December 30, 2009

meadow-brook girls

A whole new facet of Meadowbrook life has been brought to my attention. Books. Early this month, a dear cottage friend sent me this little gem.

Have you ever? I squealed when I opened the package. Who would have thought!

I so very much wanted to read it before posting about it, but as I don't want the month to end without sharing, I have only had a chance to skim the story.

Written in 1913, and also known as "Fun and Frolic in the Summer Camp", the story follows the adventures of Grace, Harriet, Hazel and Margery, four friends from the New Hampshire town of Meadow-Brook.

With a little help from Google, I discovered that the Meadow-Brook girls also have adventures Afloat, Across Country, By the Sea and In the Hills. I also came across the Bobbsey Twins at Meadow Brook. A new collection has begun!

Thanks for thinking of me Jen! I could not possibly love the Girls more.


  1. What a wonderful gift from Jen! I can't wait to see your collection grow.


  2. Well, I live in NH and while I would love for there to be a town by that name, there isn't. There's a concert pavilion called Meadowbrook but not a town. But how cute is that book! And you can almost tell how old the book is by the names of the girls in the book. Priceless.

  3. How sweet for her to have sent you these books! That is so thoughtful and selfless...a joy for you too! Enjoy them..have a great New Years Eve and a great year too! Come say hi :D

  4. Teresa...I do believe that you need four hens now, and you now have names for them.

    That Jen is a keeper.

  5. You sweet as pie girl! I'm so happy that the book has made you happy. You were as meant to have it as I was meant to have you for a friend. Love, Jen

  6. I would have squealed too!
    Cute little book...
    Isn't it fun to start a new collection?

  7. Hey - I think I heard something about these gals...and that they would be headed your way. Jen rocks. :)

  8. That is so cool and fun! Please let us know how you like the book when your done reading it. I'm always on the look out for vintage books to read my girls.