December 11, 2009

all that glitters

I love glitter.

I love German glass glitter and I really love Martha's new tinsel glitter.

I love cheap crystal glitter and I especially love mica flakes.

Last year, I glittered everything that crossed my path. I glittered trees, candle rings and wreaths. I glittered centerpieces and snowmen. I got glitter in my eyes, glitter was glued to my fingers for days, and I was still finding glitter around the house in April. Glitter may be beautiful, but it has it's downside.

Glitter consumed an entire month of my life last year.

While on my glitter bender, I was not satisfied with just glittering objects I already owned. I had to create new things to adorn.

I have always loved Christmas villages, and last year decided to make my own. I found a kit of Martha Stewart's at Michaels, and used that as a pattern. It was extremely fun and addictive. And at times, frustrating and annoying. Glitter can take you to emotional extremes.

Using the basic patterns, I was able to add a few variations to make them unique. I used cardstock, which makes them pretty fragile. Chipboard is recommended, but that seemed too complicated for me.

My hubby drew out a pattern of our barn. I think it's my favorite.

Or maybe the church is my favorite.

I was going to make a replica of our house, but burnout finally hit and I could glitter no longer.

This year, since I have only recently emerged from glitter rehab, the glitter has stayed in the cupboard. When I got my collection out today to pose for these pictures, I felt glitter's sparkly pull. I fear a tumble off the glitter wagon is in the near future.

Must. Stay. Strong.


  1. WOW! You did a wonderful job on your lil' putz houses...I'm impressed! I love your farm the best and all the evergreens surrounding the barn!

  2. I love your blog, your house and I love your Christmas houses....and the barn is so cute! I made these Martha Stewart houses a few years back with my daughters - all I had were cereal boxes on hand so that is what we used! I will treasure them because it is something me and my girls did together. If you go here you will see them:
    Merry Merry to You!

  3. Those house are beautiful! I especially love the barn, those are my favorites!! You did a fantastic job

  4. I do not like gets on your face and you go to the grocery store and everyone is pointing out that you have glitter on your face and they try to brush it off for you and it will NOT come off!!! But yours is very the red barn! Come say hi :D

  5. Those are so pretty but I'm with you on the glitter, it's kinda like Easter grass, you find it for months!!


  6. I love the beautiful houses you made! And I looooove glitter too! Go ahead & glitter away!

  7. now that is absolutely undoubtedly the cutest thing i've seen this season
    the pink house...oh dear, total cuteness
    & the barn....totally worth your glitter burnout

  8. Those houses are gorgeous! I'm dying to try my hand at it. I also have a glitter addiction and fear I may become your enabler.

  9. I absolutely L♥VE Martha Stewart glitter! Your houses are adorable. The barn is especially wonderful :)

  10. WOW as adorable as those pieces are I'd say ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD!! You did a lovely job and can always tell people it's just a part of your festive holiday makeup.Though a nuisance, I'm sure it is still better to find glitter than a stray ornament hook OUCH!! 3 months after the fact! Beautiful blog as always!!

  11. Salivicious! That Martha.... I feel like there's a clear segueway here into another, very different post... ;)

    ps - "Glitter bender". I love that combination of words. It's perfect.

  12. Ah sister in law was in the same fix last year, if it moved too slow, it got glittered! LOL I love your houses, but the barn rules!!!!!! Martha had patterns last year? I have to admit, I got a big bottle of Martha's beautiful blue glitter this year as it was on sale at Michaels.....I plan on putting some in pretty sale and pepper shakers and giving it to my crafty friends as gifts...her colors are amazing...great post! :)

  13. Glitter is not evil. I love glitter and all manner of sparklie goodness. Your little village turned out wonderful!

  14. Your Christmas village is amazing. So so pretty, and GLITTERY!

  15. Your blog is so leaves me speechless...what a great job you did on those adorable glitter houses....

    i want to follow you, but am computer're not on this typepad? i can't figure it out...naturally...

    i'll be back to see what's next....


  16. I love glitter houses. I have been buying mine when I find them and have been considering jumping into a glitter frenzy of my own. I have also found some other items that I'm thinking may need some glitter to help them out. I will probably need glitter rehab before I am through but like you; I love glitter!

  17. Your Christmas village is simply amazing and your barn replica......well, priceless!!

  18. Love those little houses. I've wanted to make some, but never seem to get around to it.

  19. I've tried to make the putz houses, using no patterns: frustrating, but unique and one of a kind when done. Yours are beautiful, as is EVERYTHING you post. I know glitter has it's down side, but the after-effects are worst with true glass glitter. When THAT gets in your eyes: Ouch! That's when I went into glitter rehab. But, I fall off the glitter-free wagon often!

  20. I would love it if you would consider blogging about DIY instructions on how to make these darling miniature houses. I'd love to make some for my Mom.

    P.S. I am a new subscriber. Love your blog.