September 27, 2010

i am have an island

Have I ever told you we have an island?

Well, we have an island.

Not a private Caribbean island like Johnny Depp, but an island is an island, right?

I'll let you decide that for yourself in just a minute.

But first, when I posted this photo....

I got some questions on how I captured the shot, so I thought I'd give you a few more details.

The bright blue sky combined with floaty areas of fog got me outside early that morning. It was really pretty, but I could tell the first couple pictures I took just didn't do it justice. If I exposed for the sun rays, the herb garden was very, very dark, and if I exposed for the garden, the sky was no longer pretty at all.

Not very impressive, right?

I turned around to snap the alfalfa field....again, much prettier in real life, but it didn't really make for a spectacular photo either.

When I turned back around, it was as though the heavens had opened up and amazingly enough, I was able to capture it fairly well.

Having the sun behind the tree helped me expose better for the whole scene than in the first picture above where the sun was straight ahead, and the sun was now starting to hit the flowers in the foreground which also evened out the lighting situation a bit.

It was purely a case of right place, right time.

I wandered around and snapped a few more, but nothing compared to that one shot.

I also wandered over to our island.

We usually refer to it as Eyesore Island - here it is last spring.

Lovely, yes?

In the past, I have tried in vain to turn it into something a little more easy on the eyes. Like the year I painstakingly sprayed all the weeds, watered and sprayed again and again, and then planted thousands and thousands of poppy seeds I had collected. It was going to be a pink and red and white oasis in the middle of the pond.

Poppy Island....a place where magic happens.

Well, the only magic that happened was the lightning speed at which the weeds took over once again. It was a complete failure and the poor flowers never had a chance.

This year, The Meadowbrook Farmer had the brilliant idea to cover it with landscape fabric to keep the weeds down, and plant the whole thing with pumpkins and gourds.

Voila - Pumpkin Island was born.

We are really happy with how the plants are doing.

So are the muskrats, or raccoons, or skunks or whatever nocturnal animal is eating all the pumpkins and gourds that are growing on the island.

Dear Eyesore/Poppy-not!/Pumpkin Island,

You are annoying.




  1. An island is an island, yes. Yours is beautiful even with the weeds. I'd have to put a chair out there to sit and enjoy my island!

    Thanks for sharing how you captured that shot, too.

  2. That picture still takes my breath away! I've never heard of a pumpkin island, but I like the idea of it all. Kudos to the Farmer for his unique plan!
    God Bless Ya Both!

  3. I have magical thoughts about Pumpkin Island. I have thoughts that all the muskrats and critters that want out of Montana are fashioning boats from the squash, oars from the stems and floating away to their dreams. Yep. That's what you have done. You and Mr. M have fulfilled the countless dreams of disillusioned vermin.

  4. I love Pumpkin Island! Call me when the critters start making pumpkin pies!

  5. That picture is really amazing. I have to say, you have the prettiest place I've ever seen. I think you should do a book of your photography and your would be so pretty!

  6. Wow! What a beautiful picture!! As I was on my way to work this morning (currently I am working, but hope to stay at home once my husband and I have children), I also saw a beautiful scene as the fog and sun met through the trees. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera . . . you have inspired me to keep it with me. There are so many blessings God grants us each day, capturing them in a picture to share with others is such a wonderful ministry! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!
    Have a blessed day!
    Megan @ A Blossoming Homestead

  7. Why, I never!!

    How did I not know about Pumpkin Island? (And now I'm thinking about my little pumpkin situation and it's making me laugh..)

    ps - Silas has been partying up in his crib for over an hour so far when he's supposed to be napping. What has become of him?

  8. I love all the photos you take. I have been wanting to take up photography (just as a hobby for now) for a very long time. Do you have any recommendations on a good camera/lens for beginners?

  9. You are just too cute! Thanks for the smiles!

  10. Great photos~ The island now reminds me of something in a sci-fi flick "the vines that took over" or "vine swamp thing". It does look better though. Maybe you could try some indigenous plants to your area? Lots of weeds have pretty flowers. That might help next year.

  11. Your peaceful, morning photos are fantastic. And Pumpkin Island, well it just too much for words! LOVE it!

    PS I hope you get to harvest at least a few pumpkins or gourds for your own use!

  12. I think you have a magic touch! And pumpkins, well that's just too fun!

  13. Love pumpkin island what a great idea! I am soooo jealous of your home.

  14. I am still so in awe of that picture. I would like to live in that picture. In that picture or in an episode of Little Bear. Do you think I'm weird? Don't answer that.

  15. Your home and property are so beautiful and I love your photography. Do you mind sharing what kind of camera you use?

  16. Teresa! I love these! Beautiful shots and it's so fun to see how well the pumpkins grew. :-)

  17. Ohhhhh, I hope *something* eventually grows there! It would be spectacular! Pumpkin Island has a nice ring to it...

  18. Those pictures really just took me to another place for a few minutes, thank you! The snow capped fields, the milk in a glass bottle with the oatmeal cookies right out of the oven, the little pups in the was all sooo beautiful. LOVE YOUR is nostalgic for a time that I didn't know still existed. You are a lucky lady!

  19. beautiful photos, full of mystery and romance!