September 1, 2010

so long summer

Wow. September first - you snuck up on me!

While Fall lovers are rejoicing, Summer lovers, (yours truly), are in a bit of a panic. I know according to the calendar we have several weeks left, but in my book, summer starts June 1st and ends the last day of August.

What better way to say a fond farewell to my favorite season than with ice cream cones and a couple very cute little girls.

Now of course I'm hoping my old friend Indian Summer schedules an extended visit to my neighborhood, but for today, I will say a reluctant goodbye to the long, lazy days that make my heart sing.

p.s. Little fingers adorned with chippy blue polish also make my heart sing.


  1. they are just sweet!


  2. Well - I don't know. I'm not too sad to see it end. Up here in NW Indiana - it's been so danged hot and bone dry. Perennials and lawns are crunchy - I'm in the mood to cut everything down already - in fact, I'm fighting it! I want some apple crisp in the oven, and a sweater, and a cool breeze. I could live in an eternal fall - It'll be ok Benji - when you get here to Indiana - you'll get that Indian(a) summer.

  3. Adorable photos! I'm with ya, I'm not ready for summer to end (although it's been in the 90's here all week) I do love Autumn, I'm just not done with Summer...

  4. I'm sorry to say... I'm one of those fall people. Here in the Pacific Northwest we get some of our most reliable sunshine during September and October... and the nights are cool... a little woodsmoke in the air... life slows down... I'm ready.

  5. The girls are adorable. I have five granddaughters and I love the chipped nails too. So little carefree!

  6. Well we have at LEAST 2 maybe 3 more months of summer here in sunny Florida. My goal is always to have the a/c turned off by Halloween.... Its only been 90+ today.