September 24, 2010

the post that wasn't

When I flew to Indiana last week, I spent quite a bit of time in airports. Knowing I would have lots of time to kill, I had great plans to do a blog post while I waited.

I was going to show some photos I'd taken in the past month....

I was going to tell you how I brought an extra pair of socks so I could throw away the ones I wore through security. I hate walking sock-footed through security and then having to put my shoes back on.

And then I was going to tell you I was not as grossed out by my small town airport's flooring condition as I thought I would be, and I was brave and kept my socks.

However, as a follow up, I should probably tell you that I came home and washed my shoes, because they did have a little bit of airport security scunge in them.

I could feel it.

I was going to tell you that my goal in life is to avoid ever having to use an airplane restroom.

With three fairly short flights each way, I'm happy to say I achieved that goal.

I was going to tell you that the revolving seat covers in the restrooms in the Chicago airport are highly suspicious.

In case you've never been, the seats have a plastic wrap that revolves when you wave your hand over a sensor. I would imagine it's a great idea, but I (and I'm sure everyone else who has ever used one) really wondered if it just keeps recycling the same old plastic.

Maybe next time I pass through the Windy City, I'll take a sharpie, write my name on the plastic seat cover, and then see how many sensor hand waves it takes for it to come back around.

I'm going to sincerely hope it never comes back around.

So, between the seat cover obsession and the sock story, are you seeing a pattern here?

I was going to tell you that they don't even serve pretzels or peanuts on the airplane anymore. But they do let you buy overpriced snackboxes.


But.....after I'd spent my first two flights putting together the photos for the post, the Chicago airport internet let me down.

It kept telling me it would be back in a second, but it lied.

It's hard to upload photos and draft a post with no internet.

So here we are, almost two weeks later.

Not that it matters, because these faces were worth the wait, don't ya think?


  1. Absolutely worth the wait! Your photography is must amazing. I can completely relate to your airplane stories. I fly weekly (almost) and I hate the restrooms, the sock foot security experience and the stress of unloading that darn laptop into that grey box (who knows what has been in there). Right there with ya on the plastic wrap. I prefer to put my own tp on the seat :) LOL
    Amy at Verde Farm

  2. You lost me at the watermelon photo - and pray tell what are you doing up so early? I love your germaphobe ways. Love them.

  3. Wait - you lost me, or you had me? Now I'm confused.

  4. Goodness, what a beautious bunch of the family photos, especially!

    I don't fly a whole lot, and reading your post has made me realize every form of travel has its problems: for me it's rest areas or fast food bathrooms....but no security issues to face and very little waiting~~for us most of our destinations take longer to do the airport thing than it does to just drive it.


  5. I have the very same airplane bathroom dilemma! You can imagine how a flight to Korea may disrupt a years-in-the-making record, but I've just put it out of my mind.

    Your photos are swoony, but that's nothing surprising or new. Just tell me this - why do all of those kids look infinitely more cooperative than my own?

    Let me guess - the parents fed their kids before the photo session. Overachievers.

  6. I wonder the same thing every time I'm at O'Hare. It just can't be sanitary to have those plastic wraps on the toilet seats. I have to do the whole hover thing just cause it grosses me out! Haha...

    Your pics are beautiful!

  7. Those faces are totally worth the wait! I'm pretty sure the plastic wrap doesn't come back because I was in a bathroom at a local deli and the wrap ran out. I'm taking that as a good sign! I'm getting a little obsessive about germs in public restrooms and traveling as I start my 40s. (OK, bathrooms ALWAYS skeeved me out!) I even bought one of those sanitizing wands to use at hotels. So I can totally relate.

  8. OK. I am in complete awe of your photographic/gardening skills. You probably cook fantasticly too, but I'm not going that direction. I LOVE your blog and it's one of a hand full I check first thing each morning.

    I would like to know how you learned photography/editing. Do you have that in an earlier post?

    And your farm! Can I come visit? I'm not entirely kidding here. DH and I take a lot of road trips or hybrid fly/drive trips and I'd love to drive by sometime and wave. Or maybe you'll have another photo workshop there...

    Gosh, I can't believe I asked that on my first post. Usually one should have several comments/dates before getting that nosey. oh well.

  9. Are you my long lost daughter?
    A distant relative perhaps??
    I spend too much of my life in airports...Chicago being my usual starting point. The plastic wrap is fine, but in all my years I've never actually sat on a public toilet seat, nor have my daughters who have inherited my quirks. Poor girlies of mine.
    I keep my hands in my lap and never touch the armrests, I breathe as little as possible to avoid the contaminated and recirculated air.
    And I have NEVER used an airplane bathroom. This includes my trips abroad. I'm guessing at my age there's no changing!

    Your pics are beautiful.

  10. I'm right there with you on the whole airport germie thing. I can't stand it. Makes my skin crawl.

    Love the pics of all those gorgeous little faces. What a way to start a day. :)

  11. You crack me up! Thank you for a Friday morning giggle~ :)
    What gorgeous images - your photography is exceptional my friend.
    Have a marvelous weekend,

  12. I just love your photography, its gorgeous! Those faces are beautiful!! And yes, airport germs, especially those in the bathroom are enough to make you seriously re-think having that second cup of coffee before your flight ;)Thanks for the Friday morning giggles!

  13. Love, love, love your photography!! That little girl on the baby doll bed is just too cute!
    Okay, I have airplane bathroom issues too. So does my sister. I'm scared of that blue stuff. She's scared of being sucked into the toilet. I'm also a bit of a germaphobe, so I totally get where you're coming from.

  14. I keep lysol wipes in my purse when I travel... the small packs because the plastic bins you put things in as they go through security have been touched by a gazillion people. How filthy they are and no telling what kind of boogers and germs are on them... ugh.


  15. The pictures are adorable! Wow! Definitely worth it! Thanks for the post!

  16. Love the Sharpie idea!!! I typically have one in my purse - if you see "Leisha" whizzing (oh my!!) past you know you were responsible - still giggling!! LOVE your photos - why is that colors don't look that rich in my world?? Here's a question I'll wager you never get asked....What kind of camera do you use - we are shopping ;-)
    I just recently found your blog - love it love it love it !!!

  17. No more pretzels on flights? What a bummer.

    I always got the pretzels and tomato juice. It was great.

  18. Using an airplane restroom is probably one of the scariest things I have done in my life!

    Love all the photos! How fun to have such cute models :)

  19. Oh I so relate on all the airport germie stuff! :) The commenter who said she actually saw the plastic run out one time has given me hope. :) Kelly

    p.s. If you fly Southwest they really will give you free peanuts OR pretzels! (just have to ask) and they let your bags fly free. I'm a big southwest fan.

  20. You're a magnificent photographer! Loved these photos. :)

    I hate the germiness in airports too! What's equally as gross is the plane seats-nobody can wash those-I never use their pillows. Airport washrooms are super gross. Bring your hand sanitizer and wipes is a must!

  21. What beautiful kids and beautiful photography. Love the pics! And I would be way suspicious of the rotating plastic seat covers!!

  22. I think something must happen to people when they step foot onto Meadowbrook Farm...their eyes twinkle, their smiles are sweet and natural, the sun just glows a perfect halo around them, and the grass is definitely greener! I don't know how you do it Lady Lou, but it sure seems like a magically happy place. Thank you for sharing all of these gorgeous pictures!

  23. Just came acros you, know I like you and yes! Yes! I go through O'Hara always and yes, do wonder about those plastic toilet thingies!! I wonder??Will I ever see your name??? Lori

  24. Beautiful children and beautiful pictures!
    I am with you on the sock thing. I won't walk on hotel floors without them and then, I roll them in so I don't have it touch anything in the suitcase. I unroll them above the washer. Yikes!

  25. Those were for sure worth the wait! I couldn't even pick a favorite. And I tried. You are so brave letting the world know all of your freaky secrets...

  26. Gee, I didnt think you were so OCD about the sock thing. I'm just very happy when I remember to BRING socks with me when I fly.....we dont wear socks much here in Florida, so a few times I've forgotten and had to go barefoot...gross...I just walk on my tippy toes and the security agents just laugh at the pained look on my face

  27. Your photography is amazing. I wish my kids were small again, just so I could take that watermelon shot! Maybe someday with some grandbabies...

    I can see I need to get out more... I've never had the experience of a "self moving plastic covered" toilet seat.


  28. LOVE these little
    I used to live in
    Chicago and O'Hare
    has always had those
    seats. When the
    plastic sleeve goes
    back into the machine,
    it gets split in two,
    so the used portion
    can't be "recycled!"
    I always thought it
    was rather clever and
    their bathrooms seem
    much cleaner.
    Again, loved those
    little faces! {Seems
    like a better note
    to end on!}
    xx Suzanne

  29. I've never seen those automatic seat covers, highly suspicious I would be too.
    I think we get a cookie for flying out of Homer Alaska. They carry them in a basket.
    The little boy with the brown eyes, that is the most amazing photo. Nan

  30. This post made me smile in more than one way! Love the many great ones! And I love that you shared a little bit of your worries with us. Remind me to mop my floors REALLY well if you come for a visit...dusty dog paws probably equal airport floors! ;-) And don't ask about the giant can of Lysol I carry with me to hotel rooms! ;-)

    Kat :)

  31. Your photography is simply splendid! Love your airport stories...I don't get off the farm much, but your sock phobia made me giggle:).


  32. I laughed so hard reading this post!! This is ME!!! I think the most tramatic (...and I really do mean tramatic) experience on a plane was when my daughter finally caught onto potty training...right before a flight out of Alaska! I couldn't just tell her to hold it and so we had to do the dreaded....USE THE RESTROOM! Its good thing that I packed an entire "Costco" size roll of lysol wipes with me because I used nearly the entire roll wiping my daughter from head to toe, along with myself!!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photos and wish we lived closer so you could take some of my munchkin!!