June 30, 2011

yesterday, today and tomorrow

A raging thunder storm drove me into the house today, so instead of doing laundry, I decided to blog. But then I fell asleep while my photos were uploading so I'm going to bet I don't get this post done until tomorrow when it will no longer be Thunder Storm Day.

It bothers me to say "today" in a post when it's really tomorrow by the time I get around to publishing. At the moment it's still today, but by the time you read this it will be tomorrow, and the Thunder Storm Day will be yesterday.


It's been just like the movie Groundhog Day around here for the last couple weeks.

With a few exceptions, every day is the same.

I truly don't know how to make endless days of gardening sound even a little bit interesting, so I won't even try.

Dirt, flowers, water, fertilizer, sunscreen, filthy overalls.

Living the gardening dream.

I'm getting close though...hopefully I'll be all done by the end of the week.

It hasn't been all gardening fun and games though. I managed to sneak in a couple more photo shoots for the clothing boutique in town.

This first shoot was on a gorgeous, gorgeous evening, and we were just killing time on the dock waiting for the sun to mellow out a bit.

The lighting was harsh, but I still love how they turned out. (The above photos are processed with Florabella's Retro Lollipop action.)

For the store, we needed to pick photos that really show off the clothes and accessories, so the following three shots are the ones that made it into the boutique.

Katy was the easiest model ever.

Every single shot was a keeper.

It was hard to choose, but I love the combination we ended up with.

This was so much fun....I could do it all day.

All day, every day.

But then, who would do my gardening?

And put off going to the post office to return my six extra dresses?

Most importantly, who would not cook dinner for my family?

Happy Day After Thunderstorm Day!


  1. Oh, that first photo is unbelievably beautiful! The water and reflection of green...you are such a great photographer- AND writer. Love how you phrase things. Looking forward to seeing shots of the garden.

  2. Oh, I see that it's actually the second one that's captivated me, although they are all perfect.

  3. Did you say your almost done? Does that mean there will be a big reveal day (or day after)? Can't wait. Your shots are amazing. I won't even ask how you got them but just say that you have such an eye for portraits. Beautiful work, heck I'd even try to squeeze all of me into those adorable clothes!

  4. I love them all!! You are so talented:):)

    ps...i'm having a little give-away on my blog!! Stop on over if you get a chance:)

  5. Your photos are all gorgeous! Love your dock and the water too! It is too hot to do much gardening here right now. The heat index has been 100-105. The weeds will just have to wait. I do work for a little bit many evenings. Then the mosquitoes come out!

  6. Gorgeous! Can I come and sit on your dock and splash my feet? I think that one is my favorite :)

  7. Your photos are so good it makes me feel like I am really there. Your garden makes me wish I were.

  8. Fun, fun, fun pictures! Love how they turned out....

    And the gardening? Well I can relate. All I seem to be capable of doing is trying to keep up with the weeds and the planting. Laundry? Dinner? Grocery shopping? No time! And I don't have an upcoming wedding like some...


  9. To have multi talents!!! Photography & gardening...love both but, don't have the natural talent! I was in need of a picture for a postcard for my shop flyer and I googled Zinnia's and it came up with your photo. Well, I knew I recognized it and shouldn't "steal" it so I opted to go out and try my own photo. My zinnias aren't blooming yet so I had to use some of my potted plants... it came out o.k. Not as beauitiful as your Zinnias!

  10. Dear Teresa, I so love all the pictures you take. I'm soaking in all the beauty of your meadowbrook.

    And your words of today and tomorrow make me think of little Nathan telling me he gets to go swimming every tomorrow!!

    May you have a beautiful today and your every tomorrow be blessed!

  11. Wow...fabulous...love that action too.

  12. Hi Teresa. I'm busy, I know YOU'RE busy. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you, your soldier boy, your flowers, and the wedding. I loved this post -- too funny. You and I are so much alike. I could relate to every little thing you wrote! Hugs to you FRIEND. ~Sally

  13. All so fabulous!! I could so drink me a good ole coke a cola, right now.

    Love it!

  14. Hi there, Firstly I absolutely love the header on your blog-simply beautiful. Your photos are incredible and I think that I could use some lessons-my Nikon never takes such glorious photos. Enjoy your day inside; I've got weeds to but we have rain right now-so I'm blogging.

  15. Not sure what the HOW is in what you do but your photographs are the very best!

    My favorite,

  16. Katy is gorgeous, your pictures are gorgeous ... heck, I bet even your old thunder storm was gorgeous! This wedding is bound to be any day now, very soon, like I'm biting my fingernails it's so close! Keep us posted, girl, we need the deets.

  17. If I could take pictures like that, I think I'd let the garden go to pot, buy a Winnebago, and go out on the road... just takin pictures of everything and everybody! Props to your model, she's a natural beauty.

  18. Beautiful photos - beautiful setting! Every picture looks like a winner.

  19. Benn missing you today, Missy. Also, I totally meant to type "been", but it came out "Benn" and that's just too funny to change, Ben.

  20. You are so talented! Love this photos. What a darling model!
    I wish I had just 10% of your dedication to your garden. Just 10% would go a LONG way with me!

  21. Love your photos, they are always so fun to look at. I wish I had your green thumb, I'm not sure what color mine is...LOL!

    Come visit me cuz I'm back blogging.

    a/k/a Vintage Sassy

  22. I am a gardener wannabe but truth is, I'm so over it by about mid June. I'm sure you wouldn't Dare let your flowers go thirsty, or get choked out by weeds! Those photos are awesome. The model is adorable! Love that dock and your pond!

  23. I need someone to come do my gardening. I love the photo of her splashing in the water. To be young and thin again!

  24. Gorgeous shots! Beautiful model and the colours are stunning!

    Deborah xo

  25. Dirt, Flowers, Water --sound like fun to me. I've been spending most of my time out in the garden as well.

    Your photos turned out beautiful and what a gorgeous model! She looked like she was having lots of fun.

  26. I'm not sure if I wrote this comment yesterday or today but maybe you'll read it tomorrow. And I would be thrilled to read all about your gardening every single day as long as you're weeding with your camera. :-)

  27. The photos are great!
    You are one talented woman!

  28. She's gorgeous and it sounds like you had some fun photographing her. Have a wonderful 4th. Carol

  29. Stunning! Looking forward to more garden pictures next. Then wedding!!!

  30. I know exactly
    what you mean
    about the today/
    tomorrow stuff....
    and the putting
    off going to the
    P.O. stuff....I
    am not a fan of
    doing errands : )
    Beautiful photos;
    BOTH you and your
    model are naturals
    with the camera!
    Happy Fourth of July.
    xx Suzanne

  31. What a cute model! She'd look fabulous in anything. But your photos really capture her personality. Can't wait to see some photos of your flowers.

  32. Love love love those pictures!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  33. These pictures are fabulous! That last one really shows off her outfit though. Perfect ad! Well done!

  34. Again So BEAUTIFUL!
    You inspire me to take more pictures!
    And better myself!;)