September 30, 2010

it's all about me

One year ago today, after much hemming and hawing, I got up the courage to publish my very first blog post. My blog had been up and running for quite a while, thanks to the Fabulous Kelly over at Fabulous K Creative, but I was too scared to actually use it. I'm always a bit timid about the unknown, and this was a very big and potentially very public unknown.

To be honest, I thought there was a very good chance blogging would be like so many other projects I've tackled....start strong, but by the time a month passes, only a distant memory.

I thought I'd celebrate this milestone by sharing ten things about myself that you don't know.

Or need to know.

Or even want to know.

Actually, I've secretly been hoping someone would send me one of those "tell five/ten/a million things about yourself" tags, but sadly, no one ever has.

Don't worry though, I'm not taking it personally.

Okay, here we go.

1. I can drive an excavator. Impressive, right? Now it's important to note that I said I can drive an excavator, not operate an excavator. Because there is a big difference. I can drive the beast from point A to point B without incident, however getting it to do what I want beyond that is futile. Picture your toddler trying to get that very first Cheerio into his mouth and that's pretty much what happens when I try to pick something up with the claw-bucket thing. It's highly entertaining, yet kind of pathetic at the same time.

2. I eat almonds hand over fist. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one food, almonds would be it. I buy them at Costco and eat many, many handfuls a day. I eat them raw, even though I prefer them toasted. Here's why. If I toast them, I like them better and will eat more of them. If I don't toast them, I still eat a lot, but not as many as I would if they were toasted.

Don't even pretend that doesn't make sense to you.

It makes perfect sense.

It does make sense, doesn't it?

Because now that I see it written out, maybe not so much.

3. I have plenty of clothes, but I wear this hooded sweatshirt almost every single day.

(My hair and makeup people have the day off, hence the headless picture.)

(Why is my neck so wrinkly?)

It's perfect. The perfect size, the perfect length, the perfect weight, and definitely the perfect color. Plus, it says "Sunshine" on the back. I love it so much I even wore it on the plane when I flew to meet Jen, despite the fact that it now has huge holes in it.

Did you notice, Jen? I was obviously not too worried about your first impression of me, and it was a lost cause anyway considering I'd spent twelve hours on planes, but I'm still kind of hoping you didn't notice my holey sweatshirt.

Dear Gap,
Please make this exact sweatshirt again. I will buy twenty of them.

4. When I put on a light switch or outlet cover, the slot on the screw absolutely has to be perfectly up and down or the earth will surely stop rotating on its axis.

5. The very first outing I went on with my future mother-in-law and sisters-in-law was a craft night at their church. The tables had candles on them, and while leaning over to do my craft, my bangs caught on fire. I kept seeing these little black ashes drifting before my eyes, but had no clue what it was until someone said they smelled hair burning.
Just the perfect first impression you want to make on the new in-laws, don't you think?

Wow, did I say ten things? I think I'm going with five, because I'm out. I'm sure I'll think of more over the next year, so maybe we'll make it an annual event, but for now, there's nothing but a snowstorm swirling around in my head....white and very blank.

I have to say, blogging over this past year has been so much more fun than I ever thought it would be. It truly is a special community we all belong to and I've really enjoyed all the new friends I've made.

If you've never commented here before and feel like giving a shout out, I'd really love to meet you. And if not, I totally understand....before I started blogging, I was the biggest lurker out there. I never commented. Ever.

Thanks for sticking with me and making my first year of blogging better than I ever dreamed. Ya'll are the best blog buddies a girl could have.


  1. I am so glad you started blogging, Teresa! You are funny, sweet, and ya take some durn good pictures....that's the best part!

    I don't always comment, but whenever you have a new post, I read it, and you should know I LOVE your robin's egg blue rooms and the furnishings in sucked me right in when you first began to blog...I could look at those pics and those of your flowers and gardens and get lost in them!

    Your Michigan bloggin' friend, wavin' hello over the virtual fence! Happy One Year Anniversary!

  2. I really enjoy checking in with you in the morning during the week. It gives me a bit of Montana (where one of my daughters lives ... I miss her).

    Blogging is a constant in life. I've been at it for two years, and I don't see it ending any time soon. It's wonderful to connect with other bloggers ... it's easy to see which ones we'd probably get along with in person.

    It's nice to 'meet' you. I was tagged with a '10 things' challenge early in the week ... I'm not sure what's left to tell.


  3. Well I'm so thrilled I found you finally a year later. Wrinkles in your neck, what wrinkles, they smooth out when you turn you head straight so they don't count.

  4. Teresa...I'm also a bit of a blog lurker. I started my blog a few months ago & am having a blast reading blogs, learning all kinds of stuff, & meeting new virtual buddies! Your photographs are lovely...I so ♥ your farm! Congratulations on your first year & I wish you many more fun, happy ones!!!

  5. I am at the one month anniversary and I thought the exact thing you did, I may start strong and fade. I am happy to say, I don't see it fading.

    I love everything about your blog. Yours was one of the first I looked at and I wanted to burn my yard and have, what I consider, the perfect yard and place on all the earth. I thought for sure it was Southern Living or something those pictures were coming from, I mean, who really has gardens like that? LOVE IT! I am so happy you love to blog and now happy that I do as well. Happy Blogiversary (sp?)
    Amy <3

  6. First of all, I love your blog and have been following from the beginning I think. You lighting your hair on fire made me laugh and reminded me of an incident in my life. When hubby and I were first married back in 1975 and he was in the Air Force, we had a dinner party for his boss, a colonel, and some other co-workers. Hubby reached over the table at one point to pour the boss some more wine-right over the tall, lit candle which then lit his shirt on fire. No one was hurt but that shirt sure did go up quickly, it being the age of polyester in the 70's. Thanks for stirring up that memory.

  7. Congratulations on your one year! (I do the light switch thing too!)

  8. Just realized that you & I started blogging within 2 days of each other. I am so very happy to have found this beautiful, funny and charming blog of yours.

    And what's a little hair fire between family? Keeps things lively.

    Happy Anniversary Meadowbrook Farm.

  9. You KNOW I'm just SOOO thrilled you joined the blogging world.......your posts and photography just take me to another place every time I'm here!!........not too mention how sweet it has been getting to know you and share with you Teresa!!! Happy Blogiversary♥

  10. Congratulations on your one year blogaversary. I enjoy your blog each and every time you post.

  11. I don't think I've ever commented here, but I'm glad you began blogging. I love reading your posts and seeing your gorgeous photography. Happy one year blogoversary!

  12. Great post and very funny. I think you need to retire that hoody. Just go get a new favorite one. The What Not To Wear show may find you.

  13. From one former lurker to another. I have been following you for awhile now and your blog is the reason I chose Fabulous K creative when I decided to get "serious" about this blogging thing. It is addictive and it is a very special community. Come visit me.

  14. Congratulations on one
    beautiful year of blogging!
    Yours was one of a handful that
    propelled me towards starting
    my own last April. Your pics
    are also inspirational and it
    is always fun to pop over and
    see what is new. I've also
    been connecting with bloggers
    in "reality" since June and it
    is magic, "know"
    someone before you've physically
    met. {The exact thing I'd warned
    my kids NEVER to do!} To celebrate,
    I think you owe yourself a trip
    to The Gap to score another perfect
    hoodie : ) !!
    xx Suzanne

  15. I totally understand your love for your hoodie! I have the exact same one in pink and it has holes in the same place from over-wearing. If GAP made these again, I'd buy two in every color. Definitely the perfect hoodie.

  16. I so enjoy your pix and your writing! I just feel like you capture a bit of heaven on earth w/ that photography...I send your link on to my nephew who has a gift for that same type of outdoor style. Also, I just love flowers/gardening and here in TX we just don't get that much bloom time...too, too hot. Thanks for all the blogging! Your sweatshirt reminds me of an old sage green hoodie I had from Old Navy and wore for years. It was JUST the right size and so comfy..Holes and everything... sniff, I sure do miss it. Wonder what I did w/ it?

  17. Blogging was a natural for you! Your photos are so lovely, and you have lots of beautiful things to take photos of (like your gorgeous house...hint for more photos).Congrats on one year!

  18. Can I just say that you do random really, really well?

    And I remember that sweatshirt, but I do not remember the "sunshine" part. Why is that??

  19. Love the sweatshirt... I'd wear it til it falls to pieces. The older, the softer, the better.


  20. My deep thought in response to your self revelation...I am going to try eating almonds all day. You look fabulous, holey sweatshirt and all. Must be all those almonds.

  21. Congratulations on your anniversary! I really didn't think I would stick to this blogging thing but it has been over a year now and no end in sight. I get so much from blogging like reading about your life in Montana knowing I will be moving there in the near future to retire from Florida. And I'm scared of driving in the snow and ice. So thank you for your inspiration.

  22. I don't blog but I comment a LOT! Sometimes I get on a ramble like it is my blog.... sorry in advance! The bang story is priceless. I laughed at your expense! I do the same thing with light switch covers! And don't get me started on which way the toilet paper should be on the roller! I love the sweatshirt. I can relate b/c I have a crummy cardigan I think I want to be buried in :)So glad you are still blogging. Bring them on, I'll be a readin'

  23. Congrats, it IS a great community, isn't it?!

    Your blog is beautiful and your photography is unbelievably breathtaking and inspirational. It's always a joy to read (and see!) your posts.

    Cheers to many more blogging years ahead!


  24. T - I noticed you blogging alot more since being in Indiana. I like it. I like you and your worn out hoodie. I have three Life is Good hoodies that will rot off my body before I get rid of them. I'm the same way with light fixures, but then I think you probably already knew that. I sure am glad you started blogging - and I'm glad you kept it up. I still think you have the prettiest blog I ever did see. My neck is wrinkly too - and I don't even have to turn to make it that way!

  25. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! I love your facts and can totally relate to the sweatshirt.

  26. I have been reading your blog and enjoying your beautiful home and pictures for quite some time now. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts with us. Happy Blogaversary!

  27. I have been following your blog for quite some time. Congratulations on enjoying it and keeping up with it. I hear you on the good intentions, but I am glad you are still here sharing with us!

  28. I love your blog! I skim through a lot in my reader but I ALWAYS stop on your posts and enjoy every one of them, especially your beautiful pictures. Keep going, you've got fans!

  29. Hello Teresa!
    I stumbled across your blog one day while 'blog hopping'...loved it but didn't pay attention to your blog name so lost you. I was so happy when I stumbled across you again the other day. You have a lovely farm and home and your photography is inspiring. I was like you when I started my blog near the end of this past February...not sure what to expect and like you I am amazed at how much I love blogging. Happy 1st anniversary! I know I'm going to enjoy being one of your followers. Have a wonderful Friday.
    Maura :)

  30. Happy one year! Your beautiful blog always brightens my day!

  31. I LOVE your blog!!! Just about every time there's a new post, I make my husband come look at the pictures & tell him that I NEED to live there!! Your home & yard are beautiful and you make me laugh!

  32. Well I for one am so glad you blog!! Your house is my 'dream house'. I hope you don't mind that I refer back often to copy your style! I love the random about me stuff, I think I need to do one as well!!

  33. One year? Is it really just one year? Feels like longer to me! I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I didn't even notice the big gaping hole in your sweatshirt.! Now that I know it has changed my entire impression of you. Not good T. Not good.

    So those 2 pics of you made me miss you a little desperately. Wrinkly neck and all.

  34. Teresa, you make me smile. I love your sense of humor. That holy sunshine hoodie is certainly a keeper!
    Maybe you need to do "question time" like Jayme. :-)

  35. And I want to reach through the screen and grab your jars of zinnias and sunflowers! Love those!

  36. Happy one year! Love your posts and pictures. I have a hoodie with holes AND bleach stains and still wear it just about every day in winter.

  37. I've commented maybe a few times, but I want you to know I've read every post. I'm so glad you took that leap a year ago. Your home and garden are so inspiring, and your photography is the best.

  38. You completely crack me up. I am so envious - green actually - that there are other fabulous girls that were able to meet you and spend time with you!!! When are you coming to Seattle???
    I have loved "getting to know you" these past few months and look forward to years of being inspired by your beautiful photography and gardens~

  39. I sooo felt the same way of blogging! And, truth be told, i am just now starting to leave comments. I just want to tell you how much i love your writing, flowers, decor, just everything! Keep up the super great work!

  40. First time commenter here. I really love your blog. It is so entertaining and provides so much inspiration. See, we are building our dream home on 40 acres and I need a lot of inspiration. Can't wait to read more.

  41. I cant believe you've only been at this a year. I love your site. I have considered starting a blog myself...but I'm a lousy photographer, and I could come up with 9 (at least) more reasons why I shouldnt/wouldnt start one. I leave a lot of comments. There are a gazillion blogs out there, and why would I think anyone would read mine. I spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME reading about other people's lives......but I enjoy it.

  42. Teresa, I just found your blog a couple of days ago, and have been reading your posts whenever I find a free minute. You take such amazing photos and they're so inspirational. They make me appreciate our little farm even more than I already do :)

    Congrats on your blog-iversary!

  43. The simple beauty of your blog makes me happy. Thank you.
    Jo from:

  44. Congrats on your one year anniversary. Love your blog. I am the stalker, I rarely comment, though I read almost every post of those that I follow. Weird, I know! The almonds ~ I suspect that the reason you like them better roasted is this ~ To preserve the freshness they are coated with oils in the processing plants. As a trained chef I was taught to always always always roast them. The result the actual real flavor of the almond, any nut for that matter. Love your blog!

  45. Congrats on your one year anniversary! We started really close together! I come by as often as I can, your photos are so beautiful and you live in heaven on earth, and your sense of humor is great!!!!! I laughed out loud about " the craft night"! I also love your recipes...I used the Fireman's Enchiladas last Christmas and they are now a tradition according to my youngest! Thank you Teresa, it has been a wonderful year for me at Meadowbrook Farm....:) Sandy

  46. I love your blog as am insanely jealous of your farm!

  47. Delurking to say that I love your photography. Congrats on the blogiversary!

  48. I never comment on blogs, but I will today to say that I love your photography and I read all your posts.

  49. love love love the banner photos on your blog - I come by just to see them again! fun post!
    blessings ~ Olivia

  50. I love your blog and your photos are always amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing:):)

  51. Hi Teresa,
    Can I just tell you that your pictures are so beautiful that they hurt my eyes? Seriously. Just found your blog this morning and LOVE. IT. Count me in as your newest follower!

  52. I was THRILLED when I found your blog. It's one of my top faves. Probably in my top5. I love your writing and especially the photography. I love your home and decorating style and colors. My husband served an LDS mission in Montana a little over 20 years ago so it's fun to see some of the beauty of that state on your blog. I hope you keep blogging forever! You're such a sweet and talented person we'll never get tired of you!

  53. Congrats on one year... time flies when you're having fun, so they say.

    ** I'm sorta new to your blog - I think I commented the other day for the first time.**

    But, I've certainly been enjoying your inspiring photos and storyline...I plan to keep coming back (following now). It so feels like home; a breath of fresh air.

    Practice makes perfect (same in blogging) and I'm glad you hung in there. ;)

  54. I feel like I've been reading your blog for far longer than one little year. Love the photos. Love the ideas. Love your thoughts.

  55. Happy 1st year blog Anniversary! I like almonds, too, roasted (preferably with chocolate.) :)
    I'd never be able to keep up a blog, but I do comment frequently on a lot of them...before the blogs existed I felt like I was the only one with certain interests in homes, vintage, sewing, was great to find like-minded ladies.

  56. Your blog is absolutely Beautiful! Thank you so much for not quiting. Your pictures make me feel so happy,fresh and the colors are just gorgeous. Thank you Thank you, Leisa

  57. Does reading your blog from overseas rate me as the biggest lurker out there?...

    Hmmm....probably not, but worth a shot.

    Although I must say, the picture of the crate full of tomatillos has me missing home (we rarely get them here) & longing for chicken enchiladas.

    Much love from an overseas Army wife,

  58. I'm a lurker too. I don't have a blog, but I'm thinking about it. My sister sent your blog my way and I absolutely love it. Have you ever said what kind of camera you use? I am looking to purchase a new camera and would love to know. I know that the picture taker is probably more important than the camera type, but you have to start somewhere right? You have an amazing blog and amazing pictures and I LOVE where you live!

  59. I stumbled upon your blog thru Karen Russell's blog after she came back from a photo workshop @ your farm..I've been checking in with you ever since! Love your photos and you crack me up almost daily!! Congrats on your first year & here's to many more!! Friendly hello from your neighbor up north in Alberta, Canada!!

  60. Even though I actually maintain two blogs, I'm the biggest lurker in the world. I almost never comment on people's posts. I'm too shy. But, I come by regularly to drool over your pictures . . . and love to see what you're up to. So, I've de-lurked now. Please keep posting!

  61. I forget how I came across your beautiful blog...but I love it and visit your charming "farm" often..(although I seldom comment)your pictures are awesome...oh to live on a sweet farm such as lovely.

  62. I always look so forward to clicking on your blog in my Favorites and just being in Awe at your ability with your's truly stunning and I looove all the details each one of them show. You're amazing and I have to tell you that I have a grey sweatshirt from NY that I put on as soon as I get home during the cool months..every single day ha! So I totally understand your "relationship" with you sweet blue jacket. :)
    Hugs to you!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrou Decor~

  63. I love your blog and photos. Its all so beautiful. I love your random thoughts in this post and can't believe no one ever tagged you. You will probably get heaps now.

  64. Hi there! I had to finally comment now that you mentioned you use to be the way I am now... I have always loved looking at your wonderful blog, you always have the most beautiful pictures that make me smile, and my goodness you have the sweetest farm any girl that had her right mind would dream to only live on! Happy Anniversary to you and btw, love how you also have a sweatshirt that you dont mind wearing everyday... I too have per say a favorite pair of jeans with holes and a hoody that I love wearing all the time, especially when I am just running quick errons with my girls, or I especially love wearing it when I am outside gardening or painting, lol I know pretty weird maybe to some, but it is a huge habit I do have... Dont get me wrong, I know how to dress very nice too, and love beautiful clothes, Im just saying!

    Michelle Torres

  65. Congrats on sticking with it for a year. I hope you continue to enjoy blogging and I'm sure glad your bangs grew back!

    ps - fab first name. ;)

  66. Stop it! I have the same vintage Gap sweatshirt with the same cuff holes! I'll wear it until it falls off my body. :) Happy Blogaversary.

  67. I absolutely love your blog. Your photographs are so lovely--I know nothing about the process, but your pictures glow, so you're doing something very right with the light. Please keep posting, and I'll keep happily reading! :)

  68. Lurker delurking. I adore your photos and love your writing style... your blog is such a cheerful place to visit. Glad you started blogging, and congrats on the first year! Many more!

  69. Hi Teresa, I was just checking back posts from when we were on vacation and so glad I did-cause now I know a little bit more about you. I'd love if we were next door neighbors cause the beauty of your farm is incredible and I too eat almonds raw(with dried cranberries)hand over fist.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  70. Congrats on your first year. I started my blog two days ago, and comment :-) Wish you many many years of inspiration. All the best!!!

  71. is your lucky day! Waaaayyy back when I read this post, I entered a "Saved Search" on eBay for this hoodie. A BRAND NEW one came up today! Here's the link! :)

    Hope it's the right size!

  72. I came over from Southern Hospitality and just laughed out loud about your bangs on fire. Enjoyed hopscotching through your blog. Beautiful photos and funny words. I like it!

  73. I am not sure if you will ever see this comment but heaven forbid I don't want to be thought of as a lurker so I am commenting for sure.

    I love your blue sweatshirt . . .
    I read everything in your blog, (well I am trying to, not accomplished as of yet).
    I like your blog design.
    Your photography is exceptional.
    I sent your link to my daughter who likes photography.
    She has a really cute "going to be a senior", (my grandson) too.
    She will enjoy your May 2011, not sure of the date, post.
    Your photos of Christmas/holidays looks like our home.
    May I borrow your McCoy?

    Enough, enough, enough. . . . You are my paying it forward teacher.
    Love, Lynne

  74. So glad a lady with a picture perfect farm blog like yours wears a worn out sweatshirt like that! Why? Because that is just the sort of thing I do.