December 22, 2009

the best little christmas story

Rescued from the garbage after my youngest cleaned his room one day.

He also threw out all his precious kindergarten and preschool artwork. Thank goodness I checked the trash bag.

From his first grade journal....

Subject: Merea and Jofis
Date: 1-7-01
Merea and Jofis had a litl babea namd God
and ther wes a sno strm enen (and then) it stopt.

Love it.

The table is the last thing I have to show Christmas wise. Unless you want to see the "wrapping center" otherwise known as "all the paper products in Montana just exploded all over my house". I won't bother with a photo, as I'm pretty sure many of you have your own version of that beauty going on at your own house.

Several years ago, Martha Stewart via K-mart actually had Christmas linens in my dining room colors. Score! I still can't believe I didn't stock up better at the after Christmas sale.

Speaking of Martha, I'm not sure if she and K-mart are having a spat, but she has an extremely limited section of Christmas decorations this year, and absolutely nothing in the home goods department. Jaclyn Smith seems to be taking over. And while Jaclyn was by far the prettiest Charlie's Angel, she is no Martha Stewart when it comes to cheap imported Christmas wares.

Dear Martha Stewart Everyday....
Please work out whatever issues are affecting your inventory levels at K-mart. I need at least three and preferably four full aisles of your product, or it just isn't Christmas. As an alternative, you could potentially consider hooking up with another peddler of all things cheap Christmas. I'm not picky, I just need access to you and your wares in an inexpensive, big box setting.
Sincerely looking forward to your quick attention to this matter,

Christmas Eve is at our house with friends and family, then just us and pajamas all Christmas Day. My hubby is allowed to get dressed to feed the cows, then has to get back into uniform as soon as he's done.

I'm planning to enjoy, not stress over, the next couple days. There's a lot to be done, but none of it really matters.

What matters is the litl babea Merea and Jofis had.

And why he came.

This year, I'm going to remember what Christmas is really all about.


  1. Your table is beautiful.

    I'm not sure if you have a Macy's in your area or not, but they sell Martha Stewart items. If you go to and type in Martha Stewart it will take you to a page with her items...seems a lot more expensive than Kmart :(

  2. Hi Teresa - do you get her blog? Martha's? She has the best blog where you can see alot of the behind the scenes stuff. Our KMART has discontinued all Martha. They told me that is the case for all stores?? Now its just in Macy's and if you go to her blog she is now carrying it at Grandinods. I think that is the spelling. Mailorder?

    Here is the link for Martha's blog. In fact she just posted her new decorations that are at Grandinods in her home on her blog!

    Love Love your blog. And your house. More pics of your house please! :)


  3. Loved this very cute post...the table is beautiful and I love her designs too! But the best part was the sweet thoughts of a little child...THAT is what Christmas is all about to me..that is what makes Christmas special and joyful..these dear little children! Starting with the wee little one born in a manger. Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS...come say hi :D

  4. That version of the Christmas Story is the cutest I have ever seen! Priceless. Thank goodness you rescued it!

    I think, alas, that Martha and Kmart have parted ways. Not fair, because she is at Macy's now and her wares are more expensive. I drove by Kmart today and thought of Martha...I wish she was still there. Your table looks lovely!


  5. Happy Holidays to you and your family!
    I'm off to Montana tomorrow, I'm soooo excited.

  6. Teresa,
    Lovely table! I especially love the star/candle centerpiece. Yum! Love the story. Aren't little ones precious? Merry days to you!

  7. I hate it when I miss posts...

    1. Thank you for posting that story. Made my day.
    2. Thank you for the blatant Montana reference.
    3. I think MS may have somehow heard those mean things you said about her and now she's punishing you...

  8. A sign that I'm a little TOO into blogging. I walked past some Christmas decos in Target and thought to myself, "oh, those would look nice at Meadowbrook." So get you to a Target! Or a Walmart. I was at both the same day, but I'm pretty sure your aquas were at Target...

  9. I saw wonderful, yummy aqua and pastel's Christmas decor at Target. I was a MS fan, but she left me. She's gotten too snobby/liberal/jealous/elitist. She sure did have a good eye for design and color. `Sigh.` It's with regret I won't buy her products anymore and have cancelled my subscription to her magazine. Have a wonderful Montana Christmas in your jammies. BTW, did you know? Lizwear makes soft, polar fleece aqua/white polka dotted p.j.'s? I got mine at Sam's Club. They're great for comfort and warmth in somewhat-still-drafty-remodeled-farmhouses like mine and perhaps yours.

  10. all I can say is....
    CUTE BLOG!!!!

  11. The star shaped dish with the ornaments in it and the white it! So so cute!
    One day I'll have to come to your house in December and see it in all its Christmas cuteness. :)

  12. Stunning....absolutely stunning, and I'm sure you could put Marfa as I like to call shame with your real-life liveable, comfy house. I find her stuff intriguing but she got a bit too snobby for me and I can hardly watch her shows anymore! But, I'm with you, her KMart line was awesome in every respect and especially her farmhouse dishtowels!! LOVED THOSE!

    I hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTmas...loved the cute story about your son!

  13. So glad I took the time to make it over to your blog put the biggest smile on my face, and made me drool all over your table. Make sure to wipe it up before you sit down to eat!

    Looking so forward to see what you'll be up to in 2010!

  14. Everything is beautiful! An employee at Kmart told me that Martha was going to Wal-Mart. Hope so! Martha was the only reason I used to go in Kmart. Luckily I did score alot of her items when they were on clearance though. =D

  15. I too am so disappointed that Martha is not at K-mart anymore. I don't have a Macy's in the area. Just the other day I drove by the Kmart and thought to reason to go there anymore. I always headed straight to the MS section.

    p.s. just found your blog via the farmchicks. Love it.