December 4, 2009

over the edge

I have officially gone off the photo friday deep end. I put a vintage bead garland necklace on a cast iron garden finial....

...and I enjoyed every minute of it. A little odd, I know. I think it would be fun to work in a shop and have a valid reason to dress up inanimate objects. But for now, I'll just be happy dragging my possessions outside in the sub-zero temperatures (three degrees outside as we speak)...the things I do for my art!

We spent the last two days taking all the lights off of our pre-lit Christmas tree and putting new ones on. The strings had been temperamental the last couple years, so we decided to start from scratch. Apparently the original lights were put on by sadistic little elves in a workshop somewhere, as most of them were tied in knots and impossible to get off without wire cutters. I actually delegated that particular job to my middle son, and the occasional "I hate Christmas" was heard from the living room as he worked. I told him Santa has ears everywhere and he better watch his attitude. I was amazed that tactic didn't work as well as it did back when he was three. Man, I loved those years of perfectly behaved boys for the month of December.

Here are my two vintage Christmas finds for this year. At just a couple dollars each, they were too cute to pass up.

If you are, by chance, blessed to have a little one in your house this Christmas, please consider tying jingle bells on their shoes. It is pretty much the sweetest sound you can hear this time of year. Plus, it can help you keep track of a busy toddler - when the bells stop jingling, it's a sure sign the tree is under attack, or perhaps the cat is being decorated.

Well, back to the Christmas decorating salt mines. I have to have it all done by five tonight, as very special guests are coming for dinner.


  1. I spent two entire days last week lamenting pre-lit trees whose lines have konked out. I spent hours de-lighting our itty bitty 3-footer! My fingertips were sore for the next 16 hours. You are so right about those blasted sadistic elves! I cannot imagine stripping a full-size tree of its strands....great idea to task the son with that one. :)

    ps- LOVE that finial-turned-jewelry model!

  2. Your photos are always great! I wish I had your talent, okay and your camera too ;)

    Our mother used to tie bells on our skates, and we used to have a flooded area on the lawn for skating. We would feel so special with our jingly hand me down skates holding onto a child's chair for balance and skating around the ice.

  3. Hi Teresa! I can't believe your home. It is so cool. I love your decorating style. Can we see inside your home to see how you decorate for christmas?

    Are you a decorator. If not you should be. I can't wait for my posts. I'm definitley adding you to my google reader.

    Thanks for a peek inside your life. So inspiring!


  4. I think it's cute with it's necklace on! Funny about your son and the lights..good boy to do that for mom too! I LOVE bells on baby shoes, I did that on my babies..the sweetest thing! Come say hi :D

  5. I'm thinking jingle bells on a teenager isn't such a bad idea either. I adore mercury garlands/beads. Lucky find!

  6. Once again, enjoying your beautiful photography...even your "evil" flash photos are great! Thanks so much for getting back to me on the camera question! Now to just start saving some money to buy one!