. I laughed out loud with our request to Al Gore! I too want summer to come here to MN and stay. Not just for the 2 days last week that it got to 100 degrees.

  45. Just came through the wedding countdown myself. It was amazing and came and went so quickly, I wanted time to stop, and to be able to sit down and watch from the background. Well that didn't happen, but what did happen was beautiful, the union of of two perfectly matched people. I hope you are blest with an amazing wonderful day as we were.

  46. Teresa,
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award.
    But accepting is a bit of work, and I know you're busy with a wedding and all. No problem if you find it's too much. You can see my blog for details...

  47. Congratulations!
    I will keep my fingers crossed for perfect weather on the wedding day.

  48. Just how to you remove aphids from 1110 zinnia's? We have aphids on our lettuce so my son has been dusting them with diotamacous (sp?) earth.

    I know how you feel about menu planning. I finally did menu planning for a month and it works great! Here's a post about how I did it. http://treasuringthemoments.net/2011/03/27/monthly-menu-plan-for-april/ I have to admit I'm sold on monthly menu planning and I never thought I would be. Having the categories in place makes things so much simpler when choosing recipes.


  49. Your bleeding hearts are so GORGEOUS. They must be liking your cool, cloudy weather better than you. And the picture of your barn is award-winning. I'm serious! You should sell copies of that one. If I lived closer I would come help you plant all those 1100 zinnias. They are going to be so colorful come wedding day. The good thing about deadlines is you tend to get more projects done than you otherwise would. Good luck getting your list crossed off!

  50. gorgeous photos... and I can't tell you how glad the second recipe link had coconut in it- which I can easily refrain from- becasue- seriously- condensed milk, cream & coffee? be still my beating heart....
    (and our weather man lies all the time. I would not believe you for one moment if you told me this is june. 'cept I keep changing the calendar.)

  51. you just simply make me giggle.....

    i'm the same way at dinner time.....oops. ;)

    have a lovely weekend!

  52. That is why I never order clothes. I don't do shipping. Can't wait to see what you chose! Did you figure out how you are wearing your hair yet?

  53. What a relief you've found your dress! Everything else will fall into place now. You will post pictures of the wedding, won't you?

  54. Awesome barn picture!

  55. I hear ya, those cooking ahead meals always trip me up with the cooking ahead part. I'm praying for YOU smooth planning for the wedding. Curses on the aphids. And for ME, a high five for scoring a fantastic iced coffee recipe from Meadowbrook Farm!!

  56. Wow - just found your blog and your photos, and home, are beautiful. I could look at the picture of your barn all day. Great stuff@

  57. wait, what...wedding plans?? Sorry, I was distracted by your beautiful photos!
    xo Cathy

  58. Too many irons in the fire, but somebody's gotta do it.

  59. Dear Teresa, just got back from a wedding of my friend's daughter. I am exhausted... food flowers and a ton of people, but lovely in the end! What is the name of the shrub that you have pictured with the pinkish-red cluster of flowers? I a huge one that that came with my old farmhouse. Viburnum?? Tina

  60. I jumped on here AGAIN just to see your flowers, THE BARN,
    and reflection . . ., and with wedding anticipation.
    Oh, and for a hopeful peek at zinnias too . . .

  61. You take the most amazing photos but then again, you have some amazing subjects. YOUR propety is a delight to my eyes.

    YEP, I have two packages to go back now, the PO is one place that is not on my happy places. I would rather do laundry than the PO.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  62. Beautiful pictures. Do I always say that? It's always true.

    PLEASE tell us you are going to have a camera at the wedding and will be posting lots of pictures! I understand you might have other priorities but it would be a deplorable shame for a girl to know you and not have your pictures of her wedding!

  63. Wow!!! Is that watery mountainous view really a view from your yard?! AND, your farm (I'm sure you hear this all the time) is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    As always thanks for sharing!

  64. I am forever a changed woman. I will never drink iced coffee the same again. I owe you my first born (you always wanted a daughter...right) for hooking me up with Pioneer Woman's iced coffee methodology. My unending love is yours.

  65. Your photos are amazing. If I was in your surroundings, I would have a hard time thinking about dinner also.